Chapter 39 Asleep

Merrilee’s POV

My poor Lauren. We rushed her to the hospital after she collapsed at the park. They quickly admitted her to ICU, but after extensive tests they find nothing physically wrong with her. The doctors say that her mind just couldn’t take in everything that was going on and just shut down. They try everything to get her to wake up, but now they say that we just have to wait until she is ready.  They were monitoring the baby and decided it would be best to deliver the baby by C-section.  Lauren still did not wake up.  The kept her in the hospital for two weeks, but finally told us to take her home.  There was nothing they were doing for her, that couldn’t be done at home.


Of course, we couldn’t go back to our house.  Moe took off after Lauren collapsed. In all the confusion, no one even noticed until afterward. No one seen him leave, and no one has seen him since.  We didn’t want to make it easy for him to find us, so we rented a big house on the outskirts of town and we all moved in.


Rob and I have put our differences aside and have been getting along pretty well.  We have to put Lauren first right now. I still can’t believe what Moe has done.  How can one person be so evil?

We move Lauren into a bedroom on the second floor, it has stairs that lead to an attic room that we have made into a nursery for the baby.  I sit by her side practically all day long. The only time I leave is to check on the baby. Lauren delivered a healthy, beautiful baby boy.  He seems perfect in every way.  I sit in  her room and rock the baby and we just wait for his mommy to wake up. “You are a sweet little baby boy, your Nana loves you very much!”  We haven’t named him yet, but will have to soon if Lauren doesn’t wake up. We can’t keep calling him baby much longer.


Rob comes up to Lauren’s room and asks me to take a ride with him. I ask Merri and Robin to keep and eye on Baby and Lauren.  We ride out to the beach and take a little walk. Things have been tense between us, but I can hardly stay mad when I know that he loves his family more than anything. Especially now that I know that Moe will do anything to hurt us. Rob has known that all along and what choice could he really have made different?  Should he have just walked away and let Moe do whatever he wanted with me?  I should be thanking Rob for taking such good care of me.

Rob stops me and says,” Merrilee, I’m so sorry. I should have done more to protect Lauren. It’s all my fault.” He breaks down and I feel all the love I’ve had for him rush back. I take him in my arms, “Everything will be ok.  You have done so much to protect your family.  No one could imagine that Moe would do something so terrible.  I mean this is pretty crazy, even for him.”


We hold hands and take a short walk further down the beach and then decide we must get back  home. I don’t want to leave Lauren for very long.

We pull in the driveway and Merri is outside taking Baby for a walk.  “Hi, Mom and Dad! Robin is sitting with Lauren, I thought Baby needed some fresh air. ” She continues to push Baby up and down the sidewalk, of course not going very far.  I can hear her baby talking to him.


I’m kinda surprised she has fallen so in love with Baby, considering he is part Moe’s child. He is a very easy baby to love, rarely cries at all.  He just loves being held. Thank goodness he didn’t inherit any of his father’s traits, sometimes the ghost trait can pass to children, but he seems to have escaped that fate.

I run up the stairs hoping to see some improvement in Lauren’s condition. She still lies there, just looking like she is asleep.  I sit back down in the chair and just wait.


Rob walks in and says, ” I think we need to give Baby a name.  It doesn’t look like Lauren is waking up anytime soon.”  We call a family meeting and take a vote. We all decide on Lance. Although, the boys wanted to keep calling him Baby!

The next morning as I walk outside to check the mail, I see a stuffed animal sitting on the porch.  I look around quickly, but see no one around. I pick up the toy and get an eery feeling.


I take it inside and show it Rob, “I found this on the porch. Do you know where it came from? Did one of the girls leave it for Lance?”, I ask.  He takes the toy and throws it in the garbage.  “No, I’ve not seen it before, but I have a good idea where it came from.” , he says. I look at him and say, “Moe?”  He nods his head and turns to go check on the baby.  I have a terrible feeling that Moe is never going to leave us alone.  He has figured out where we are living and wants us to know it.


Everyday for the next 2 weeks we find toys and baby items on the porch. We call the police and they have increased survaillance in our area, but technically Moe hasn’t broken any laws, he’s only leaving gifts.


I don’t understand the police in this town anymore.  My daughter has been  deceived and taken advantage of by her Uncle, she is laying upstairs in a coma and they say he hasn’t broken any laws.  The police tell us we will have to get a DNA test on Lance before we can file any charges against him. Of course, Lauren has to wake up first to sign the consent form.  We tried to explain the situation, but the company will not bend the rules. A parent has to sign the consent. So, we have to wait for Lauren to wake up.We start keeping all the things we find so that it may help build a case against Moe eventually. I keep a journal of all the things we have found and where we found them.  Hopefully, once Moe is found we can use this to put him jail for a long time.

I head back upstairs to check on Lauren and notice that she seems very restless.


I call Rob to come upstairs to see what he thinks.  Lauren is moaning and shaking her head back and forth.  I sit next to her on the bed and wipe her hair back from her face.  I stroke her hair, “It’s ok Lauren, you are safe. You are home with Mom and Dad”, I say quietly.  She slowly opens her eyes and looks at me with a confused look on her face.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 39 Asleep

  1. This is such an “edge of your seat” kind of story! I was so glad when I got the e-mail update earlier this month! I had a feeling about “Ray”. You’re a great writer! Keep the updates coming! 🙂

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