Chapter 27 How it all began

**Rob’s POV**

I dial the familiar numbers on my phone and wait for him to answer. I knew he would, especially now that I had found Merri.  I called this number many times over the past 2 months that Merri was gone and he never answered. I had the feeling tonight would be different.

“Moe, what the hell have you done? ”

Moe:  “Rob, it’s good to hear from you brother. How have you been?”

“Don’t play that game with me you idiot!! You know exactly how I’ve been! How can you act like nothing happened. This has gone too far. You have lost your mind!! ”

Moe:  “Ok brother, I’m sorry!  I thought you knew the game.”

“Of course I don’t know the game! I never agreed to this.  Merri is my daughter and you took her away from us and did lord knows what to her”

Moe:  ” I didn’t do anything to her, Rob. You know I’d never hurt her.  I love her, she looks just like Merrilee.”

“Then why does she have bruises on her body and why has she lost so much weight?  Did you even feed her?  Did you hit her?”

Moe: “If your daughter didn’t have such a smart mouth, she wouldn’t have had any bruises on her. She wouldn’t do anything I told her to do. She made her own bruises”

“You sick SOB, when I find you…. I’m gonna make you sorry you were born my brother. ”

Moe: ” Oh, don’t worry about that. I’ve always been sorry that you are my brother.”


I stared at the phone.  I can’t believe he hung up on me.  Moe had always been jealous of me.  I don’t know how to straighten this all out.  It all started when we were kids.  I always made better grades, was better at sports and always got the girl. Moe always resented me. When he started dating Merrilee, he couldn’t believe his luck.

He didn’t think Merrilee would be faithful to him, so he came up with this plan.  I can’t believe he tricked me into going along with it.  Merrilee will hate me if she knew the truth.

*several years earlier*

I told him he was crazy when he first told me what he wanted me to do.
“What are you thinking?  This girl loves you! Why are you wanting to do this?”

Moe:  ” I saw her looking at another guy when we were out to dinner the other night. I know that after a while, she will leave me. If you don’t do this I will end up hurting her… You remember what happened to Molly, don’t you? ”

“Moe, you said that was an accident.  You told everyone that Molly drowned! ”
Moe: ” She did drown, …. just with a little help is all”

Moe laughed crazily and I just shook my head. “You need help Moe, let’s go to the hospital and get you some help”

Moe: ” I can’t go there and let you tell everyone I’m crazy!! I have a good job there. I’m going to be a doctor one day. I don’ t need help, you do and Merrilee will if you don’t do what I tell you to do!”

“You are not going to do anything! You will leave her alone or I will call the police! I’m not going to let you hurt anyone else!”

Moe: “Ha! You won’t do anything like that. You will do exactly as I say or everyone will find out that YOU killed Molly!”

“What are you talking about?  I didn’t do anything to her!”

Moe: “I have pictures of the two of you together.  You think I didn’t know that you were sneaking around behind my back and messing with my girlfriend? I found the letters she wrote you.  I will show everyone the letters and the pictures and tell them I’ve been protecting you all these years.”

” Moe, I’m sorry!  I didn’t mean for that to happen, but I loved Molly. But, I loved you too and I wasn’t going to do anything about it. I told Molly that. ”

Moe:  ” No one will believe you.  You will go to jail for killing her and then I will end up hurting or killing Merrilee. I know it’s just a matter of time before she betrays me too”

“You keep your hands off of Merrilee!!”

Moe: “No!”

“Stop it Moe! Get off me!!”

Moe:  ” Ok, now… Are you going to do what I tell you to do or maybe I should just get rid of both you and Merrilee”


6 thoughts on “Chapter 27 How it all began

  1. Hi, I’ve just read all of you’re story & it is great, very well written, who would have thought that Moe was his brother (shocked lol) will there be more chapters or is this the end of it.

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