Chapter 44 Torture

Merrilee’s POV

I have read through some of the papers and the requirements for this receipe. It will be difficult. Not only making the cure, but coming up with all the ingredients will be hard.  I guess Moe will take care of that, since I can’t really go to the market.  My cooking skills are almost already high enough to make the cure, I’ll just need access to the ingredients and the kitchen.  The sooner I get this made, the sooner my family will be free.

Moe comes in and yells at me to hurry and get the books read. I tell him I’ve finished the books. I think I can try it now.  He has all the ingredients gathered, so he lets me out of the cell.  He tells me not to get any ideas about running off because there is a gate at the top of the stairs and of course it is locked.  He places the ingredients on the counter and I get to work. I glance at him and pray that this works. I just need to get home to my family.  It takes a while to prepare and then I put it in the oven. It will take 30 minutes to bake.  I sit nervously near the stove and watch the timer. It has to be precise or it won’t work.  Moe paces back and forth near the stairs, glaring at me the whole time.  The timer goes off and I remove it from the oven.  I’m not sure it looks just right, but I serve it to him and he digs in.

I slowly back away from the table and inch close to the cell. I’m pretty sure it isn’t right, I know it won’t work this time.  I’m not exactly sure what went wrong, I’ll have to read the pages again. Moe finishes the plateful and pushes back from the table. He stands and stretches his arms out, “Well, why isn’t it working?” He yells.  “Um, I’m not sure Moe, let me reread the pages and I’ll try it again.  He walks slowly to me and I’m not ready for the slap across my face.

“Do you think it’s easy to get the ingredients for this cure?  You want me to keep you locked up here forever? You better get it right next time.”  He grabs my shoulders and pushes me down on the floor.  He brings his leg back to kick me and I cry out, “Please Moe, I’m sorry! I’ll get it right next time! I promise!” I cry.

He grabs my hair and pulls me back up off the floor, ” I like it when you beg me”, he sneers. He pulls my hair back and presses his lips to mine. I try to pull away, but he pulls my hair harder.  I can feel his excitement and hear his heavy breathing in my ear. I try to pull away from him, but he only pulls me closer.

All I can do is cry as he lunges toward me and knocks me to the floor.  “Please don’t do this,  Please… No… NO!! NO!!” I can’t think of anything else, I just keep crying No. He can’t be doing this to me.

When he is done, he kicks me while I lay on the floor, “Go back to your cell and leave me alone, you whore!”, He screams at me.  I crawl back to the cell and pull the door closed.  I lay on the bed and cover my head with the blanket.  I can hear him lock my cell door and he takes a shower.  Finally, I hear him climb the stairs. “I’ll be back, Merrilee. I’ll have the ingredients and tomorrow you better get it right!”  he says.

When I hear the door click shut at the top of the stairs, I pull myself from my bed and wash myself in the sink.  Oh my God, what has he done?  I wash my face and push all other thoughts aside.I have to figure out what I did wrong on the cure.   I have to get it right next time, I can’t stay here any longer! I have to believe he will let me go when he’s normal again. If not, I’ll have to figure out a way to take my life. I can’t live like this.

I stay up all night and think I see what happened.  I needed to let it rest before putting it in the oven.  It should work next time, it has too.  I lay on the bed and try to sleep until Moe comes back in.

“Get out of the bed, you lazy dog!”  he yells at me. I jump straight up and back into the corner.  “Have you figured it out yet?”, he asks.  ” I’m pretty sure I know what went wrong” I say quietly. “Pretty sure?  You better be really sure!” He sneers, Moe unlocks the cell and pulls me out.  I cringe from his touch and he laughs.  “Here”, he says as he shoves the bag with the ingredients to me.

He sits back and watches as I start the preparation again. I pray the entire time that this will work.   As I pull the plate from the oven, I’m positive it will work. It has an eery glow radiating from the center of the portion.  The smell is a lot stronger this time too.  I place the plate in front of Moe, he looks impressed.  I sit in the chair next to him, partially because I feel too weak to stand.

He takes his first bite and smiles, “I can feel it working!”, he exclaims. This time as Moe pushes himself away from the table he begins to glow.

A bright burst of light radiates from his center, I have to squint my eyes it is so bright.  I can see him becoming more human.

I scoot my chair away from him as he jumps up and down, “Yes! Yes! It worked!!”, he screams.  I look at him and pray that he will release me now.  He slowly shakes his head, “Moe, I did it for you. Now let me go, please.” He slowly walks over to me and says, “Thanks, whore!”, he pulls my hair and kisses me on the mouth again and catching me off guard  he  punches me in the head. I slowly sink to the ground and everything goes black, again.


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