Chapter 53 Max, Toby, and Summer

This kid has cried the whole way here on the plane. I thought they were going to throw us off mid flight. Thank goodness we have landed and he’s finally shut up. I hail a cab and give him the address, he looks at me and the kid and then takes off. I’m sure we look great. I’m wore out and almost ready to dump the kid somewhere and be done with him.  It will be easier, once I contact Summer, she can come take care of him.  I need to come up with a name for him.  Toby sounds good, it’s easy to remember. I told Summer that my name was Max, so I need to get used to being called that.  We pull up in front of the house and surprisingly it’s pretty nice. Of course on this island, I’m sure all the houses are nice.  It’s small, but clean and freshly painted. The good thing is that it’s fully furnished.

I pack all the bags and the kid,er Toby in the house.  “Here ya go, Toby.  Here’s your new home.”, I say to him. I sit him on the floor and he immediately starts crying. “Dada? Mama?”, he asks. “I’m your Dada now, Toby.”, I say to him. I try not to yell, but god, who knew kids were so irritating.

I pull out my phone and dial Summer’s number, “I’m here baby doll!  Here’s my address, come on over now.”, I say sweetly to her.  “Oh, wow! That was fast, Max. Let me pack some stuff and I’ll be there soon”, she says.

Stupid girl, she hasn’t even met me and she’s ready to move in, her place must be pretty bad.  I start putting stuff up, what little there is. I’ll have to get some groceries, I should have told her to pick some up on the way. I call Summer back, “Um, yea. I forgot to tell you. I have a kid too, so stop and get some food and milk.. he’s actually a baby. So pick up something a baby can eat. Please.”, I add.  “Oh, a baby?  That’s so cool! I’ll be a Mom, yay!  Ok, I have a little cash. I’ll get what I can. I can always go back out if you need something else.”, she says.  This is perfect, my own little servant.  Haha!

I want to make a good impression on Summer so I make sure to shower and clean up some.  I pick some flowers and put them in a vase on the table. Chicks love flowers.  I clean Toby up and change his diaper.  Shoot, only 2 more clean ones. Oh well, Summer can pick more up later.  I hand him his bear, he sits on the floor and plays. He looks up every now and then with a hopeful look in his eye, like he thought his mom would be here. He will forget her soon.

I sit on the porch and wait for Summer. It’s taking long enough, I’m about to get mad when I see a cab pull up.  She hands the driver some cash and pulls the bags from the backseat.  “Hi, Max!”, she says shyly.  I walk to her and take the bags, “Let me  put these up.”, I say.

She stands on the porch and looks around.  I run in and throw the bags in the kitchen and run back to the porch.  I hold her hand, “Hi”, I give her my best smile.  She buys it hook, line and sinker.

I pull her close and say, “I feel like I’ve known you forever.”, I lean in and kiss her. She doesn’t resist, she leans in too. She’s pretty easy to convince.

I bring her bags in and show her the house.  She leans over Toby and says,”Oh, he’s the cutest little thing. He looks just like his daddy!”  We sit and talk a while and then I tell her to get Toby ready for bed, because he has started getting fussy again.  She picks him up and changes his diaper. “It’s okay, little guy. We’re gonna be good friends!”, she says as she gets him ready. “Do you have any Pajamas for him?”, she asks.  “No,  Umm,  the airport lost our bag with his clothes in it.  Maybe you can go shopping tomorrow.”, I respond.

“UM, Max… where is his crib?”, she asks.  Crap, I forgot a crib.  “Well, I couldn’t get it delivered today.  they are bringing it tomorrow. He can sleep on the floor, just throw  a blanket down. He don’t mind.”, I say. She rocks him in the chair and he quickly falls asleep.  She lays him on the blanket, brushes his hair back from his face and kisses his forehead.

This is going to work out great, I think. “I’ve made a list of more things we will need if you can pick those up tomorrow.  I’ve put some cash on the table to help out.  Do you still have your job at the restaurant?”, I ask.  “Yes, I just got promoted!”, she says proudly. “I’ll need you to quit your job, sweetheart.  You’ll need to stay with Toby while I look for a job. I’m sure I can make more than your making there. OK?”, I say to her.  She looks a little disappointed but agrees to call them in the morning. “Now, come here baby.”, I say. I pull her to me and lead her to the bedroom. I kiss her and lay her on the bed.  It’s been too long and I can’t wait any longer.  She doesn’t seem to mind anyway.

The next morning, I wake up late.  I smell breakfast being cooked.  Summer is already up and cooking, she also is taking care of Toby.  I lay in bed and enjoy the moment of silence. I could get used to this.  I scratch my belly and walk in to the kitchen.

