Chapter 48 Routine

The days go by quickly with two teenagers, two children and two newborns.  I haven’t been able to get back to work yet, which is fine with me.  The babies are a handful, but growing quickly. They will be toddlers before I know it.  Robin and Merri are preparing to graduate. They plan to move out on their own and get jobs. I can’t believe all of the triplets will all be grown up and out of the house soon.  It’s hard to remember that they are still triplets, with Lauren aging up so much earlier than the other two.  There is such a difference in them, I guess when you have been through something like Lauren has, it makes you grow up quicker.

We have a birthday/graduation party for Robin and Merri. Lauren and Lance come over and the girls invite several friends from school. The party is a huge success.

Robin ages up first and she looks great!  What an exciting time the teen years have been for her.

Merri is next and who knows what happens when you go through the aging process. Sometimes, it messes with your looks.  Merri’s hair suddenly is super short, not the best look. I promise the girls we will go to the spa in the morning and they can get full makeovers for their birthday presents. The girls have a blast at their makeovers and they both get new clothes and brand new looks.  Merri keeps her old hairstyle, but Robin changes hers up a bit.

The next day is Graduation day, what an exciting day. We all get dressed up and head to the court house.  I take pictures of the two girls on the steps and then the girls throw their diplomas in the air!  Congratulations Girls!! Robin gets Most likely to save the World award and Merri gets Most Popular in the class.  I’m so proud of our girls.

Robin, Merri and I head out to look for an apartment or a small house for the girls to share. Lucky Palms has several to pick from in their price range.  We find a perfect house near town and we pay the deposit on it.  We get supplies to paint and furnish the house so it will be ready for the girls to move in soon.  The house is on the pier and has great views from all windows. It needs some work, but we will help the girls get it ready before they move out.  

Soon after the girls get settled in their new home, the babies have their birthday.  My sweet little twins are now toddlers.  Manda Beth hasn’t grown out of her ghostly condition yet. I’m afraid it will be permanent.  Hopefully the cure will work for her when she gets to childhood.

The babies keep busy playing in their room, while the boys have a sleepover.

With all the attention all the girls have gotten in the past week, with birthdays and graduation. We let the boys invite some friends over for a sleepover.  They will be aging up to teens soon, so we thought it would be the perfect time to let them play with friends.  They play out in the treehouse until bedtime.

Then they crash in Robin’s and Merri’s old room. We had to have plenty of space for all the sleeping bags.

And me being the cool mom I am, I make cookies for breakfast before sending all the kids home.  Yea, I’m that mom!

The party was a huge success and I’m sure the kids will be talking about it for a long time.

That weekend we head to the Lucky Palms Festival.*(lot by a simmer named Dragon123561).  I rode the mechanical bull and I’m pretty good, if I do say so myself. I love the outfit they let you change into while you ride. They really give you the full cowgirl experience.

The boys played several rounds of skeeball and they each won enough tickets for a stuffed animal.

We ran into Lauren and Lance.  She looks so good, she got a new hairstyle and some new clothes too.  It good to see her looking so happy and well.  She loves her job and seems to have been able to put Moe in the past as best as possible.

Lance has grown into a handsome little man, I had to give him some Nana kisses. I don’t get to see him often enough, even though they live right next door.

So, for once life has settled into a normal, calm routine.  I’m due to head back to work tomorrow.  I hope I’m ready.  I’m not sure I’m ready to leave the babies, especially Manda. Rob has decided to be self employed as a fisherman. So, he can be home with the girls while I’m working and he can fish when I’m at home.


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