Chapter 42 Taken

“Well, well, well, what do we have here” He says quickly.  I catch my breath and start to scream.

I fumble in my pocket to try to get my phone out, it’s turned off.  Moe catches me around the arms and I drop my phone on the ground.  I struggle against him, but he’s too strong. He clamps his hand on my mouth, so I can’t scream. I can barely breathe.

He shouts, “Stop it right now, you stupid woman!”  I keep struggling, I can’t let him take me anywhere.  I try to bite his hand on my mouth and almost get free, but he punches me in the head and everything goes dark.

I struggle to sit up, it’s dark and I can barely see my surroundings.  I don’t see Moe anywhere, but I’m lying on a bed. It isn’t my bed though. It’s rough and very uncomfortable.

Ahh, my head is killing me.  I try to stand and almost lose my balance.I reach out to grab on to something to keep from falling. My hand grabs a bar.  I look closer and see that I’m holding on to an iron bar. My eyes focus a little better and I can see a little more clearly.  I’m in a cell!  Where am I?  I look around and I see the room I’m in. It’s divided down the middle by the iron bars. On my side of the bars, there is a bed, toilet, sink and small table with a chair.  On the other side is one room, with a full kitchen, a bed, table and chairs, and stairs that lead up. I must be in a basement or something, there are no windows anywhere that I can see.


I scream loudly to try to get someone to hear me.  Hopefully, someone is close by. I scream for what feels like hours. My throat is raw and tears are streaming down my face.

I go to the sink and hope that it works.  The water runs out slowly, dirty brownish water.  I let it run for a minute or two and it improves slightly.  I scoop some water in my hands and splash it on my face, it feels surprisingly good and cool.  I taste a sip of the water and it doesn’t taste too bad.  I don’t want to drink much, but I’m so thirsty.

I lay back down on the bed and wait for Moe to come back. He will be back, he wants to make sure I’m weak and scared, so I’ll do whatever he wants.

I must have fallen asleep because something startles me awake.  “Wake up, sleeping beauty”, Moe says sarcastically.  I sit up and just look at him. I refuse to let him see me scared.

“Well, aren’t you going to ask me where you are?  Or what I plan to do with you?”, he says.  I just give him a look and refuse to speak.  “Ok, if that’s the way you want to play. I’ll come back later and see if you are more willing to cooperate then.” With that he climbs the stairs and disappears.  Great, I think.. what now?

I look around the room and try to feel the walls, the bars, anything I can to look for a weakness, so I can escape.  Nothing.  The bars are solid iron and look like that have been welded into the walls and floor. There is a door, but it has a huge lock and I can’t see a key anywhere.  With nothing left to do, I lay back on the bed and wonder what’s going on back at my house. I hope the girls are taking care of Lauren and the baby. I’m sure Rob has made it back from visiting the boys.  He probably turned around when I called and I’m sure he is looking for me as we speak.

What seems like hours later, Moe walks back down the stairs slowly.  “Do you feel like talking now?”, he says smugly.

“What do you want from me Moe?”  I say as I walk toward the bars that separate us.  He smiles and says, “I no longer want to be a ghost. I’ve heard there is a recipe or cure that will turn me back to my human self. I want you to prepare that cure.”  “I don’t know any cure!  What are you talking about?”, he’s crazy if he thinks that I will help him with anything. “That’s where I need your help, the tale is that in the basement of the old library are old records and magic recipes.  I found this recipe and you will study it and learn to make it. I’ll help gather the ingredients, and you will figure out how to make it. It may take you a long time to learn how to successfully make it.  I thought since you are a Chef and supposed master of the kitchen, you will be able to make it easier than I would.” , he explains.

“Why would I help you? You have done nothing but torment me and my family.  No, your crazy! You can stay a ghost for eternity for all I care!”, I scream at him.  He sneers and says, “Do you want me to show you want I can do to make you cooperate? You’ve seen how easily I can leave gifts and flowers on your front porch. Do you really think I can’t get inside and take that stupid daughter of yours and my son?”  He pulls pictures from a cabinet in the kitchen and brings them to me.  I take them and flip through, there are several photos of Lance sleeping in his crib, in the swing, and even more of Lauren asleep in her bed.  “How did you get these?” I ask shakily. ” I took them myself, it wasn’t that hard.  Lauren was sleeping for the longest time, very easy to slip past her bed and up the stairs to the attic room you kept my son locked up in. He is such a sweet boy, I think he loves his daddy” He laughs and continues, ”  It was a little more difficult when you moved Lauren to the first floor, but still you and your darling husband are such deep sleepers. It helps that I make very little noise when I walk, unless I want too of course. No one would  notice for several hours if I wanted to take him.”

It sinks in that Moe has been in my house. He has taken these pictures and even picked Lance up.  He will never leave us alone.  “If I agree to this, will you finally leave us alone?  You must leave the city of Barnacle Bay and never come back! “, I plead.  “You don’t make the rules, idiot. I do, but I will leave you alone. I’m about tired of you and your stupid family anyway.  I won’t leave BB but you all may move if you want. I won’t follow you. Plus, on the upside, If I’m no longer a ghost and back to being normal human, there is no case against Rob. Think about it, Merrilee. You must do exactly as I tell you though.  No questions, then when I’m back to my old self, I’ll let you go. “, he says.  “How can I trust that you will keep your word, I can’t believe anything you say.”, I ask.  “You will just have to trust me on this.  There is nothing I can do to prove it, you will just have to do what I say and know that I’ll let you go.”, he says.

I turn away from the bars, “Fine, I’ll do it.”, I say quietly. What other choice do I have?  I can’t let him harm Lauren or little Lance.  IF he keeps his word, then we may all finally be free to move on. “What do I have to do first?”   He hands me a stack of papers and books. ” You can start by reading these, they are the first step to learning to make the cure. Besides, what else do you have to do all day?”, He laughs.  He turns to walk up the stairs, “Moe! Are you leaving?  I’m hungry and very thirsty, will you not give me something to eat before you go?” I ask. It pains me to have to ask him for anything, but I have to eat.  He turns and opens the refrigerator door, inside I see only fruits and vegetables but it is well stocked. He pulls a plate out and puts several tomatoes, some lettuce, and some cheese  on it.  He also hands me a glass of juice.  “Here, this will hold you for a while”, he sneers.  I sit at the table and quickly assemble a small salad, great no dressing.  I eat it up and save some cheese for later. I drink half of the glass of juice, I hope he won’t leave me here alone for long, but who knows. I try to save something to eat and drink for later.

After I eat, I spread the papers and books out in front of me. I glance at the papers, it seems to have been written a long time ago. I start reading, besides, he’s right. What else do I have to do?


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