Summer is smiling and places a plate of waffles on the table. They are a little burned, but I don’t say anything.  It better not happen again though.  She has put Toby in the highchair to have breakfast.

“Toby’s out of diapers.  Do you want me to go get some more?”, she asks. “Yes, along with the list of stuff I made, remember?”, I say.  “I called and quit my job too, they said if I wanted to come back to just let them know. They really like me there.”, she says.  “You won’t be going back, don’t worry about that.”, I say.  She looks sad for a minute but,  I pull her close to me and look into her eyes and I say, “Because I need you here so much, baby doll. I couldn’t do this without  you.”

She smiles, grabs the list and the money.  “I’ll be right back!”, she says brightly. God, girls are so simple.  Whisper a few sweet words and they fall for it everytime. I’m left alone with the kid.  Thank goodness, he’s being good for once.  He is still playing on the blanket Summer put down last night.

As soon as Summer walks in from the store, I run out the door. “I have to get to work. I’ll be home late, so don’t wait up for me.”, I say quickly. I don’t want to be late on my first day.

The days go by quickly.  Summer starts making the house feel warm and homey. She’s added lots of little things to make it really nice. I have to say this is the nicest house I’ve lived in for a long time.

I love working at the hospital.  I’ve always wanted to be a doctor, but Rob and Merrilee had to ruin my plans for that, so I’m starting over. I’m fitting in here nicely, no one suspects anything. This island is rather secluded from everything else, so the people are honest and genuine. They think everyone is like that. I have no trouble convincing everyone that Toby’s mom passed away in a car accident and we moved here to start a new life.  Toby is finally settling in too, he finally has stopped crying most of the time.  He has really taken to Summer, I think because she is so nice to him. She takes him every where she goes, on all of her errands.

She takes him for a walk every day and has also been working with him on potty training.

I work as much as I can and then spend alot of time at the gym, I can’t take all the crying. He still crys alot when I’m around.  Summer and I are getting along really well, she does everything I tell her to do and doesn’t complain much at all.  As long as she keeps that up, things will be fine. I think she’s just thankful to get away from her family.

Even though I keep late hours and stay out as long as I can, Summer is always ready and waiting for me when I come home.  If I were a better man, she would be the perfect woman.  Too bad that I have been ruined by that stupid Merrilee.

I come home from work in the evening and find Summer playing in the yard with Toby.  She looks up and smiles, “Daddy’s home!” Toby looks up and sees me and starts crying.  I go over and pick the kid up and take him inside.

“Oh, baby. I don’t know why he crys so much with you. He’s perfect for me, Max”, she says.  “Just take him.”, I say. “It’s time for nap, sweet baby boy!”, she takes him and puts him in the crib I found at the consignment shop. Summer has picked up some toys and decorations for Toby’s room. I wouldn’t have spent the money, but she has sold some of her own things at the consignment store and has used her money for it.

After work one day, I walk into the house and Summer looks at me with a smile and says, “I have some news for you!”.  I cringe, “Ok, what is it?”, I ask.  “I’m pregnant!”, she yells.  Oh no, I think.  I don’t want another kid.  “What? We’ve been careful. What are you talking about?”, I yell.  “Well, it must have been that first time. We weren’t careful that time.”, she says shyly.  “I thought you’d be happy.”, she says, her smile fading.  Oh lord… “Yes, I’m just surprised is all. Of course, I’m happy, but can you handle 2 kids?”, I ask trying to cover my tracks. I reach down to feel her belly.

“Oh yes, I helped raise my brothers and sisters. I know all about kids and babies. Um, well.. since I’m gonna have a baby. Do you think we should get married?”, she asks quietly.  “Oh, well sure. I guess so, that makes sense.”, I’m gonna need some paperwork drawn up with my new name on it.  I’ll have to call Judge Cole again. I think to myself,  I hate to give away my address, maybe he can email me the papers. She smiles, but looks a little sad.

I stop by the jewelry store in the morning before work. I pick a small, probably the smallest engagement ring I could find.  When I finish working that evening I go straight home and surprise Summer.  I feel guilty for taking such advantage of her, I smile at Summer and get down on one knee, “Summer baby, will you marry me?”, I ask.

“Oh, yes, yes yes! Max!! Yay!”, she hugs me and we head back to the bedroom.  At least this one can clean, cook, and do this right.

