The Wedding Chapter 21

We’ve been living in France for a little over a year now. Time has went fast, we have really enjoyed the freedom to do what we want. Home is calling our names though and we may be ready to head back to Barnacle Bay. We have not had any contact with the man that held us hostage for so long. We need to get the girls settled back in school and we have been thinking about adding to the family. I just don’t see that happening here. It’s like we have been on an extended vacation.  Many things have happened since we’ve been here. I’ll take a few moments to catch you up.

We have had many family meals at this dining table.  The girls have so much fun dressing up and surprising us at dinnertime. You never know who you will be having dinner with! The girls love having pancakes for dinner, they all love my apple pancakes!

Rob proposed! Finally! We are finally going to make it official.  He did the whole, get down on one knee thing and everything. It was really romantic, I was not expecting it all.

It’s a beautiful ring and Rob was so proud to be able to give it to me! He is a great man!

Rob had a close call at my bachelorette party, the weekend before the wedding.  I let him stay at the party, I know, I broke tradition, but he is excellent at mixing up drinks and honestly, I just wanted him there. Everyone was having a great time, until the hottub sprung a leak!  Rob jumped over to fix it and was electrocuted!!

The grim reaper showed up and everything. I thought I was going to lose him. Although, most of the guests were more concerned over the hottub, I was freaking out!  Thankfully, Rob had a death flower in his pocket and traded with Grim.  I don’t know what I would have done with Rob!

So, the following week, we held the wedding. We planned to have the wedding in our yard. It is a lovely spot. We made a few changes and everything looked beautiful.

We took a family picture before the guests arrived.

The wedding was beautiful. The girls planned the bubbles, it was a nice surprise!

So, that was the wedding and now everything is pretty much back to normal.  I’m homeschooling the girls and they are learning so much by exploring the countryside.

Rob is really wanting to get home. I think he is trying to find a way to bring Him to justice.  He has been in contact with the Bay police and they have searched all over town and can’t find Him.  They have even broken into the compound and searched everything there. They have found a lot of information, but no leads as to where he is.  The police say it is safe to come home, they have made arrangements for us to have a temporary house.  The girls will have will body guards and the school has already made arrangements to help protect them. I guess it is settled. Rob will be making airline arrangements and we will be moving back to Barnacle Bay. I’m really nervous about it, but if we stay here in hiding, He is winning.


One thought on “The Wedding Chapter 21

  1. I only stumbled across your blog today and I really like the story so far- be sure that I will be back later to read some more ^^

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