Merri! Chapter 26

The police called this evening to let us know they have a tip about Merri’s whereabouts.  Rob raced to the scene and started helping them search.  They didn’t say how Merri was or even if she was alive.  I paced the floor waiting to hear the news, any news. I pray that my baby is found safe.

The police got a call saying someone had seen a little girl wandering in the woods, near the cemetary.  A man had been chasing her, but suddenly she just disappeared.  The man ran in the opposite direction and the bystander who had been paying respects to her recently deceased husband, called 911.  She searched for the little girl, but was unable to find her.**

**Rob’s POV**

I ran to the cemetary and started calling Merri’s name.  I searched for what seemed like hours. The police were also searching, but so far nothing has turned up.  The lady who called the police was very shaken up and waiting to see if they found the little girl she had seen.

Finally, after searching many hours, I stumbled up on a hidden staircase. Looking at it now, I can’t believe we hadn’t found it before now.  There was really only weeds and bushes hiding the stairs.

I walked down the stairs and found an underground cavern.  It was dark and damp.  I called Merri’s name and slowly walked through the winding hallways.  Amazing, that no one knows this is here.  The cavern was very large and cold. I had to backtrack several times, coming to dead ends and almost becoming lost.

Just when I was about to give up, the hallway opened up into a large room with a bed.  Merri was laying on the bed, dirty and appearing asleep. I couldn’t tell if she was alive or not, she was very still.  I watched her for a moment and then noticed that she was breathing! Merri is alive!

I ran to the bedside and gently laid my hand on her shoulder to wake her. Merri finally woke up and started crying immediately, she was so glad to be found.

Merri- Oh Daddy! You finally found me!! I’ve been so afraid that I would never see you or mommy and my sisters again!

I hug Merri tightly and ask her if she knows who had taken her. She started crying again and told me that it was a man that she had never seen before.

Merri-  I don’t know him daddy, it doesn’t matter anyway, let’s just go home.

It doesn’t matter if she tells me  his name or not, I know it was Moe.  I will find him and take care of this myself. The police are still searching the area, but they won’t find him.  I will have to do it myself.  I will find him and make him sorry that he ever started this with me.

I picked Merri up and carried her home.  She had lost weight since she had been gone and I doubt that she had had a bath since she was taken.

Merrilee was waiting in the yard when we got home. She ran to Merri and scooped her up.  Both were crying and hugging and they didn’t let go of each other for a long time.

Merrilee walked Merri inside to get her in the bath and cleaned up.  The other girls had been hiding and waiting also, they ran to their sister and gave her a big hug.

Finally, Merrilee ran the 2 out of the bathroom so that Merri could have a nice hot bath and get some sleep. It was about 3 in the am and everyone needed to get some sleep.

**Merrilee’s POV**

Merri had a nice long, bubble bath.  She said she felt so much better.  I sat next to her as she relaxed in the bath, I don’t think I’ll ever take my eyes off her again.  Her little body was bruised and she is so thin now, she was never very big, but now I could see her little ribs. I’m sure she went many days with nothing to eat. I have to hold it together until she goes to sleep. I can’t imagine what my little girl has been through. For now though, I’ll focus on getting her clean and fed and put to bed.

I let Merri soak for a little while longer and rush to Rob and hug him tight. I told him, I knew he would find Merri.  He’s always taken care of us.

Thank you so much Rob, for finding our little girl. You have to find out who took her and make him pay. The police are doing nothing. You are going to have to take care of this. Our little girl is skin and bones and I’m afraid she has been abused. She has bruises all over her little body.

Rob- I will find him Merrilee, He will be sorry for what he has done to our little girl.


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