Chapter 34 Jail

Rob’s POV

As I was walking to my car this morning I see a police car pulling to the curb in front of the house.  I’m still a little parnoid about being charged in Moe’s death, but don’t know how they can press charges considering he is still walking around. Sure, he’s in ghost form, but he’s still able to terroize my family.

“Hey Wendy, How are you today?” I shout to the officer. With Barnicle Bay being such a small town, you get to know everyone pretty fast.  “Well, Rob, I could be better considering what I’ve come to tell you.” She replied with a frown on her face.

Wendy has been on the police force since graduating high school 10 years ago. She is a small woman, but one of the best officers we have in town.  “I’m afraid I’ve come to take you in for questioning in the death of Moe  Pesce,  She says with a sigh.  “Wendy, you have got to be kidding me! You know what Moe has put my family through for all these years. ”  I can’t believe this is actually happening.  I’ve lost Merrilee and now this.

“I know, Rob, I’m sorry. I need you to come with me to the station. I”m sure we will get it all sorted out soon. The DA is processing all the evidence now and we just got the warrent for your arrest at the station about an hour ago. I volunteered to come get you, I knew you wouldn’t give me any trouble.”  Wendy explained.  “Of course, I won’t cause any trouble, Wendy. You know me, I have worked with you all for years trying to catch this guy”

I follow Wendy to the police car and get in the back. I can feel my whole life slipping away. I am guilty of killing Moe. The truth will come out soon enough and I guess I’ll have to pay for that. I hate to think about what this will do to Merrilee and the kids.  Merrilee is on extended “vacation” with the twins, she has refused to come back home. She needs time to sort out all the that has happened, I hope that one day she will trust me again.

I walk into the police station, into the small jail they have in the back. Not much crime happens in BB, so we don’t have very large facilities and to be honest, I’m sure not many people have been in here except for the usual drunks trying to sober up enough to get back home.  Wendy holds out  a basket to put all my personal belongings in and hands me an orange jumpsuit to change into.  “Really, is this necessary? I thought I was just here for questioning.”  “Sorry Rob, It’s regulations.”  Wendy says with a grimace.  “Do you have anyone you want to call?  Your family and a lawyer?”


I think about it for a minute and call a lawyer I know and then call Merrilee and try to explain to her what is going on.  “Well, I guess that is to be expected”, she says. “I’m keeping the boys here with me. I don’t want them to know what is going on with you. Let me know what happens. Sorry Rob, I need to go. The boys need me.”  I hang my head and wonder what to do next. Wendy comes back in the room and asks if there is anyone else I need to call?  I smile and say, “I’ve had more than my one phone call today.”  She gives me a sad smile and tells me it’s ok.

I decide to call the girls, they are still away at boarding school.  I can’t keep any more secrets, so I tell Merri what’s going on when she answers the phone.  “Dad, we are coming home. Where is Mom? I can’t believe she would just leave you there to rot!”  I have to laugh, “Merri, I’m hardly rotting in jail. I’ve only been here  for 15 minutes. Mom needs some time to figure some things out. It’s ok, the boys don’t need to see their old dad in jail anyway.” Merri has always been the protector out of all the girls. She knows better than anyone what Moe is capable of.  “You girls stay at school and I’ll call you once I know more about what’s going on”  I tell her.  “Ok, dad, but you better call me and let me know that you are ok!”

Wendy walks me to the cell and closes the door.  She just looks at me with a sad smile and walks away.  I look around the small cell and take in my surroundings. A toilet and small sink are in the corner, a bunkbed in the other corner and a small table and with a chair, that’s it.  A small window is at the top of the wall, too small and closed up to be able to see out of. It does let in a little light, but not much.   I hope I don’t have to stay here very long.

After several hours of pacing in the cell, I’m told that there is enough evidence to hold me until a trial.  I lay back on the bed and try to take it all in.  I fall asleep on the bunk after several hours and awaken in the morning. I’m feeling pretty rough and dirty.  I notice there is no shower only the sink.

I look around and see no one else in here, so I strip down and try to wash away some of the grime.  It’s not as good as a shower, but I do feel a little better. I sit in the chair and look around, there isn’t anything to do but think in here.

One of the officers brings breakfast in and surprisly find myself very hungry. I clean my plate and the guard takes the plate away.  He must be a new officer because I don’t recall seeing him around town.  Back in my cell alone, I lay on the bed and try to fall back to sleep.  The days seem long when you are trapped in a small room like this.  It makes me think about Merrilee and all the time she spent in her cell back at the compound.  I wonder how things got so out of hand.


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