Chapter 52 Moe

Moe’s POV

I’m trying to sleep and the stupid phone keeps ringing.  I jump out of bed, “WHAT?”, I say into the phone.

“Um, Mr. Pesce… It’s Cole, I’ve been contacted by the subjects. I thought you’d like to know.”, Judge Cole says quickly. I’m suddenly awake and very interested in what he is saying, “Yes, and how did they respond?”, I ask.  “Um, well. They weren’t happy at all. The woman cried quiet a bit and the man looked like he wanted to beat me senseless”, Cole says.  Stupid man, I think.  “I hope you didn’t blow it.  Is it all set then? Are they taking the kids to be tested?”, I ask. “Well, umm, No, I don’t think so. He was pretty adamant about how he wouldn’t subject his kids to you.”, he stammers.

“We’ll just see about that!”, I slam the phone down and pace around the room.  Those kids are mine, I will have them. I grab the paper from the front stoop and scan through it.  I don’t know why they are surprised, they have been looking for me.  If she thinks I’m just signing my rights away to my son, she is crazy.  I throw the paper down and continue to pace.  Merrilee’s children are probably mine too. I’ve seen them playing on the playground at school. They even look like me.  I  heard rumors one of them was a ghost, but the kids on the playground were both normal.  She probably used the cure, that I taught her, to change the kid back.  I’m going crazy sitting here doing nothing. I need to get out. I change clothes and quickly take off walking.  I’ve lost almost all my money in the casino in town, I had to sell my car. I’m stuck either walking or riding the bike. I’ll just walk. Time for my walk around the neighborhood to check on my friends.  I laugh as I start out down the road, I’ve been here for weeks and they never even noticed.  They are so naive.

As I get closer to Lauren’s house, I slip behind the house on the other side of the road. I see Lauren through the window, she sure looks better than she used to.  Her hair is longer and straight, so pretty.  Her stupid husband walks up behind her and puts his arms around her and kisses her.  She was mine first, she will always be mine.  I rub my face and look back again.

The man, picks up my son and takes him into the back yard.  I sneak around the corner to hide behind some trees.  I need to get closer.  I see him put my son on a bouncer toy, he looks just like me.  I have to get my son, this man doesn’t need to be raising him.  My head jerks back to my son as I hear him say, “Dada, more”.  He calls that man, daddy?….   I have to get out of here.

I sneak back across the road and continue on to check on Merrilee.  She’s out working on the garden.  God, she’s beautiful. Much better than her daughter.  I watch her for a long time, bending over and weeding plants and harvesting her fruits. I’ve been watching her during her afternoon run also.  She really works to stay in shape. I’m startled by a car with the music blaring, it pulls into Merrilee’s driveway. Two teenage boys pile out of the car, they laugh and joke with each other as they walk toward the front door. They see Merrilee and change direction toward her.  She stands up and hugs each boy.  They talk for a few minutes and then they all go into the house.

A little while later, a school bus pulls up and Merrilee walks out the front door. Two little girls hop off the bus and run to her, they laugh as she grabs them both into a big hug.  The one with braids, turns around and looks in my direction.  It’s like she knew I was here, they have to be my daughters. I just know it.

I watch them walk into the house and close the door.  I head back to my house. I need to figure out how to get my kids. Once home, I turn on the computer and sit down.  I start researching different towns, if I can’t get the kids legally, I’ll get them one way or another. I’ll just grab them and we will move far away from here and no one will find us.

It will be harder with the girls, since they are older, but it can defintely work with the boy.  I need to get some money though.  I head toward the park in town, the wishing well there seems like a good place to start. People constantly throw money in that thing.

I look around and make sure no one is watching and plunge my hand into the cold water.  I pull my hand out and nothing. I keep trying and finally pull something out that looks helpful, a lucky coin.  I try a few more times and get a little money, but not enough. I head to the casino and try the lucky coin. I love the feel of the casino.

I walk to the slots and put my coin in.  I close my eyes and pull the handle…. JACKPOT!! Oh yes!  I have the urge to keep gambling, but I need to take the money I’ve won and hold on to it.

I stop by the car lot on the way home and pick up a cheap, old car. The cheapest I can find. I’ll need to dump it when I make my get away. I may need to leave town quickly. A plan is coming together in my head, as I drive my new, old car home, I try to get all the details straight. I’ll need to change my looks some so people won’t recognize me.  I stop in the salon on the way and have them give me a new hairstyle. I’ll also let my beard grow out.  I pick up some new clothes also.