A little later, I sneak into the kitchen and pull my phone out. “Cole, I need some help.  I need some papers drawn up with some new names on them. They need to say Max Gray and Toby Gray.”, I tell him. “I don’t have time to explain.  You need to send them to my email. It’s fine. Don’t worry. No, I didn’t have anything to do with her baby being kidnapped. She should be watching him better. Don’t forget what I told you will happen if you don’t do what I want. Everyone will find out what kind of man you really are and your family and your career will be destroyed.”

I hang up the phone. Cole will send the papers I need, It’s good I found him in his awkward situation when I did. The pictures showing him with an underaged girl in the photobooth would destroy both is career and his family. He won’t betray me.

Summer is in full wedding planning mode. I’ve told her we have to keep it small.  We don’t have money to blow on a wedding. She found a dress at the consignment shop and called the courthouse to arrange everything.  I finally got the papers emailed to me. I printed them off and gave them to Summer.  She got the wedding license and planned the wedding for the weekend.  I asked off for the day, even though I didn’t  really want to miss work, she insisted. We have a quiet ceremony at the spa in town.

She didn’t want to invite her family, so it was just the three of us.  We go to the spa and enjoy a relaxing day. We say our vows in front of the flower arch and take some pictures. I have to say, Summer looked pretty.

Of course, Toby has to start crying right after the ceremony.  “I should have just left him at home!”, I yell.

Summer holds him close and whispers in his ear and he stops crying.  “Really Max, he just needs a diaper change.  You’d cry too if you had to wait for someone to do stuff for you.”, Summer says. She is good with the kid and can usually make him be good, but she better watch her mouth. I won’t have her talking to me like that. I give her a mean look, but she isn’t paying attention to me.

Summer and I each give each other a massage and have some fun in the sauna, Toby sits nearby but doesn’t pay any attention.  I hope Summer doesn’t get spoiled by all this attention, tomorrow it’s back to normal.  I have to work hard to make my promotion soon.

Time passes quickly, I work alot and have managed to make my way up to Gene Therapist, only a little longer and I’ll be chief of medicine.  Toby has a birthday. Summer, of course, had to make a big deal about it.  She made a cake and bought some balloons.

I refused to play along though, the kid don’t like me and I really don’t like him much either.  The only upside is maybe the crying will stop once he becomes a child. I sit on the couch and pretend not to notice.

Summer is getting big as a house and has been getting tired easy.  I’ve had to ask her several times to do simple things, like fix my dinner or shut the kid up.  She better have this baby soon, my patience is wearing thin.

When I got home from work this evening, my dinner wasn’t fixed and she was sitting on the couch reading a book to the kid.  “Where is my dinner?”, I yell.

Summer jumps up and tells the kid to go play, she runs into the kitchen, “I’m sorry Max. I didn’t realize it was so late, I’ll have something ready soon. Just have a seat, babe and I’ll get to work on it.”, she says.  I grab her arm and squeeze it hard, “You better fix me something good, no more grilled cheese. You need to figure something better out.  I’m tired of eating crap!”, I yell.

I push her away from me and she nods her head, “I’ll make something, Max. I’m sorry!”  I sit on the couch and watch some television while Summer is in the kitchen banging pots and pans. She better be fixing something good, I think to myself.  I hear Toby  playing and yelling,”Shut up, you stupid kid. I’m trying to watch TV!”, I yell at him.

He’s still being loud so I get up and walk over to him, “If you don’t shut up, I’m going to let you have it!”, I yell.  Summer comes over to me and starts rubbing my back, “Honey, your so tense.  Come on, let’s go lay down for awhile.”, she says.

I know she’s only distracting me from the kid, but who cares.  I pull her around and kiss her hard. She then leads me to the bedroom and finishes distracting me.

I’m falling asleep afterward and feel Summer get out of bed.  I continue to lay there and relax.  She knocks on the bedroom door after a little bit, “Babe, your dinner is ready.”, she says quietly.  By the time I get in there, the kid has finished eating and is getting ready for bed. She spends all her time with that kid, I think she loves him more than me.

The next morning, I get up and Summer has already made my breakfast. She’s watching the news and I notice they are talking about a missing baby and Lucky Palms.

Crap, I think.  I switch the TV off, “You don’t need to be sitting around on your butt, get up and clean this house.  It’s a mess.  You’ve gotten lazy here recently, You better straighten up or you will be sorry.”, I yell at her. I quickly eat my breakfast and head to work.  I hope she didn’t recognize the kid in the picture, that could be trouble.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 53 Max, Toby, and Summer

  1. Max is such a douche (my kids’ favorite word), he wanted the kid, yet he treats his son like dirt. I really hope this bite him in the rear end.

    • Yea, he really is! He’s incapable of love, I think. He’s a bad egg! I think if anyone could turn him around, Summer could. She’s such a genuinely nice person.

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