The Hostage Chapter 15

We got the news last night that Rob is now trapped in here with me. He can no longer leave for any reason.  The gate around the property has been locked and he also told me there are traps if we wander to far away from the main entrance to the compound.

I led Rob into the bedroom so we can get into the hot tub and try to relax.  He’s so stressed out, I try to lighten the mood so he will feel better.

I turned my head slightly and leaned in and kissed him. It was our first kiss. Even though we have been sharing a bed and living together here all this time, he’s never tried to do anything more than a friendly hug.  He seemed slightly taken aback, but from his response he was also very pleased.

We moved to the bed and one thing led to another… well, I won’t go into details. You get the idea!

We spent the whole next day in the bedroom.  There was no reason to get up. We couldn’t go anywhere anyway, so we managed to make the most of the time we had.

We did manage to spend more time in the hot tub too…

I never thought I’d feel this way about anyone. I think things are almost perfect!


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