Gone Chapter 23

The baby came early monday morning. This time I had the luxury of going to the hospital for the delivery.  Rob and I work the girls up and started them getting ready for school and we headed on to the hospital.  Several hours later, Robbie and Mason were born! Yes, twin boys. We couldn’t be happier.

We arranged to check out of the hospital later that evening, we didn’t want to leave the girls alone too long after school let out. When we got home, only 2 of the girls were there. Merri was missing, Lauren and Robin thought she had gone home with a friend after school because she wasn’t on the bus. We called the police immediately.  I called all of Merri’s friends from school, no one has seen her since school let out.  Rob came back in the house after speaking with the chief of police, he explained that one of the kids from school seen Merri walking off with a man. The little girl had been afraid to say anything until her mother asked her directly.  Rob told me what the police have found out and I’m devastated. What should be the happiest day of my life, has turned out to be one of the worst.

I’m so mad! How could this happen! The police were supposed to be watching the girls at all times.  I yell at Rob that he better find my baby or else! I can’t think right now. I have to find my child!

Rob pulls me into a hug and tells me that we will find her. He says he will start looking as well. With the whole community looking, we will find her soon.

Rob tells me to try to stay calm. I need to focus on the babies. It’s impossible to stop thinking of Merri. The worst part is not knowing where she is. Whether she is being taken care of or not.  Or if someone is hurting her.

*Merri’s POV*

This stupid man tricked me! He told me he was with the police and I needed to go the hospital to see my mom.  I should have known better, he didn’t even show me his badge. I’m really scared now. He has taken me way out into the woods into an old building.  There is nothing out here.  The room is dirty and stinks. I want to go home.

I can’t believe this is happening. My parents are going to be so worried.  He’s been yelling at me all the way here about how she’s going to pay, how she will be sorry for leaving him.  I don’t know what he’s talking about, but I think he might be crazy.

I tell him in my meanest voice that I want to go home and my dad is going to be really mad if he doesn’t take me home now! I’m trying to be brave, but I feel like crying.

He just laughs and tells me to go in the other room and go to sleep. He says he isn’t afraid of my dad and if I don’t be quiet he will tape my mouth closed!  I think he just might do it, so I do what he says.

Finally I go to sleep.  I want my mommy….


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