Chapter 45 Home

I open my eyes, I’m still laying on the floor near the table. I sit up and look around.  I put my hand to my head and blink my eyes. I don’t see Moe.  I struggle to stand up.  I’m very dizzy.  I feel a surge of hope as I look around and still don’t see Moe.

I walk to the stairs and see that the large door is closed.  I climb the stairs, very slowly, my legs feel like lead.

I say a prayer as I touch my hand to the knob.  It turns!  The door isn’t locked.  I push the door open and get my first whiff of fresh air in what feels like weeks.  Tears run down my face as I try to get my bearings. I can’t believe he kept his word, he actually is letting me go. I’m not sure if Moe meant to leave the door unlocked or if in his excitement to be human again, he just forgot. Either way, I need to get away from  here as fast as I can.

I stumble down the hill, I think I’m going in the right direction. I walk for a long time and realize I’m lost.  I can’t see anything but trees and it’s starting to get dark.  I stumble around in the dark and try to continue on.  It’s hard and I’m not making much progress, but I have to get home.

My whole body is sore and my head still hurts.  I’m not as dizzy as I was this morning, so hopefully that is a good sign.  I stop and look around then  start walking again.  This time, I think I’m going the right direction. I walk for what seems like hours. The sun is finally starting to rise and I see the road and then my house. I start screaming, “I’m here!! I’m here!!”

I can see the police in front of the house.  I try to run and fall down. I get up and continue to run and cry, “I’m here! I’m here!”,  Finally someone sees me and starts running to me. I wave my hands back and forth, “I’m here!”, I cry.

It’s Rob! I fall to the ground, so relieved. I can’t go any farther. Rob is next to me and he scoops me up!  I hug him around his neck and cry, “I’m here”.  He holds me close and carries me to the house.

He takes me into the house and closes the door. He hugs me tight and says, “Thank God your home! What can I do for you?” I just look at him, I’m so tired, but all I can think about is getting clean. Washing away all the dirt and grime from the last several weeks.  I would like to be able to wash away everything that happened too.   He helps me into the bathroom and into the tub.  He runs the water and helps me out of my dirty clothes.

I climb into the tub and lay back. I close my eyes and let all the tears come.  Rob sits next to me and never leaves the room.  He helps me into clean clothes and tucks me into bed.  I try to talk to him, but exhaustion hits me and I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

The next morning, Rob is still by the bed.  He looks at me and says, “Are you ok?”  I shake my head no, then I proceed to tell him what happened. I tell him every single detail, no matter how horrible it was. I feel relief as I speak, it’s as if by telling someone I’m releasing all the horrible things that happened.  Tears stream down his face as I tell him everything that happened to me. I tell him about Moe making me prepare the cure for him being a ghost. When I tell him about Moe sneaking into the house and taking photos of us, Lauren and Lance, he is furious.

He goes from sad to angry to irrational and then back to sad.  We cry together for a long time.  I cling to him and ask for forgiveness for running after Moe.  I was just so caught up in my desire to catch him, that I didn’t think about what could happen.   We just lay in bed all day and hold each other. I’m not sure if he will ever let me out of his sight again, which is fine by me.  Finally, we go into the living room and all the kids are there. Rob brought the boys home from boarding school after I disappeared. He wanted everyone to be here when I got home.

They each come to me and wrap their arms around me.  Lauren is holding Lance, I look at her and she smiles. I have hope that she and Lance are ok.  I sit at the dining room table and the girls make dinner. We all sit in the dining room and eat, hardly anyone speaks.  As I finish, the boys clear the table and help the girls with the dishes.

Lauren takes Lance upstairs and puts him to bed.  I walk into the living room and glance around. Nothing has changed, but everything feels different. The kids come in and we all sit around and make small talk for  a little bit.  Rob looks at me and says, “You need to get back to bed, you are still exhausted” I nod my head and stand up.  I head into the bedroom after saying goodnight to all the kids.

I lay back on the bed and wait for Rob.  He walks into the room and lays down next to me.  I pull him into my arms and give him a long kiss. “Are you sure?”, he asks. I need to feel loved instead of abused and beaten.

I nod my head and pull him back in for another kiss. We stay up almost all night, just talking and catching up and holding each other.

I cry as Rob tells me about Lauren and everything that happened with her. She was finally well enough to come home and seems to be handling things much better now.  She has started taking care of Lance and she remembers everything. She is still going through therapy, but it is helping so that is good. I hope that now our family may get some peace! We fall asleep in each others arms.

When I open my eyes in the morning, Rob is sitting on the side of the bed.  He noticed I’m awake without turning around and he says, ” We are moving. I’m not staying in this town a day longer than I have too.  Start packing  your stuff, only take what you can’t live without. We are going to start over in a new town!”


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