Chapter 59 He’s Back!

Moe’s POV

I’m sitting in jail. I’ve been caught good this time. I never thought Summer would turn me in.  I deserve it, that’s for sure. I’ve had a lot of time to think, sitting in here and see all the things I’ve done wrong. Sometimes I know the things I’m doing are wrong, but still can’t help myself. I still end up doing it.

They have me seeing a psychiatrist. I see him several times a week and I guess it helps.  Summer has been on my mind a lot.  The things I did to her drive me crazy. She was innocent in all this, she never deserved to be tricked that way.  I wrote her a letter telling her I was sorry. The psych. doc mailed it for me. He wouldn’t give me the address and he read it before sending it. He didn’t want me to send any violent messages.  I’m still waiting for a response, she probably won’t ever write me back and that drives me crazy.  I’ve been given several diagnosis’ while in here.  Antisocial personality disorder, narcasistic disorder, sociopath, to name a few.  They all mean that I think only of myself and not of others regardless of the outcome. I guess that fits.

I sit in the psych office and wait for him to come in.  It’s time for another session.

Dr. White walks in. “So, Moe have  you thought about what we talked about in our last session?”, he asks.  I resist the urge to roll my eyes and tell him to mind his own business. I know the best way out of here is to play along with the games and agree that I have a problem.  I say all the right things and Dr White insists we’ve had a good session, whatever that means.

He lets the guard lead me back to my cell.  I lay back on the cot and plan my next move.  I can’t stay locked up here for years.  10 years is what the judge has given me.  That’s not going to happen, I’ll do whatever I can to get out of here.  I can’t deal with being locked up.

Finally, months after sending Summer that letter, she writes me back.  She sent me a picture of my son. Somehow, I knew it was a boy. I have 2 boys and 2 girls.  This gives me the incentive I need to get out of here. I’ve been wasting away in this place and have finally figured out what to do.  I think if I just try hard enough, Summer will take me back.  I’ve been in contact with a guard on the inside who is eager to make some extra money.

He can get a special formula that will transform me into a vampire. Once I drink it, I’ll be sick for a day or two.  The guards will move me to the infirmary and from there I can make my escape.  I’ll be super strong and be able to overpower the staff and the guards. Then I can make my way back to Lucky Palms and finally get my revenge on the whole Land family and convince Summer to come along with me.  I’ll have to only travel at night, I’ll be supersensitive to the sunlight, but that is the worst problem.  The next chance I get, I notify the guard that I’m interested in the exchange.  The vampire elixir and boat for 100,000 simoleons, I should have no trouble meeting those demands.

I finally get my hands on the elixir. He passes it out with the mail and no one ever even notices.  I drink the liquid down, it really does taste terrible and almost immediatly I feel sick.  I start to vomit and lay on the cot.

I call for the guards and one of them comes in to check me out.  They order a transfer to the infirmary, just like I planned. I lose track of time, I really am very sick. I have so much pain and feel so sick, this better work.

Then one morning, I’m not sure how many days have passed, I wake up feeling very good.  I feel like I could run 100 miles and not be tired. I have to still act sick though, I call for one of the nurses, “Please, I need some water. Can you help me?” An older woman walks over and hands me a glass of water.

I barely raise my hand toward her and she falls to the ground.  Wow, I didn’t mean to hit her that hard.

I sit up and run to the doorway, I smash the glass and open the door.  An alarm sounds from somewhere, but I barely pay any attention as I run as fast as I can down the hallways and toward the barred doors.  I notice that I can run really fast.  The bars melt like butter as I run right through them.

I keep running for what has to be an hour and I’m not even out of breathe. I run all the way to the harbor and take my pick of the boats in the marina.  I jump in and hotwire the boat and take off away from Sunlit Tides.  It will take longer by boat, but I can’t risk waiting on an airplane.  I hear someone talking below deck, I guess I have a stowaway.  I quickly walk down the steps and come face to face with a large man, “Who are you and how did you get in this boat?”, the man asks me.

I don’t even speak as I lunge at him.  He’s so stunned after we fight that he just stands there unable to say anything else. Might as well have my first vampire lunch while I’m at it. I grab his arm and sink my teeth into his skin. “Ahhh, that’s good stuff”, I say as he passes out. “Who knew blood could taste that good?”, I laugh to myself, “Wish I would have known about this elixir earlier, I’ve been missing out on all kinds of fun!”

Several days later, I finally see land, Lucky Palms.  I should have keep my stowaway, I’m really hungry again. I need to ditch the boat and find my next victim.  I jump from the boat and let it float back out to sea.  I run to the closest park and scope out my next dinner.  I see several teenagers, but they don’t appeal to me.  I finally see an adult and begin the hunt.  I can move so fast that the person doesn’t even suspect anything until it’s too late.  I run up to her and look into her eyes, she looks scared. She can see my red, glowing eyes and she knows something is wrong.  I bring my hand up and stroke her face, I grab her arm and pull her to me. I sink my teeth into the delicate skin on her wrist and feel her struggle beneath my hands.  Slowly, she stops fighting and becomes limp. I wipe my mouth and let her fall to the ground.  “Hmm, I’m still hungry”, I say. So, I continue my hunt.

The sun is beginning to rise in the sky and I know I have to find somewhere to hide. I run to the graveyard and find a small enclosed tomb, it has stairs that lead down so I follow them down to see where they go.  There is a  seemingly unused cavern of tombs and rooms.  There are some gravestones here and there, but plenty of rooms that seem empty. I can convert a couple of these rooms to be my hideout. I’ll need somewhere to stay during the day and at night when I’m planning my revenge.  I don’t want to move too fast, I need to make sure everything is perfect before doing anything.

Over the next several weeks, I begin to transform the tombs.  I’m able to steal or take anything I need. I can move so fast, I can be in and out of a place before anyone even realizes it.  So far, no one has even entered the tombs.  Even if they did, I could easily take care of them and make them my dinner.  I work to transform a couple of the tombs into cells.  I may need to hold someone hostage again.

Finally, I feel like I’m ready to make my move.  The rooms are ready and I’ve waited long enough.   I wait for dark and run into town, it takes several hours, but I finally find the house that Summer has moved in to.  I run silently to the window and peer in. The little tramp sure moves fast, I think to myself. I see my son playing on the floor and she is rocking another baby.

I wonder who that little brat belongs too? I don’t see anyone else in the house. I use my new found powers to make Summer think about me.  I can see her face cloud up for a moment and a tear run down her face.  Another one of the perks of being a vampire, I can read people’s minds and also make them remember certain things.  I see the memory of the man who is the father of that new kid, that certainly puts a kink in my plans.  I didn’t know there were any of his kind around here.  I don’t see anything in her memory that shows that she knows about him.  Most people don’t think things like vampires are real, but we are not the only kind of monsters out there. It looks like Summer has found one and doesn’t even realize it.  I pull myself away from the window and run to Lauren’s house.  I scope out Lauren and then Merrilee’s houses.  I will keep watch on them for a few days and then make my move.


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