Chapter 37 Revelation

I’ve been in hiding for a while now. My sisters are getting suspicious, but I keep putting off seeing them. They are busy with school and prom anyway so it isn’t really that hard.  I rarely leave the house, Ray doesn’t want anyone to see me and give away my condition.

Dad is still in jail, but the last I heard is that he may get released soon. They can’t find the body of this Moe guy he supposedly killed. So, as far as the courts here say, “No body, No crime.”  The lawyer still has some strings to pull, but soon my dear Father will be out of jail.

Mom is also making plans to come back to the country. She emailed me back and we have chatted online several times. It’s hard to keep this secret from her, but Ray says it’s for the best. She tells me the boys are going to start at boarding school when they get back, they just have to decide which school they want to go too. The boys are like night and day and they can’t decide which one they will both like.

I have to run to the store today to get more groceries when I run into Robin.  Her eyes are wide as she looks at me and then looks down at my growing belly.  She yells, “What have you done, Lauren?  You are going to be in so much trouble!”  Just like a teenager, she forgets that I’m a young adult now and I can do what I want.  “Why haven’t you told us?”, she asks.


I almost break down and say, ” Robin, please be happy for me! I love this little baby already. Please!”  She sees how desperate I am and smiles, “Of course, Lauren! I love you. Can I feel?”  She gently places her hands on my belly and the baby gives a little kick. She isn’t used to attention from anyone other than me. Yes, I think my baby is a girl.

I see tears in Robin’s eyes, ” You have to tell Merri and Dad!”, she says. “No, I can’t tell them yet.  I need to wait just a little longer.  Ok? Will you please keep my secret?” I beg her.   ” Are you ok, you sound afraid. Is that guy treating you ok?  I can have a talk with him if he isn’t” She says and flexes her small bicep muscles.  I put on a brave smile and say, ” No, I’m fine… I just want to make sure everything is ok first.”  She reluctantly agrees to keep my secret but only for a little while.  She arranges a meeting with Dad and Merri at the end of the week.

I quickly head home and I don’t mention seeing Robin to Ray.  I don’t want to upset him.  I know I will have to tell him about the meeting on friday with Dad, but I’ll wait until after. I can only handle one mad man at a time.

We three girls walk in to the jail that day and see my dad sitting in his cell. It makes me so sad to think about him here all alone all day. He isn’t smiling when we walk in.



The guard lets him out of the cell so we can all talk and he takes one look at me and goes crazy. “What have you done, Lauren! I don’t see you for a few weeks and this is what I find when you do come back?  Who did this to you?  What happened to school? Please don’t tell me you quit school because of some boy!”  I let him finish his tirade and then try to start explaining.



“Dad, I didn’t quit school. I had enough credits, I just finished early.  I have met a man, not a boy.  He is a good man and he loves me and this baby.  I’m happy, Daddy.”  I say quietly, not quite convincing.  He sees some sadness in my eyes and hugs me tight. “I love you, Lauren. No matter what”  He says.


I can feel his love as he feels the baby moving.  He is the best dad anyone could ever have. I’m lucky to have him.  We have a little more time to spend together before the guard comes back to put him back in the cell.  My sisters and I leave the jail and I hug them both and then head home. I’ll have to explain to Ray where I’ve been.

I walk in the house and see Ray waiting for me. “Where have you been?”, he says quietly.  I walk to him and tell him, ” I met my sisters and my dad today. They know about the baby.”  “Obviously!”, he exclaimed and turns away from me.


“Ray, please! They are fine with it, they love me and want whatever makes me happy. I told you they would feel that way. Everything is going to be fine. Mom is coming home soon and I’m going to plan a get together so you can meet them all”

Ray gets a strange look on his face and then smiles, “Yes, that sounds like the perfect plan, I mean idea!  You plan that party. I can’t wait to meet everyone.  When is your mom going to be here? ”

“Well, I think soon. Within the next couple weeks. Well before the baby gets here.  She is making the arrangements now. I haven’t told her about the baby though, I think we will surprise her when she gets here.”  I say.  ” Oh, she will be surprised!” Ray says quietly. He turns away and goes to the computer. He has been on the computer alot lately. I’m not sure what he’s doing.



6 thoughts on “Chapter 37 Revelation

  1. I’m not sure I like Ray anymore to tell you the truth…I think he’s cheating on Lauren. Still amazing as always and your style is really well thought out. Keep up the great work 🙂

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