The Hostage Chapter 6

As I am cleaning up in the bath, I can hear something going on in the  other room. It sounds like the door opening and someone walking around. I quickly dry off and put my dress back on and rush into the other room. No one is there, I see the door closing and hear it being locked from the  outside. I rush to the door and scream to be let out! “Please, just let  me go home!” I hear nothing else from the door. I look around the room to see if anything is missing. I notice on the table a bowl of food, it’s then I smell it, hot macaroni and cheese. Not my favorite food, but I’m  starving. I don’t even stop to think about it, I sit down and quickly  eat the food.

After it’s gone and my stomach if wonderfully full, I start to worry that  it might have been poisoned. What will I do, if I just ate a bowl of poisoned Mac and cheese…I lay back down on the cot and try to take a nap. Well, if it was poisoned then at least, it will all be over soon. Hours later, I wake up and notice, that I’m not sick and I still feel  fine. Maybe the food wasn’t poisoned. I look around the room and notice  some things on the wall, that I had somehow missed earlier. A plaque and a strange hole in the wall.

I walk over to read the plaque. “Merrilee, Please don’t be afraid. I’m sorry to trick you and force you here, but please understand that I will not hurt you. I’m trying to protect you, even though I can’t tell you any more than this. Just bepatientand you will soon understand. Love Rob” What is he talking about, I don’t need protecting! Except from this crazy man that has kidnapped me.  I don’t understand what is going on at all.  Why won’t he just tell me the truth?


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