The Hostage Chapter 14

The last few weeks have flown by.  Rob and I have really gotten to know each other.  He hasn’t told me for sure who is behind the kidnapping and who he is trying to protect me from, but I have a feeling it is none other than Moe, my boyfriend. Now that I’m out of the locked room, I have access to everything in the house.  I’ve watched the news and Moe is telling the press that I’ve run off with another man. The police have given up looking for me altogether. He has convinced everyone that I’m fine and am just on an extended romantic vacation with my new boyfriend. He is playing the jilted lover very well.

Rob works on the computer every evening trying to find a way out of here.  I’m not sure how he thinks he can get us out, but he has a couple contacts that possibly can help. He can’t go to the police, because Moe has family connections. So, they would never believe us.

Meanwhile, Rob and I are becoming very close.  Of course, we have been spending all of our time together. I mean, what else am I going to do? We spend lots of time in the hot tub.

I’ve been working on making some sweet nectar. It is turning out pretty good.

While Rob works on mixing up some drinks, I catch a quick game of Dino Wars. I’ve almost beat all the levels!

Then I work on my dance skills, I still need lots of practice.

And the bubble machine is always good for some laughs if we get bored.  My favorite is strawberry and Rob’s is Banana!

Needless to say, the last few weeks have went by really quick. There is always something fun to do, or a skill to work on.  I’ve mastered my painting skill! I found an old camera in the workroom and I’ve been thinking about trying to learn how to take pictures with it.  I’ll see how that goes.

Last night, Rob got a phone call from his contact. He still won’t tell me for sure that it is Moe, but I think it is.  Anyway, he was on the call for a long time and I could hear him arguing.

When Rob came downstairs, he looked very upset. ” The rules have changed.  I can no longer leave the grounds. He just told me that there has been a locking mechanism on the fence around the property and it has been locked. I can no longer go to work.  I was so close to getting the promotion I want, but he says the risk is to great now. He knows that we have fallen in love and he thinks I’ll risk everything to get you out of here.”

I just look at Rob, I’m unable to say anything.  Now we are both trapped in here.  It didn’t really seem that bad when Rob was able to leave and at least go to work, but now…..  it does seem like a prision.


2 thoughts on “The Hostage Chapter 14

  1. I’m just starting this and so far? IT’S BRILLIANT! BLOODY BRILLIANT! However I’m extremely excited. It seems like a fun idea to play through, even without it being a generalized legacy. I might try out something SIMilar for my own personal fun ^^

  2. I’m glad you like it!! Alot happens after this, so keep reading! I get bored with Legacys and I get attached to my sims, so I like them to live forever! LOL! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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