Chapter 49 Lauren

Lauren’s POV

I love my new house and the freedom I have. It’s a small house, but it has a nice yard and it sits right on the lake. We have beautiful views.

I’ve finally accepted what happened with Moe and I can say his name without crying. Therapy has helped so much. I still go to therapy once a week and feel like it is enough.  I’ve found the best job. I work at the Spa, doing reception work right now, but I’m working my way up. I’d like to move up to massage therapy. I found a teenage boy, Juan, to babysit while I work. Lance loves him, he just sits and plays and reads books with him the entire time.

I’ve been making lots of new friends and a couple of guys have actually asked me out, but I’m not sure I’m ready for that just yet. I want to focus on Lance and getting completely well.  I had a small set back when I discovered Mom had the twins and Moe was the father. I just can’t believe he could be so evil.  I saw only a small part of how evil he can be, he was out to trick and deceive me, so he put on a good front.  He made me fall in love with him and that made me feel even worse, after everything he has put my family through.

I’ve been doing some extra work lately too, just to bring in  money. A baby is expensive and I keep wanting to add things on to the house.  I got a call from a local dance club that has not been doing well lately.  Since we still have celebrity status, the club thought I could help bring in some crowds. It was really dead in there when I showed up, but several people came while I was dancing. It was easy money!

With the money, I bought Lance some toys and a little riding toy, he loves it and hates to get off. He’s so cute. He does have a stubborn streak though.

I’ve also been gardening some. It is relaxing and I love being able to grab a tomato or some lettuce from the garden for a salad.  My therapist says a lot of people use gardening to help them relax. It seems to be helping me, at least.

I keep running in to this guy, Chadwick, he seems to pop up everywhere I go. I’m starting to think he is doing it on purpose, he has asked me out and I’ve said no. He is being very persistent though. I finally give in and agree to go for coffee with him. He’s really a nice guy and really handsome.  He walks me home and asks if I’ll go on a real date with him that weekend.  Hesitantly, I agree.

Chadwick picks me up and we head to the Blooming Cactus Bistro for lunch. He says to just call him Chad. When he picks me up, I almost didn’t recognize him. He fixed his hair differently, I must say I like it.

After we eat, we sit on a bench and look out over the lake and talk.  We are having such a good time, I call my boss and tell them I can’t make it in to work today.  He puts his arm around me and pulls me close. It’s nice, just sitting and talking.

Then he leans in and kisses me.  We end up practically making out on the bench. It doesn’t help that the paparazzi are following us.

Must be a slow news day when they want to write about me on a date.  Chad takes me home and I agree to go out with him again tomorrow. He surprises me with flowers before he leaves, I’m not sure where he has been hiding them all day.   I fall asleep dreaming of him and how much life has changed.

The next day,  Chad takes me to Mick’s Karaoke club in town.  It seems really busy tonight.

We sing some karaoke for everyone, play some pool and take some fun pictures in the photo booth.  Feeling a little daring, I pull Chad into the booth and we have a little more private, (or not so private) fun.

I peek at the pictures and can’t help but be shocked!  I’ll have to rip those up, no one needs to see that.

We close the place up and Chad takes me home. I invite him in, Lance is sleeping already, I pay the babysitter and send him on the way.  I lead Chad upstairs into my bedroom and pull him onto the bed. I lean in and give him a long kiss.  Well, you know what happens next.

The next morning Chad is already up and making breakfast. I’m having a little regret that we jumped into this so fast.  Lance is still sleeping, so I tiptoe down the stairs to face Chad.

He just smiles and acts completely normal, not uncomfortable at all.  He puts a big plate of waffles on the table. I sit down and look up at him, he kisses my forehead and sits down next to me.

Just as we finish breakfast, I hear Lance waking up. Chad looks at me, “Should I go? I’m not sure how you feel about me meeting your son.”, he asks politely.  “I think it’s fine. You can stay if you want.”, I tell him. He looks excited as he says, “I’d love to meet your son!”  Oh lord, I think. I’m falling hard for this guy. He wants to meet my baby by another man, we’ve talked a lot and I told him the whole story. Partly, hoping he would freak out and take off running, and I wouldn’t have to deal with falling for another man and then partly to see if he’d stay.  Well, here goes nothing. I climb the stairs and see my little man standing up in  the crib. He sees me and raises his hands for me to pick him up.  I take him downstairs and put him in the high chair, while I’m fixing his breakfast he looks at Chad and says, “Dada!”  I grimace and turn to Chad”I’m so sorry! He’s not around many men, only my dad and his babysitter.  Juan is not really a man though, he’s only a teenager.”, I stammer. I’m so embarrassed.

“It’s ok! He’s only a baby, I’m fine with it. I’m not freaked out, if that is what you’re worried about.”, he laughs. Wow, I think.

Lance eats up his food as Chad cleans up the breakfast dishes.   “Do you want to spend the day together, or should I go? We could go to the park or take Lance for a walk.  “, he asks nervously.   I think about it for a while and then decide to pack a picnic lunch and we all go to the park down the street. It isn’t far, so we walk.  We spend the rest of the morning playing at the park.

Chad is really good with kids and Lance takes right to him. He keeps calling him Dada, even though I’ve corrected him several times.  As we walk home, Chad pushes Lance in the stroller.  He carries Lance in and puts him in the crib, since he fell asleep on the way home.

He walks downstairs and sits next to me on the couch. “I could get used to this.”, he grins.  We snuggle up on the couch and things heat up pretty quickly.  I sneak a glance at him and smile, “Let’s go upstairs”, I say shyly.  He grabs my hand and practically pulls me up the steps. I giggle as he tackles me on the bed.

Later that afternoon, we pick Lance up from nap and head outside.  Chad sits and reads books with Lance, he also works on teaching Lance to talk.  I spend some time painting, it’s been awhile since I’ve had time to do that.

We have the most perfect day ever.  At the end of the day, Chad looks at me, “I don’t want to leave. I probably should go though, it’s late and I’m sure you need to put Lance to bed.”, he says. I hold his hand and say,”Don’t leave then. Just stay here tonight. I don’t want you to go either.”.

Chad smiles at me and we put Lance to bed together and then head into my bedroom again.  We lay and talk for the longest time.  I don’t know that I’ve ever felt like this before. It’s so different from what I experienced with Moe.

We spend almost every moment together.  Chad starts staying with Lance while I go to work.  He hasn’t went home for more than a few minutes to pick up extra clothes in a week.  Lance has become really attached to Chad and wants to follow him everywhere he goes.  Chad has been helping out with my gardening and Lance followed him outside to watch. It’s really cute to see them interacting together.

He surprises me this evening by fixing dinner and asking my family to come over.  In front of me and everyone, he asks my Mother for my hand in marriage.

I almost collapse.  I’m not sure I’m ready for that, but I really do love him.  When he gets down on one knee and looks up at me, all I can say is YES!!!

We don’t wait for the wedding, Chad gives up his apartment and moves in that evening.

Life has changed so much for me the past several months. I’m so happy with the way things are turning out.  Hopefully, this will be my Happily ever after!


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