Chapter 32 The Truth

**Merrilee’s POV**

Several weeks have passed since Rob came home. He still seems a little preoccupied or even paranoid sometimes, but he is slowly getting back to normal.   I have found him several times just sitting in the living room, on the couch. He pretends to be watching television, but I can tell he is lost in thought. Sometimes, he gets such a pained expression on his face. I think he still feels guilty for not finding Moe.

Alot has been going on at home though. The girls have aged into beautiful teens.  They have been working so hard on their skills and homework. These girls are going to be great young adults, when the time comes. All three of the girls enrolled in music class after school and are quickly picking up the skill. We let the girls have a small birthday party. They danced and splashed in the hot tub for hours.

Merri and Robyn lounging in the hottub.  They had it so hot and bubbly, you can barely seem them from the steam!  Lauren also played around on the bar, mixing up some Non-alcoholic smoothies. They were a big hit with all the kids.

Lauren is also training with her dad in martial arts.  The one time Rob really looks like he is enjoying himself again is when he is teaching Lauren to spar.  She still has a way to go, but with time she will be as good as her dad.

Merri and Robyn haven’t really expressed an interest in martial arts, they prefer to fish or write. They enjoy more quiet activites whereas Lauren is more outgoing.

Things have settled into a nice quiet routine. It’s really nice to wake up each morning and know what lies ahead each day. Robbie and Mason are doing well, they have signed up with the boy scouts and really enjoy it.  They are learning all about camping and the outdoors.  All my children are growing up too quickly.

The girls went to Prom this past weekend.  They were beautiful.  Merri came home with Prom Queen and a boyfriend.  Lauren got into a fight with another girl because they had the same dress on and Robyn also came home with a boyfriend.

How beautiful are these girls?  Robyn is on the left in the blue, Merri is in the middle, and Lauren is on the right in gray.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better.  Rob and I were relaxing in the hot tub. All the kids had went to bed and in a rare moment of being alone, we were finally starting to unwind.

I look over and see something very strange. I almost passed out. It looks like a ghost!

It was a ghost and strangely enough, he looked like Moe! We jumped out of the hot tub and I look at Rob. ” Rob, what is going on here?”

Rob: ” Um, I’m not sure… Merrilee, go on in the house and let me handle this.”

“No way, I’m not going in.  I demand to know what the hell is going on!”

“Moe, is that you?  What happened?  What is going on?”

Moe: ” Well, Merrilee… why don’t you ask my brother Rob about that?”

“Brother?  Oh my God! Rob! What is he talking about? ”

Moe: ” While we are telling secrets, Rob… Why don’t you tell Merrilee about how I came to be in this condition!  Why don’t you tell her the whole story!”

“I hope you aren’t implying Rob had anything to do with this! Rob is a good man, You are the one who made him kidnap me and hold me hostage, then you held us both hostage! And don’t forget you also kidnapped my child! You are a bad man and I don’t know how you died, but I’m sure it wasn’t bad enough for you! As much as you have made us suffer, I’m glad to see your ghost!”

Moe: ” Why are you being so quiet Rob? Don’t you have anything to say to me? Nothing to add to Merrilee’s story?  She has most of it right, but she’s missing some key information!  Let’s all set the record straight, shall we? ”

Rob finally speaks up, ” Moe, fine I’ll tell her! Yes, I hunted him down several months ago. Shortly after Merri was found. I found Moe and dragged him back to the compound. I held him hostage there. I gave him just enough food to keep him alive, I drugged him. I beat him senseless.  I’m not sorry about that.  He deserved everything I did to him. I lost my temper and he hit his head on the wall, it killed him instantly. I do regret that, but only because he couldn’t suffer anymore!”

“I don’t understand, Rob. You said you never found him. That’s what you have been keeping from me? That’s why you have been so upset?  Why would you keep something like that from me? Why wouldn’t you just call the police and let him rot in jail?”

Moe interrupts,  “Ahhh, that is the question Merrilee! Why wouldn’t he just call the police?  Hmm,  did you have something to hide, Rob? No, that couldn’t be it. You are the perfect brother. Oh, but wait Merrilee didn’t realize that we were brothers.. you didn’t tell her that!” Moe is ranting and yelling now.

It’s slowly sinking in that Rob has lied to me.  Lied to me from the beginning.  My whole life has been a lie. Oh my God! Has Rob been in on this plan from the start?  I can’t believe it.    What am I going to do now?


5 thoughts on “Chapter 32 The Truth

  1. hi just read the whole story to here. I am in awe. Brothers, twins no less, but as different as night and day. One trying to help the girl the other trying to kill the girl. Love by both brothers, yet she doesnt know. How will she cope now knowing her husband, of now, and the brother of the bf before, how can he explain all he did, and the reasons?

    i am looking forward to reading more, its a great story, you did a great job.

  2. forgot to mention, i am sirona66 from sims3, and i know tommiegirl as well follow her stories too. figured i better let u know who i was, so u would not think i was some nut case. lol.

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