The Hostage Chapter 5

***Merrilee’s Point of View***

I wake up in a small room, in an uncomfortable cot.  I’m dizzy and I’m not sure what happened last night.  I remember having a good time at the bar with a new friend, what was his name? …. Rob.., that’s it. What happened?? Where are my clothes?  Where am I?

I slowly climb out of bed and look around. Not much in here and the door is locked. The other door goes to a bathroom. How did I get here? I’m so confused and I feel sick, a terrible hangover. I didn’t drink that much. I can’t find my clothes, all I have is this gown. My purse, and all of my things are gone. I want to go home.

I have to lay back down, I feel terrible. I can’t tell what time it is. There is no window in this room, no clock.  I don’t know if it is morning or if I’ve slept straight through to evening. It is unreal how disorienting it is to not know the time of day. Maybe I’ll feel better if I take a nap, I’ll just lay down for a little while.

I wake up in the morning, I guess it is morning. I feel better, more rested and not sick anymore. I still have no answers and no one has been here.  I realize I’m starving.

How long it has been since I have eaten. Someone has to be here, surely I’ve not been brought here to be forgotten about.  Someone has to let me out, I bang on the door and scream out for someone to let me out! Please, anyone.. help me.. let me out of here!! Sobbing and weak, I fall to the floor. Please let me out of here.

I have to face facts, no one is coming. No one can here me. I feel so weak now, I’m filthy from lying on the floor. At least there is a bathroom, I’ll take a long bath and hopefully figure out a way to get out of here!

**Next update coming soon!**


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