Almost Out! Chapter 19

Time has passed quickly. The girls birthday is tomorrow.  We enjoy one last evening with them as toddlers.  They enjoyed playing with their toys and the doll house.

Rob has dug several tunnels in the yard, but so far they don’t get us out.  He’s trying to tunnel under the fence.  He’s come close several times,  he thinks this next time may work.

This may be the tunnel that gets us out of here! Rob checks the entry before jumping in.

I always worry about Rob when he is exploring the tunnels.  He is determined to get us out though. You never know what could happen while down there.

It was dark when Rob got back, he was almost trapped underground.  Part of the tunnel collapsed, but he thinks this is the way out. He will have to work to clear the tunnel and reinforce it, so that it is safe for all of us to get out.

Rob  got home just in time for the girls birthday.  Lauren was the first to age up.

After the girls all aged up, they sat in their room and played with their dolls.

The girls are so good, they have plenty to keep them busy. I’m homeschooling them, of course.  They work on their school work and play in the playroom.  They also like to fish in the pond in the yard.   We spend a lot of time as a family by the pond.

One evening while the girls and I were swimming.  Rob comes running in, he’s yelling that he’s found the way out!

We quickly get dressed and run up the stairs to the tunnel.

We all stand around just looking at the tunnel. I know I’m scared, I can only imagine how the girls feel.  Rob tells us that the tunnel is long and deep, but it will be safe for all of us. We have to move quickly, because we don’t want to be caught. Rob led the way and we all jumped in. The girls followed Rob and I went last.  It was dark and pretty scary. The girls were actually excited, Rob told them we were going on an adventure. They have  never left the compound but they were ready to do something exciting.

Rob climbed out and helped all the girls up.  He told us to start running as soon as we hit the ground. He was on the phone calling a car to come get us and take us to the airport.  The girls were so great, they did exactly as they were told and took off running down the hill toward the road. It was a long run, I was exhausted, I’m sure the girls were tired too.

Robyn led the way, the whole time. She is a very fast runner. She didn’t look back.

We didn’t have to wait long till the car got here to pick us up. It was very scary though, just waiting to be caught. We stood waiting and as soon as the car came we jumped in.

We were getting out of the country.  Until Rob could make sure it was safe, we would stay in hiding.  I wasn’t sure how he arranged the passports and airfare, but he made a few calls in the car and it was all set up by the time we got to the airport.

Several hours later, we arrived in France. We are staying at a boarding house till we can apply for a visa and possibly buy a house. How long will we have to stay here? I don’t know, but as long as the girls are safe and free from the compound, I don’t care.


One thought on “Almost Out! Chapter 19

  1. Awww…they made it out!!!!! I can’t wait to see how things go now that they are free and what kind of trouble will possibly find them.

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