Moving Chapter 25

The new house is finished and we are moving in.  I’m not sure how I feel about leaving the house that Merri last lived in. If she comes home, how will she find us.  We can’t keep living in the government house though, it’s too small and the other kids need to have some space.

As much as I love our new house, it still feels empty without Merri.  We finish the 3rd floor just for the girls. Robyn and Lauren pick out all the furnishings and decorations for their room.  It’s a great space for 3 girls, now we just need to find our little girl and everything will be perfect.

The twins room is finished and it looks so cute!The boys are growing quickly and learning their skills.  It’s sad to think they don’t even know Merri, she was taken the day they were born. We talk about her and show pictures to them, but it isn’t the same.

The search is still ongoing. The police have a few leads, but nothing concrete.  Rob searches every evening. I read the papers and watch the news to try to hear anything that might lead us to her.

I’ve started back to work, it helps to keep my mind busy.  I think I may look for something new though, I just don’t love cooking as much as I used too. Rob has found another job, he signed up at the Movie studio.  He’s using his fame to put Merri’s picture and name out as much as possible. He’s also discovered, that he is really a good actor. Although it will take time, he will become a movie star one of these days.

As much as I hate to think about it, but life does go on.  Everyone is falling into a pattern and starting to do things we used to enjoy. The girls have started fishing again, they wouldn’t fish for the longest time, even though they love it.

Robyn has started painting again. She is becoming quite the artist.

Lauren is working on the lab table, she keeps talking about finding a potion to turn her Imaginary friend real.  I’m not sure what she is talking about, but I think she may need counseling. She seems to be having a harder time than her sister coping with Merri’s disappearance.  She talks to herself quite and bit and I’ve even seen her pillow fighting the air. I’ll have to keep my eye on her. I think maybe she has dreamed up an imaginary friend to replace her sister.

I’m enjoying teaching the boys their skills. I’ve taught Mason to talk and we are working on walking now.  He is such a sweet baby boy.  He brings joy to my heart!

Rob has been working with Robbie. He is going to look so much like his father when he grows up. He has the same dark hair.

The girls have started back to school. They enjoy doing their homework at the dining room table, even though they have desks in their room.  That’s ok, I think they just want to be close to me and their father.

We spend time each evening discussing how their day went and making sure they are ok.  They are doing better, but have times when they feel guilty for enjoying things.  We have discussed sending them to boarding school to hide them from anyone trying to take them too. So far, they have refused.


7 thoughts on “Moving Chapter 25

  1. I love the new house!!! I hope they find her soon. Maybe Merri will be able to escape somehow and be re united with her family. I love Mason’s mohawk.

  2. Am I the only one who suspects this “perfect” husband to be behind the whole thing? Either he worked with the ex, or framed him, for all of this. The phone calls were never over heard, just that the guy with her was yelling on their end, you just need two email accounts to forge that aspect of things, and there was an awful lot of things he just “happened” to forget to mention to her…

    I’m looking forward to seeing if my suspicions pan out!

    • I have suspected that myself. But how would the news be staged when her ex told the press she ran off with another man? But the phone calls and emails did have me wondering. Plus he kept in contact with him too much.

  3. I’m hooked on this legacy. It’s so creatively written. I feel like I’m there. The only thought I have is the chapters are really short, other than that you’re doing a great job keep it up 🙂

  4. Thank you all for your support!! I’m so sorry that I haven’t updated in so long. I’ve had so much trouble with this last one. I lost some screenshots and then my computer went down. I though I lost all the pics I redone before the computer had problems, but I Found them and finally Chapter 26 is out!!!

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