Chapter 33 Time out

Once it hit me that Rob has lied about everything, I decided to take some time to think about what to do.  Things have been pretty bad at home. I’ve not taken it easy on Rob.  He still hasn’t told me the entire truth. He says he wasn’t in on my kidnapping and that he was trying to protect me, the same story he’s told from the beginning.  I just don’t know what to believe.  How could he not tell me that he was Moe’s brother, after all that we have been through together?

Merrilee:  ” I can’t believe you lied to me,  Rob!  How can I ever trust you again?  You knew all along what was going on, how could you betray me?”
Rob: ” It’s not like that Mer.  I didn’t betray you.  I wanted to tell you, but I was trying to protect you.  I couldn’t tell you Moe and I were brothers, you never would have trusted me then”
Merrilee: ” Exactly! You’ve lied to me from the beginning.  I can’t talk to you now, just leave me alone. I need to think”
Rob: ” Ok, I’ll take the boys out fishing then. ”
Merrilee: ” NO, I don’t want you near the boys until I know the whole truth. “

Rob  walked slowly away. I know I hurt him when I told him to stay away from the boys. He loves those boys so much. I just can’t trust him anymore.

The girls have decided to go away to boarding school. I think they are tired of all the drama and the fighting.  I signed them up at the Lefromage Art School. They are all excited to get a head start in their skills and possibly their career. Plus they love the french atmosphere, spending so much time in France as children really made an impact on them. They are leaning toward a career in music.  The cab came to pick them up, it was so hard to say goodbye. We have been through so much. As the cab pulled away, I wiped away my tears and I decided that I needed to get away.  I can’t leave the boys her so I called the school to request a leave of absence. The Principal approved the leave so I made all the arrangements and packed up the boys and we headed out of the country.  I arranged for the boys and I to spend some time in China, I couldn’t go back to France. We had spent too much time there as a family. I needed a fresh place to clear my mind.

Mason and Robbie were excited to be going on vacation, they didn’t really understand why Daddy wasn’t coming with us. They knew something was going on, but we had tried to keep most of the arguments away from the boys.  I tried to explain that Daddy and I were having a time out, we were not agreeing on some things and needed a little time away from each other to figure out the right answer.

Mason asks, ” Mommy, are you and Daddy getting a divorce?  My friend at school, Brandon, his mommy and daddy got one.  I don’t think I’d like that.”

Merilee:  “No honey, we aren’t getting a divorce.  Like I said, Daddy and I are just having a time out.  Let’s try to have a nice vacation and then we will go home to see Daddy, OK?”

When we first arrived in China, we got settled in at the Hotel. It’s more like a bed and breakfast but very large and open. It has an open kitchen and several guests were also getting settled. I sat down and emailed Rob to let him know we arrived safely. I didn’t tell him exactly where we are. The last thing I need is for him to show up here.

I took the boys out sight seeing. China is a beautiful country.  We explored some tombs and both boys were excellent help!

Mason kept mentioning that he wished his dad was with us.  Poor kid, I feel so bad taking them away but I need some time to get my head on straight. There’s no way that I can do that with Rob right there.


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