The Hostage Chapter 13

I’m trying to take all this in. I need to figure out my feelings for Rob and I can’t forget Moe.  I’m so confused.

Rob takes me down the stairs to show me around the rest of the compound. He calls it a compound because it isn’t like a house, everything is hidden underground.  He says there is everything we need here.

The 2nd level holds the kitchen, small bathroom, workroom and pool. The workroom has a nectar press in it, that is something I’ve heard about, but never tried. That might be fun. The pool is huge and looks so cool and inviting!

I was excited to see the kitchen though, I whipped up some cheeseburgers.


We sat at the huge dining room table and enjoyed the delicious cheeseburgers.  I’ve  not tasted anything so good!

The third level has a living room.  It has a huge television on the wall. I can’t wait to watch some TV.  There is also a chess table, bookcase and a long hallway that leads to the bedroom.

The hallway also has several locked doors.  Rob says he isn’t sure what is in the locked rooms, he doesn’t have the key to those.  He thinks maybe more bedrooms, but he can’t be sure.  He isn’t sure why there would be more than one bedroom, this whole compound was built specifically for the purpose of hiding me.

I walk down the hallway and just have to try to doorknobs.. nope they are locked!

The bedroom is huge, it has a large double bed that looks so comfortable.  Much better than my cot upstairs!  There is also a wonderful hottub in the bedroom!  I can’t wait to try that out!  As much as I want to explore the rest of the compound, I’m so tired and the bed looks inviting. I ask Rob if he minds if I would sleep down here. I couldn’t imagine sleeping in my cot when I know this is here. Of course, he doesn’t mind.

Rob is complete gentleman and we are soon both sound asleep!  I don’t think I’ve ever slept this good. At least not since I’ve been here.

In the morning, we wake up and decide to get in the hot tub before resuming the tour of the house. If I wasn’t trapped in here, I could learn to love it here.

I”m so relaxed after soaking in the hot tub. I hate to get out, but curiosity gets the best of me, so I ask Rob to finish the tour of the house.

The bottom level has a work out room, a music room, and a game room.Also another locked room, I can see through the glass door that the locked room, looks like some kind of playground.  Why would there be a playground in here. Surely no one is expecting to hide children here. Who would do that?

We decide to have a little work out, it felt good to stretch my muscles. I haven’t done any type of exercise since being brought here.  Rob finds me some workout clothes. He says there is a dresser in the bedroom that may have some more things in it, if I need anything.

We spend the rest of the day just enjoying all the things in the house.  Even though Rob has seen it all before, I think since I was enjoying myself so much, it made it all more fun for him too. We swam that afternoon and just hung out by the pool.

It was such a great day, I forgot for a moment that I was still a Hostage.


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