Chapter 47 Surprises

I can’t sleep, something feels off.  I toss and turn in the bed and just can’t get comfortable.  I finally just give up and get out of bed.  As I’m walking to the door, I get a severe pain in my lower belly. “OH!”, I scream.  I stop and try to catch my breath.

“Rob, I think the baby is coming!”, I yell. He jumps out of the bed and runs to call the doctor. I yell, “There isn’t time! It’s coming now!”  Rob is panicked, “What do I do?”, he says.  “Just move out of the way! I’ll have to lay down and you’ll have to deliver it… Oh, I can’t move! The baby is coming now!”  Mason wanders in the room excitedly, “The baby is coming?  I want to watch!”  I don’t have time to tell him to leave as he makes himself comfortable in one of the chairs.  “Oh, God!! Rob, get a blanket… it’s coming”, I say.

Rob runs to the nightstand to grab a blanket.  I had been packing my hospital bag the night before. I had a feeling it wouldn’t be much longer.  I reach down and grab the baby and and hold her up. “She’s beautiful”, I say.

I start to walk to the bed to lay her down and clean her up when I feel another familiar pain. “Oh! Rob!”, I cry.

“ROB!! There’s another baby!!”, I say quickly.  And just one minute after Macy Jo arrives, her little sister Manda Beth shows up.

“Um, Rob? You need to look at this.  Mason go tell your sisters that the babies are here and to start breakfast, Ok?”, I say quickly to get Mason out of the room.  I hold baby Manda Beth up for Rob to see.

She is a ghost! She inherited Moe’s condition.  I guess we don’t need DNA testing.  “Rob, what are we going to do?”, I cry.  “Do you think she is ok?”, I ask him. He takes the baby and looks at her closer. “She looks fine otherwise. All her fingers and toes are there.  And she acts hungry. I think she’s  ok, Merrilee.”, he says.

“We need to take her to the doctor to get her checked out, just to make sure.”, I say. He agrees and I throw on some clothes and bundle her up and take her to the hospital.  Rob thinks it’s fine to leave Macy Jo here. Other than needing a clean diaper and a bottle, she is fine.  He picks up Macy and tends to her needs as I hop in the car and race to the hospital.

Several hours later, I emerge from the hospital. They thoroughly examined Manda and she checks out fine. The doctors will keep an eye on her condition, but she is otherwise a perfect newborn. They aren’t sure if she will grow out of it or if it’s permanant. I ask about the “cure” I made for Moe. He says it may work, but we won’t be able to try it until she is a child and eating table foods. He says there have been a few cases like this in LP, and all the babies have grown up fine. They look different but everything else is fine.

I take Manda home and let Rob know the news.  “Ok, we can deal with this.  Once she’s a child we can discuss the cure and see if it works. Until then, we just do the best we can to give her a normal childhood.” He smiles at me, “Twins, again! I guess I’ll have to get another crib!”  Rob had been remodeling part of the house to create an extra bedroom.  The house only had 3 bedrooms when we moved in, he lost part of his garage and built on to the front part of the house to add a bedroom.  A good size room for 1 baby, it might be a tight squeeze for 2, but we can make it work.  Rob ran back out and picked up an extra crib, he assembled it in the baby’s room and also bought a new baby swing. “I thought with two babies, the swing may come in handy” I place little Manda in the swing and she seems to enjoy it.

Rob lays Macy in her crib and she quickly falls asleep.  “Wow, 7 kids Merrilee.  That enough for you?”, he asks with a smile.  “Maybe, let’s see if we survive these new babies and then we will discuss it!”, I say.

Things fall into an easy routine, Robin and Merri are busy with school and after school activities. The boys end up playing in the yard until dark and fall into bed at night exhausted. The new twins are pretty easy babies, Manda is a little more needy than Macy. She likes to either be held or lay in the swing, she doesn’t want to lay in her crib at all.

We weren’t going to tell anyone about Moe being the twin’s biological father, but with Manda it’s hard not to explain. Lauren was pretty distraught when she saw Manda and figured out what happened. It has to be strange for her, to have half siblings and a baby by the same man. We told the other girls the truth and they seem to be ok with everything, the boys are just too young to understand. They accept Manda the way she is and don’t really question it.  Lauren comes over often to see how things are going. I think it is hard for her, but she loves us and will love the babies too.


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