These should help, no one will recognize me once my beard comes in.  I also picked up a few new tattoos. That will throw people off too. I jump into my car and drive home.

No one will recognize me looking like this! Heck, I barely recognize myself.

I get excited as I walk into my house.  I get back on the computer and narrow the town down to two different ones.  Hmmm, where should we go?  I pick the one that looks the warmest and do some research on it.  I search the personal ads and the real estate section.  I find a decent house, I hate to buy anything without seeing it, look what I got last time, this dump.  I can always get something nicer once I get there and find a job and most defintely a wife.  I call the real estate agent and make plans to wire the deposit in the morning.

I get on the dating website, you have to love the dating chat rooms.  I chat with several women, none seem very interesting and the pics they posted are not what I’m looking for.

Oh, look at this one that just signed on, Lonelygirl 18, that sounds promising. I send her a message, and she responds quickly.  She seems lonely and from the sounds of it from an abusive home. She says she really wants to leave home but has no money.  I ask her to send me a picture and she seems cute. A little thin and pale for my taste, but she can be improved easily.  We chat until dawn and then I promise her that I’ll call her later today.

Summer and I quickly form a bond, she is a needy little thing and is always online or calling me. Just what I want, someone who needs me.  I tell her that soon, I’ll be moving to town and then I’ll take her away from her abusive father and mother.  She can move in with me.  She will be a big help.  I laugh at my plan, it’s perfect. Now just to wait for the perfect time. I call Cole, “I want you to keep sending the Land’s the DNA request forms. I want to know if those girls are mine. I want visitation if they are.  You have my cell number, you will call me as soon as they bring the girls in.”, I say.  “Mr. Pesce, it’s difficult. I can’t force them just yet.  I’ll send another letter. They have had an attorney contact me and he sounds pretty serious. I’m not sure what to do.”, he whines.   “Just fix it! Or I’ll fix you and your family instead!” I slam the phone down. I pack up most of my stuff and leave it by the door. I just need to wait for the right time and I’ll be ready to leave in a hurry.

The next day I head over to Lauren’s to put my plan in motion.  Let’s just see what they are up to today.  That man is always there.  He never leaves Lauren and my son alone.   I sneak just outside their backyard. It’s just after lunch and I see them all in the kitchen.  Lauren is wiping off my son’s face, she picks him up and takes him upstairs.

She comes back quickly and helps that man clean up the kitchen.  He pulls her into his arms as she finishes wiping off the counter, and kisses her.

He then pulls her up the stairs and they run up together laughing.  This looks like the opportunity I’ve been waiting for.  I put my hand on the door knob, it’s locked.  Luckily I brought along a little tool to pop open locked doors.

Within a few seconds, the door lock opens and I push the door slowly open.  I quickly close the door and listen.  I don’t hear anything, I slowly climb the stairs. I see my son laying in a crib in the hallway. I can hear giggling and talking coming from the closed door. I assume it’s Lauren’s bedroom. I creep over to the crib and see my son sleeping peacefully.

I reach into the crib and carefully pick him up. He barely stirs, he must really be sleepy.  I grab his blanket and stuffed animal from the crib and quickly walk down the stairs, I see a diaper bag hanging from the back of a kitchen chair and grab it too. I close the back door and take off running.

The baby starts to wake up and cry, luckily we are far from the house now and no one can hear him.  I run all the way back to my house.  My son is really crying now, I pat him to try to get him to stop, “Mama, Mama”, he crys. I sit him on the floor and open the refrigerator. I pull the jug of milk out and pour it into a bottle I found in the diaper bag.  I see some formula in the bag, but don’t have any idea how to fix it. Milk will have to do for now.  I thrust the bottle toward the kid and he grabs it and sucks it down. “Guess you like milk, kid.. That’s good”, I say to him.  I start throwing the rest of my clothes in a bag and throw them in the back of the car.  I grab the kid and lay him in the back of the car on the floor, I hand him the stuffed animal and cover him with the blanket. Luckily, he falls asleep pretty quick.  We get to the airport in record time, I pack everything up, grab my son and head to the terminal. I purchase my ticket and we are on the plane within minutes.  Luck is on my side this time.  That stupid whore, probably hasn’t even noticed her kid is missing.  Ha, I’d like to see the look on her face when she sees the crib is empty!


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