The Hostage Chapter 10

Rob lead me back down the stairs into the large room. He calmed down quite a bit and sadly told me again it is for my own safety to stay here. I pleaded with him to just let me go, I was willing to take my chances on the outside. My boyfriend would protect me.

He just refused and turned away from me, trying to lead me back into the prison, into that small room again.  He said if I proved to him that I wouldn’t try to run away again, he could let me out of this room, but until then he was sorry but he would have to lock me in.

I couldn’t stop myself, I did not want to go back in there. I pulled my hand back and smacked him right in the face.

Rob looked shocked, but he didn’t get mad. I guess he didn’t blame me for not wanting to go back in there. “I’m so sorry Merrilee. I have to keep you safe. I do have a gift for you, something that might make the time go a little faster.”  He ran into the other room and came back with an easel. “I know you love to paint and I’m sure you have been missing it. I really am sorry”

I was completely floored at the easel, how did he know that I loved to paint?  I have missed it. I thanked him for the easel, but I also had to let him know I needed something else.

I’ve got to have something else to eat.  I can’t eat Mac and cheese one more day. Please, let me cook. I love to cook!  He just shook his head and said not yet. “I can’t let you do that.  I’ll see what I can do though. I promise I’ll have something better for breakfast tomorrow. ”

He made some excuse about needing to work on the computer, but that I was safe and he was always close by if I needed anything.  Even thought it was my captor, it was nice to have someone to talk too. I have been so lonely. I don’t know how many days went by that I didn’t see anyone.

I turned away from the door, I knew it was locked this time. At least, I have my easel. I got straight to painting.

Tomorrow, I’ll have something different to eat. I’m starting to realize, it’s just the small things now that I can get excited about. Painting, food, and having someone to talk too.


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