Life goes On Chapter 24

I haven’t been able to stop crying since Merri disappeared.  The police are not any closer to finding her than the first day she went missing.  My poor baby is with that crazy man and no one can find them.  Rob and I have searched all of Barnacle Bay and can’t find her.

The girls are so upset and afraid. They cry all the time too, they are afraid to go to school now. I’ve given them a break from school, but I’ll have to start home schooling them again soon.  I don’t want them to get too far behind.

As much as I hate to think about it, life goes on. Work continues on our house and Rob’s job was pressuring him to return to work. Neither one of us can imagine going back to work and just acting like things are fine. My child is missing and as important as Rob’s job in the Military is, he has decided to quit.  He only spent a short time as an astronaut, but finding Merri is our number one priority.  He loves his job, it was his lifetime goal, but Merri is his life.  Once we find Merri, he will find another job.

I can’t find the energy to do anything anymore. Everything feels so difficult. All I want to do is sleep. I know I’ve become depressed. I need to see the doctor to see about getting some medication.  I’m sure it is all stress related to losing Merri plus some postpartum depression.

I feel terrible about neglecting the boys.  They are growing up so fast, but I can’t enjoy them.  They will be aging up soon, so we put together a small family birthday party. The girls tried to be excited and even pulled out some party horns, but as soon as Mason and Robbie aged, they went back to their room to read.  They don’t have much interest in anything either.  With them being triplets, it’s like part of themselves is gone.

I read the newspaper everyday to make sure the word is still out about Merri.  Luckily, Rob and I have become local celebrities once we got back from France and word got out about our story.  Everyone is interested in what happens with us, so at least everyone is aware and looking for little Merri.

We got a call this evening that the house is finally finished.  I’m afraid to leave this house though, will Merri be able to find us if we move?  We had the house built based on some homes we seen in France that we all fell in love with.  The house is beautiful, but still needs landscaping. I guess we need to move soon.  I’m really not sure that is the best idea.  What will we do?


One thought on “Life goes On Chapter 24

  1. I hope they find her soon!!!! That ex is a real scum bag. Why is he so intent on making her so unhappy. Please bring Merri home soon Please.

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