Chapter 38 Realizations

Mom called and she is due back in town later this week.  I’m rushing to try and plan our party for the day she gets back. It turns out that everything is finally falling into place. Dad is getting released from jail tomorrow, his lawyer finally convinced the judge to let him out until the body can be found.  So, hopefully things are looking up for my family.

I rent out the park near the beach and I’m putting the final decorations out. Thank goodness for my sisters, I’m due any day now and I couldn’t have done it without their help.  It will be the best day ever, Mom is coming home, Dad is getting out of jail, and everyone will be meeting Ray for the first time.  Plus, my sweet baby will be here any day now.  I really can’t wait to have the whole family together.

Ray is going to wait and let Mom and Dad have their reunion first, then he will show up. He wants them to have some privacy, considering it may be a little tense with them seeing each other again for the first time. I think Mom has come to terms with everything Dad has done,he has made some poor choices, but only because he loves her so much.


Merri, Robin, and I arrive at the park first.  We have the food all set out and the music on.  Robin adds the final touches to the chocolate fountain.  Dad arrives shortly after, looking much better than I have seen him in awhile.  “Dad, I’m so glad  you’re here!”, I exclaim.  He gives me a big hug, ” Woah, you feel like your ready to pop any day now!”  I grin back at him and say, “Actually, tomorrow is my due date! So, anytime now!”


He hugs the other girls and sits nervously near the bar.   He seems to need a drink to calm himself down, so I ask him to make some drinks for the party.  He gladly accepts, I think he needs something to keep him busy. He must be really nervous about seeing Mom again for the first time in several months.


We all look up nervously when the limo pulls up to the park.  Mom climbs out and looks around. She doesn’t seem to recognize me, even though I’ve told her that I had my birthday.  I didn’t tell her I was expecting though.


The girls run to her and give her big hugs, she explains that she left the boys with a sitter, she wasn’t sure how it would go with Dad.  “He can go see them this evening though, if he would like. The boys have really missed him.” , she says. I see her looking around and I know that she is looking for Dad.  I walk slowly to her and let her take in the fact that I’m pregnant. She looks sad for a minute and then smiles. “What is this, Miss Lauren?!”, she exclaims. “You kept an awful big secret from me”  I give her a long hug and tell her I wanted to surprise her.

Dad finally walks over and looks nervously at her, “Hi, Merrilee.  How are you?”  She gives him a shy smile and says, “I’m good Rob, I’m doing really good.  How are you?”  They walk away and start catching up. I have hope that things are on the mend for them.  Merri, Robin and I all giggle and relax.  We go to the buffet table and fill our plates.  Ray should be here in a little while and then things will be perfect.


I see the cab pull up and exclaim, “He’s here!” I walk quickly to the cab and give Ray a big hug.  “Everyone’s here! Well, my brothers aren’t here, but everyone else is. I’m so excited for you to meet everyone! Come on!” I pull his hand and as I turn around to introduce him to my family I see the stunned looks on their faces.


Robin is the only one who doesn’t look freaked out.  I forgot to tell them about him being a ghost! “It’s ok!  Yes, Ray’s a ghost, but he’s just like you and me. There is no concern with his condition!”  I say.  They still don’t look convinced, how embarrassing that they would act like that.  As I turn to Ray to apologize, I see the look on his face.  He has the strangest smile on his face.

“Hello, Merrilee and Rob! It’s so good to see you all again”, Ray says. I’m so confused, see them again? What is he talking about. Suddenly Dad yells at me, “Lauren! Come over here now. Get away from him!”


“Dad, this is Ray!  This is the guy I”ve told you all about! What’s wrong with you?” I scream!

Mom runs to my side and starts pulling me away from Ray. “Honey, his name is not Ray. That’s Moe!  He’s the man that held me hostage for so long. The one that kidnapped your sister!  Your father’s brother! Oh, my God! What have you done, Moe?” she yells, horrified.


Even Merri has recognized him.  The look on her face is pure terror.  I’m sure she is remembering the time Moe had kidnapped her when she was just a child. He held her captive in a small, run down cabin and underground cave out in the country.  Dad was finally able to find her, but not before realizing just how evil Moe really is.


Dad confronts Ray, err Moe and starts screaming at him.  I think Dad may attack him, he looks so angry. I’ve never seen him so mad.


The realization of what was happening is starting to come together. How did things go so wrong? How could I have been so stupid? He used me to get back at them. He never loved me.  I start feeling very strange, I’m lightheaded, I can’t breathe and then all of a sudden things go black.



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