Chapter 46 New Town

We pull up to the new house in the new town of Lucky Palms and everyone piles out of the car.  Rob picked the furthest place he could find from Barnacle Bay.  Lucky Palms is a warm, desert town on a beautiful lake.  We bought the house fully decorated and furnished.  Lauren decided it was time for her to move out on her own.

There was the perfect little house right next door to the one we bought.  She put down the rental deposit and she and Lance moved in.

(House created by simmer Gngrsnap on

It’s so good to see her doing so well. She seems to be adjusting really well to motherhood and she now loves little Lance more than anything.  She is trying to put the past behind her and move on.  She has decided to look for a job, something part time where she won’t have to leave the baby for too long.  Merri  and Robin have volunteered to babysit for him anytime. She also got the DNA test on Lance and he was a match to Moe. So, he now has a whole list of charges against him. The police are searching for him, but I have doubts they will find him.  He has a way of disappearing when he wants to.  It seems that I was the last person to see him, and that was right before he knocked me out.  It also made it easy for the police to drop all charges against Rob.

The house is perfect, it has a whole suite for the girls.  So, they have plenty of room to hang out with friends. The room orginally was set up as a Mother-in-law suite, but we had it changed before we got there. It was given a modern look, perfect for 2 teen girls.

The boys have a nice room too, it opens up to the back yard and playground. The boys have a treehouse, sandbox, some ride on toys and telescopes to play on. Any kids dream backyard.

There is a pool in the front and a hottub in the backyard, perfect for relaxing.  The lake is also close to the back of the house, so plenty of fishing.

We quickly get settled in. The next morning I go into town and get the kids enrolled in school.  They decide to try some new after school clubs, so the girls sign up for the school newspaper and the boys get back into scouting.  I also stop and picked up a new outfit.  New town, New look!  The boys run to the playground to play and I walk around the park. I notice a wishing well. The sign says “Make your wishes come true for only a $1!” I think it can’t hurt to get some good luck. So, I kiss the coin and toss it into the well.  I make my wish and wait for something to happen.  Nothing.  I hope that isn’t a sign of something bad to come.

I’m walking around enjoying the beautiful park when suddenly I feel very sick.  I notice a restroom across the park, so I take off running.

I barely make it in time.  Oh lord, please don’t let this be what I think it is…..

I gather up the boys and we head home. The boys run to the backyard and continue playing and  I notice Rob down by the lake getting some fishing in.  I join him and try my hand at it.  I did not catch one fish, even though Rob reeled in several!

I convince Rob to put the fishing poles away and to try out our new hot tub.  I race him to the backyard. We will get a lot of use of this!  It’s heavenly.

The kids are spread throughout the house, just enjoying a normal evening at home. Something we haven’t had for a long time.   The boys are playing in the tree house.  Merri is working on a new painting. I’m sure it will be a masterpiece. It feels so wonderful to not feel stressed and just have the kids relaxed and enjoying some of the activities they love.

Robin is working on her book. She has finished 2 short stories already, and has been wanting to write a longer novel. It has taken a while with everything going on, but she has a good start on it now.

Suddenly, the sick feeling comes back and I have to jump out of the hot tub. I run into the house and throw up again. I have a bad feeling about this. I pull on some comfy clothes and  I walk slowly outside and decide to tell Rob what my suspicions are.  “Rob, we need to talk.” I start off.  He climbs out of the hot tub and looks at me with concern.

“I’ve been feeling sick all day. I’m afraid I might be pregnant.”, I say quietly.  He starts to smile, then it drops off of his face. He looks away from me and I have a moment of panic.  “Wow”, he says.  “I know. This couldn’t come at a worse time.  I know what your thinking, it could be yours though. We don’t know anything for sure.”, I say.  I can’t stop the tears from falling. I think we both know the baby is probably Moe’s. He takes a deep breath and pulls me into his arms, “We will get through this. This will be our baby. Either way, it’s half you and that’s enough for me.”  I don’t know how I got so lucky.  I’m sure there have never been two brothers that are more different then Rob and Moe. I hug Rob, “I love you so much and I’m thankful that we were brought together, even the way it happened. I’m just glad I have you in my life.”  He squeezes me close, “I love you too”, he says quietly.

The next morning, I stop off at the hospital to get checked out. Of course, I’m pregnant. Just when I thought we were completely done with Moe, we may never have him out of our lives now.  The timing is so close, so it is impossible to tell who the father is.  We can do testing once the baby is born if we want. Does it really matter though?  Will we treat the baby any different if we know Moe is the father? Would we love the baby more knowing it is Rob’s?  We need to discuss it of course, but I think testing would be a bad idea. Rob will be the Dad, he will be the one there everyday taking care of this child, so as far as anyone is concerned, of course the baby is Rob’s.

This whole pregnancy has been pretty rough on me.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m older or something else, but I don’t have energy to do anything. Luckily, everything else goes pretty smoothly during my entire pregnancy. I spend every chance I can either napping on the couch or sometimes not even getting out of bed. I’ve been sick the entire time and I’m ready for this baby to get here. Rob has been really great, taking care of me and the boys. Of course, the girls help with dinners and cleaning up.


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