The Hostage Chapter 4

I approach Merrilee and reintroduce myself, she looks a little confused or possibly afraid. She finally recovers, “I’m so sorry! I was in such a rush the other day when we met, I’m afraid I’ve forgotten your name. I’m Merrilee!”


I smile and tell her that is ok, I know she is a busy woman. “My name is Rob Land and I’ve just moved into town” I tell her. She seems to relax and she tells me all about Barnacle Bay and what a great place it is to live in.

We sit and chat at the bar for awhile and get to know each other. She seems like a great person and that makes everything I have to do even harder.  I buy her a drink and then ask her if she’d like to dance. “I’m not really a good dancer, but sure, I’ll try!”


I show her some of my awesome moves! We are having such a good time, I almost forget what I’m supposed to be doing.

I buy another round of drinks, this time I’ve slipped a little extra something into Merrilee’s drink. I have to move to the next phase of the plan.  I feel so guilty.


We chat for a little while longer and I can tell the drink is getting to her. She is talking non stop and the next thing I know, I look up and notice she has climbed up to dance on the bar.



Ok, things have went far enough. I help her down from the bar and offer to drive her home. She agrees, I help her out of the bar and into a taxi.  Of course, I don’t take her home.  She falls asleep in the car on the way, I carry her to her new home. It is a long walk from the road, but she doesn’t weigh that much.  Guilt overwhelms me when I look into her sleeping face.  I know all of this is for her own safety, but I can’t tell her what is going on and I know when she wakes up she will be terrified and confused.



**Another update will be coming soon — feedback appreciated**


6 thoughts on “The Hostage Chapter 4

  1. Hey, this is ChristinaS9476/Cassie/creator of Hadley’s 100 Little Hooligans…

    So far, this is really good! it seems really suspenseful…
    The title itself drew me in because it’s obvious someone is getting kidnapped, LOL…
    Then writing from the captors POV is really good…and you keep hinting at things that I’m sure you’re going to go into later, but it’s just enough to keep me wanting more! I really like it so far…I’m going to keep reading, but I just wanted to comment now…

  2. Since you followed the Hollow Legacy, I checked your stories out and this looks super interesting! I never would have thought of something like this. Very cool and very creepy lol.

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