Chapter 35 Sisters

The next day I’m surprised to see Lauren coming through the doors to the jail.  I look through the bars of my cell and want to cry, seeing my beautiful daughter coming here in makes me feel terrible.  She runs to the cell and says, “The girls are parking the car. We couldn’t stand to be at school with you in jail!”

The guard lets me out of the cell and we sit at the table and I tell Lauren everything I can. I know she will understand that everything I’ve done, is to keep her mother and everyone safe.

Luckily, they let the girls stay most of the day and we catch up on everything since they’ve been gone. They can’t believe I’m actually in jail.  I have some great girls, I’m so glad they came to support me.

The girls leave later that afternoon to see about renting an apartment here in town. They are going to finish up their last year of school here. It was really hard to be put back in the cell with my girls watching.  They leave the jail with tears running down their faces.

Lauren’s POV

I can’t believe my dad is in jail! My sisters and I have looked all over town and finally found an apartment, it’s really like a big house that people rent rooms out of.  It’s nice and clean, so that’s all we need.  I convinced the other sisters to let me have the bigger room by myself. Sometimes, they really get on my nerves and I need some room to my self.  I don’t want to tell them yet, but I’ve met a guy!  I met him online and we haven’t actually met in person yet, but I can tell that he is the one. He really gets me, unlike anyone else I’ve ever met.  We have been talking online and the phone for the past few weeks.  He’s afraid to meet me because he is older than I am and he says he is different. I tried to convince him that it doesn’t matter what he looks like and that I’m graduating soon. He says I have to be 18 before we can meet.

Merri and Robin sit around all the time gossiping about boys and stupid stuff that goes on in school. I’m glad to get away from that boarding school, who knew to be musician you also had to be so silly.  I sneak on the computer and try to act like I’m doing homework.  I’m really chatting with Ray.

Every chance  I get to get online we talk.  Ray confesses that the other reason he doesn’t want us to meet is because he is actually a ghost. I mean, I’ve seen people like that around town and at school. One of the girls at school is a ghost, she drowned in her pool when she was like 8 and her mom took her remains to the science facility to try to get her brought back to life. Sometimes it works great, but other times you are left as a living ghost. She’s great fun to hang around, although some of the girls treat her bad, Like something is wrong with her. It’s not like it’s a big deal. He won’t tell me what happened to him though, it must be too hard to talk about right now. He says he is still new to this type of living.

The next day, I get a phone call from Ray and he says he has decided that we can meet.  I’m so excited.  He gives me directions to his house.

He’s warned me that it’s a studio apartment in someone’s garage.  I don’t really care where he lives, we are finally going to meet in person! He says it’s hard to find a good job when you are a ghost like he is. He was in med school, but had to drop out due to what happened. He is wanting to get back in school next semester if he can get adjusting to his new life. Hopefully, I can help him.

I knock on the door that evening and nervously wait for him to answer.  He quickly opens the door and looks around suspiciously.  He smiles and takes my hand, “Come in!”  I smile nervously at him, his hand is soft in mine almost like it’s not there.

He leads me to the couch and we sit and talk a while.  I become more comfortable around him and really look at his face. He looks familiar, but I can’t place where I’ve seen him before.  He’s very handsome and not at all as old as he let on.  He doesn’t look that much older than I am.  His place is really small and kinda a dump, but I don’t care.

We talk until late into the night and I tell him about my dad being in jail and he just smiles and says everything will work out. He is such a good listener and I feel like I can tell him anything.  I say I need to get back home or my sisters will worry about me.   He gives me a quick hug before I walk out the door.  Oh my, I think I’m in love!

The next day I can’t concentrate at all at school.  I keep thinking about Ray and our meeting last night. He was such a gentleman, he didn’t try to kiss me or anything, much to my disappointment.  We did hug before I left, but it was all too quick.  I’ve been thinking about just dropping out of school and aging up sooner. If my age is the only thing keeping us apart, then that is something I can change!

I talk to my counselor at school and she tells me I actually have enough credits to graduate early. I talk to my sisters about it, of course they don’t think I should. They say high school is the best time of our lives. I don’t think so, I think the best time is about to come for me.

I call Ray, “Hi! I thought I’d stop by your house after school today. I have a surprise for you”  He hesitates, “I’m not sure that’s a good idea. I really loved talking to you last night, but I think we should wait till you graduate to see each other again. The temptation is too great to be around you and not try to kiss you.”  I blush, I’m so glad he can’t see me!  “Well, the surprise will fix everything! I’ll be there in about an hour” I hang up quick so he can’t tell me not to come.  I stop by the store and grab a birthday cake on the way to Ray’s. It’s now or never! Time for my life to begin!

I knock quickly on the door of Ray’s apartment.  He opens the door and grins.   “It’s party time!”, I say.  I slip inside and take the birthday cake out of the bag and place it on the counter.  “What are you doing, Lauren?”  Ray says.  “What does it look like I’m doing? ” I reply with a sassy smile.  “I can’t let you do this.  You aren’t ready. You need to finish school first. “, he says. ” I’ve already taken care of that. I have all the credits I require to graduate early, it’s been taken care of”  I smile and him and quickly light the candles.  I close my eyes, make my wish and blow.


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