France Chapter 20

We’ve been in France for a couple weeks now. We are still living in the boarding house. It’s nice, but there are several families living here, so it can get cramped.  The main bedroom has 6 beds in it, so the girls have been sleeping in here. The other families have children also, so most of the kids sleep in here. There are a couple other bedrooms, so we still can have some privacy.

The kitchen is nice and large, but needs some updating. I’m used to top of the line appliances and the refrigerator here has seen better days.

Rob is applying for a long term visa for the family and we have been looking at houses. We aren’t sure how long we can stay so the whole plan is up in the air.  As  happy as I am to be free, I long to be back home in Barnacle Bay.

The first thing I did was to get some new clothes.  It was so good to put on some real clothes! The compound had all types of clothes for the children, but nothing for me other than the white gowns.

I can’t get a full time job here, but the board out front offers odd jobs. Rob and I have been taking advantage of these jobs and sometimes, they pay really well. Some of the jobs are really fun too, like looking for  hidden documents. Others, are pretty simple. Once, some lady posted a job to go ask this guy out that she likes. Oh well, it was fun and easy!

France is wonderful though, we are enjoying being here. The girls love the fresh air and freedom to run and play whenever they want.  I’ve met some great people and made some great friends that I’ll never forget. One of the girls favorite things to do is to go to the marketplace and spend the afternoon playing chess or sitting by the fountain. They are getting really good at chess.

While in the marketplace, we ran into Celeste, she is in charge of international affairs.  She told me that our visa has been approved! The paperwork should go through on Monday, but there should be no problems. We can get serious about finding a house.

We searched all weekend and finally found the perfect house!! It has 2 large bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths.  It is perfect! A nice yard for the girls to play, we order a bunch of playground equipment to be delivered the day we move in.  The girls will love it.

The house is beautiful and before long we are moved in and it feels like home.  We have bought a new car and installed a hottub.  The girls love the playground. They play all day long.

 I feel like we are finally happy.  The girls are adjusting well.  We have started focusing on schoolwork again, I gave them a break when we first got here. We bought them each a laptop to help them keep up with their studies.

I teach the girls for a couple hours every day sitting at the dining room table. Robyn has always loved dressing up. Today she wanted to be a dinosaur. That is the great thing about homeschool, if you want to dress up like a dino and go to school you can!!


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