Chapter 28 The New Hostage

I went back to the place we found Merri.  I’m not going to rest until I find Moe.  He has to be somewhere close.  I can feel it.  Twins seem to have that connection sometimes. I search all over this area.

This is it. I know this is where Moe has been staying and where he hid Merri most of the time. A small shack in the middle of nowhere.

I peek in the window and see Moe standing inside.  I make some noise, so he will come outside.  Once he is outside, I confront him.

“I told you I’d find you!”

Moe: ” Rob, how did you know where I was?  It’s good to see you!”

“You crazy idiot, I’m not here on a social visit. I am here to make you pay for taking Merri and to end this for good.  I have too much to lose to let you ruin everything!”

Moe takes off running, trying to get away from me. He’s not fast enough though. I’ve been training and working out for this day.  I catch him easily and confront him again.

“Don’t even think about trying to run away! You are going to be sorry!”

I chased him back to the shack and threatened him.  “You will not ruin what I’ve got going! I’ve made a good life with Merrilee and the children.  You messed up and I won’t let you mess with me. ” I jumped on Moe and told him he is going to start paying.

I knocked him so hard, he passed out.  I dragged him into the shack and laid him on the couch. I made some phone calls, I called Merrilee and told her that I was on Moe’s trail and I’d be away for the a little while.

Once I had gotten my story straight, I got to work and figured out what to do.

I carried Moe back to where everything started.  The compound.  Moe will be surprised when he wakes up.

We’ll see how he likes to be trapped in this room for days and days with no food or anyone to talk to.

**Moe’s POV**

What the hell?? Where am I? Oh god, my head hurts.  Rob must have knocked me out and dragged me back here. I’m in the compound that I built to keep Merrilee in.  He’s locked the friggin door!!

When he comes back, I’m gonna kill him. I sick of playing around. Merrilee is supposed to be MY wife and those are supposed to be MY kids.

There is nothing in this stupid room! Where is the food? I’m starving!

It feels like days since I woke up here. I can’t tell for sure because this room has no windows or anything in it.  The only thing I see is a bed, bookcase, table and chair. Thank goodness I put the bathroom in, that would have been terrible.  I feel so weak, I’ve not had any food since I got here and Rob hasn’t been here at all. Surely, he isn’t going to leave me here to die.  He wouldn’t do that to me… I’m his brother!

The only thing to do to pass the time is read, at least there are some good books. I’ve given up trying to get out of here. I built this place myself, so I know there is no escape.

I’m going crazy in here! I have to get out, I’ve heard nothing from that scumbag.

Finally, I give up waiting and go back to sleep. There is nothing else to do. I can’t get out, no one is coming for me.  I’ll just starve to death slowly and die.

The next thing I hear is someone yelling at me….” What!?!”

Rob: “Get up, you piece of trash! You’re lucky I feel sorry for you and decided not to let you starve to death in here. I also think death is too easy for you. I want you to think about what you did to Merri and my family for a long time. I want you to suffer, just like Merrilee did in the beginning and how Merri did when  you  took her from me.”

“Don’t do this Rob, I’m too weak to fight with you. I need food.  I need to get out of here”

Rob: “You should have thought about all that when you started this crap. I did the best I could for Merrilee, the only reason I went along with your plan is to keep her safe from you. You are crazy.  I did what I had to do.  If she finds out that we are brothers, she will leave me. She will take my children and I’ll never see them again. I can’t let that happen.”

“Please, I’ll go away. You won’t hear from me again.  Just let me out of here.” I can barely stand, I’m so shaky and feel like I may pass out.

Rob: ” No, you are staying here. I will come by every few days and give you food. Not alot, but enough to keep you alive.  You will not leave this room, you will not have any contact with anyone outside of this room. I have to come up a story to tell Merrilee.  I can’t lose her.”

“Rob, you can’t do this. You’ve always been the good brother, you won’t let me rot here.”

Rob: ” I am the good brother and I’m doing what I need to do to protect my family. Here is some food.  It’s not much, I grabbed it from the garden outside. Like I said, a few pieces of lettuce or apples will keep you alive, but will not fill you up.  You will suffer and pay for what you have caused”

Rob walks out quickly, I try to follow him before he shuts the door, but I’m too weak. I hear the door being locked on the outside. No way out.

I look at the piece of lettuce in my hand. It’s not much, it barely is enough for a couple bites. I eat it quickly and lay back down.

I guess that it’s every few days Rob comes by to leave some food.  Sometimes I get an apple or 2, always fruit or vegetables from the garden outside. Never a real meal. I’ve almost forgotten what real food tastes like.

When Rob comes by today, I plead with him to let me go. “I’ve learned my lesson, Rob. Please. Just let me go. I’ll turn myself into the police. You will never have to deal with me again.”

Rob just laughs in my face. I can feel myself starting to lose control of myself. The voices are coming back more often. They tell me to kill Rob.
Rob: “No Moe, you had your chance to leave us alone. When we came back from France, you knew Merrilee and I were happy.  You could have left us alone, but you decided to take my daughter.  Here I want you to take this pill. It will help. I know you haven’t been taking your medications for a long time. I’ve gotten a rx and I expect you to take them.  Now, here take it!”

“No, I’m not taking any pills. How do I know it won’t kill me?”
Rob just laughs, “If I wanted to kill you, I would just stop coming here!  Now take the damn pill and shut up!”

I take the pill and it doesn’t seem to do much of anything to me. I feel a little sleepy, but I’m always tired and weak anyway. I lay on the bed and when I wake up, I’m alone again.  Rob has left me here again.

All of a sudden I feel overwhelming nausea. I run to the bathroom and barely make it to vomit into the toilet.

Whatever that pill was, probably shouldn’t be taken on an empty stomach. I remember my old psych meds always made me feel sick, if I didn’t take them with food. Unfortunately, I don’t have any friggin food!!


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