Chapter 29 Relaxation

**Merrilee’s POV**

Poor little Merri, her long beautiful hair is now short and limp. I’m not sure who cut her hair, if she did it or if Moe did. She refuses to talk about anything that happened while she was gone.

I convince her to let me style her hair and even it up some. I got her some new clothes, all of her old clothes are too big now.   She looks so cute with her hair pulled into low pigtails.  I just hope in time, she forgets what happened. I’ve scheduled her an appointment with a psychiatrist, I just hope it helps her deal with everything.

Rob has still been so stressed and distracted. I thought once we got Merri back that he would get back to his normal self, but he is so obsessed with tracking down the kidnapper.  He disappeared for several days right after he found Merri. He called me and said he had a lead on Moe and he had to find him. He came back very upset and wouldn’t tell me anything about what happened.

“Rob, I wish you would tell me what’s going on. I can see you are on edge and stressed out. Just let the police find him, we need to move on with our lives and try to make everything normal for Merri”

Things have been so stressful the past couple months, now that Merri is home I’ve decided to plan a little camping trip.  Rob just reached maxium promotion in his acting career and they rewarded him with a cool camper.

Rob:  ” I can’t let it go. I have to take care of this. I will not let him do anything else to our family.”

“As long as you obsess over this, he is winning. You need to enjoy life, enjoy our girl that’s home now. Let’s go on this trip and try to forget everything, at least for the weekend. I miss you and the kids need you. ”

Rob: ” I’m sorry sweetheart, I just love you and the children so much. I want to protect you from everything.” Rob takes a deep breath and trys to gather himself, ” Ok, let’s go camping!”

It breaks my heart to see him trying so hard to relax and have fun. I know he is trying. I just wish life were easy.

We pulled the camper to the little campgrounds on the edge of town for a fun filled weekend.  The kids and I gather around the campfire and roast us some food for dinner. All three girls roast frog legs, not my idea of good food. They have caught so many frogs out of our pond, so at least they are not going to waste.  I put some fresh veggies on mine and it sure is good.

“Frog legs are so good roasted Mommy, you should try it!”  Merri says giggling.

“No way, girls.. get that frog away from me!! ”  All the girls laugh and  wave their frogs on a stick at me.

The boys are playing with some toys we brought and loving being in the outdoors.  They look so cute, I had to share this pic!

The girls play tag for a while and I sit and enjoy the fire. There is something about being outside by the fire that is so relaxing.  I wish Rob would relax though, he quickly roasted his food and has been on the phone for a long while. If I didn’t know any better, I’d suspect him of cheating on me. I know he is only trying to protect us.

After a bit, I call Rob over, “Hang up the phone and enjoy having all of your children around you!” So, he gathers everyone around and tells the scariest ghost story I ever heard.  Of course all the girls end up giggling and falling all over themselves trying to get close to him. They know Daddy will do whatever he can to make them feel safe.

I pick up the boys and head into the camper to put them to bed. They are getting so sleepy, it should be easy to get them down.  “Come on sleepy head, lets go to bed!” I snuggle Mason close and take in the scent of his little baby smells. He and his brother will be aging up before too long and I will miss being able carry them and snuggle like this.

It will be a tight squeeze in the camper with all of us, but it will be so fun to be close together.  Rob also brought a tent in case we need some alone time. I think it would be a good idea, he needs to remember how much I love and need him here with me.  “Rob, why don’t you pitch the tent here next to the camper? We can snuggle and have some fun of our own!”  Rob looks surprised, I haven’t been in the mood much with Merri being gone, so he runs back to the car to grab the tent.

Once Rob comes back with the tent, the girls decide they want to really rough it and sleep in the tent. So, we pile all the kids in the tent and we claim the camper for ourselves.  It was a really great night!

The next morning, we spend a fun and relaxing day playing with the kids in the playground area. All the girls are really enjoying themselves and Merri is finally starting to act like herself. I think this trip is exactly what they needed to get to know each other again and just have fun.

Little Robbie loved the spring rides and we couldn’t get him off of them.

The girls actually liked them too, I thought they might think they were too big for them. But, they really enjoyed playing!

This little trip is exactly what our family needed to get back on track. I hope Rob will tell me what has been bothering him so much recently.


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