Chapter 60 Life of a Vampire

I decide to have a little fun.  I haven’t had any fun with one of the triplet girls. Merri, I kidnapped her when she was little.  Lauren, well, that was fun.  Tricking her like I did, that was the best fun I’ve had in a while.  Now, the other one… what’s her name?  Robyn? I think.  I’ve been watching her along with all the others recently.  She has recently shacked up with a man, not sure if they got married or not.  Anyway, I think it’s only fair to pay a little attention to her.  I’ve discovered that she works as a Private investigator so she is constantly outside spying on people and stuff and she works odd hours.  I follow her one evening to the park where she seems to be working.  I sneak up behind her and grab her.

I put my hand over her mouth so she can’t scream.  I pull her behind some trees where it is more secluded.  I turn her around and see the fear in her eyes.  She recognizes me instantly. She starts to cry, “What are you doing back here?  Get your hands off me, you lousy scum!” I laugh as I watch her struggle.  As feisty as she is, she is no match for me. I lean my face closer to hers and force some memories to her. I think about her mom and how terrified she was that last time I kidnapped her.  She struggles to get away from me, so I slap her across the face.   Robyn starts to cry as I sink my teeth into her neck.  I feel her go limp.  I leave her lying on the ground barely alive.

This is a warning, they will know it was me and know that I’m back.

I rush to Summer’s house. She is alone again, I don’t see the man anywhere. She is lying in bed, almost asleep.  I quietly break into the house, I watch her sleep.

She stirs some and I quickly pull her from the bed and bite her on the neck.  I take only enough to make her very weak.  I pull away from her and she looks at me with a confused look on her face.

“Get up, Summer. You are going with me.”, I tell her.  She cries as she tries to stand.  “I can’t leave my babies. Please, just leave me alone.”, she says.  “Go get the kid, you can take them with you. I’ll get my son.”, I say to her harshly.  “No, please.  Just leave them here, someone will find them in the morning. The sitter will be here at 8:00. I’ll go with you, just leave the babies here. Please. “, she cries. “Go get the little one, I’ll get my son.”, I say again.  She’s so weak, she can barely stand, but she will make it.

I walk into the nursery and pick up my son.  He has blond hair like Summer, but otherwise looks like me.  I grab his diaper bag and walk back to Summer, she is throwing some diapers and clothes in a bag and picks up the baby.  “Where are your keys?”, I ask.  She points to her purse.  I grab the keys and tell her to follow me.  We pile into her car and take off.  I’ll get them locked up and then ditch the car somewhere far away.  Summer cries the entire way in the car, “Shut up!”, I yell.  She hugs the baby to her and tries to be quiet.  I grab the boy and Summer’s arm and pull her down the stairs into the tomb.  “You can’t keep us here. You can’t do this!”, she yells.  I throw her in the cell and slam the door. I keep holding my son and look at him.  He doesn’t cry and looks at me with curiosity.  Summer keeps yelling in the background.

I sit the boy on the floor and walk into the cell with Summer. I grab her arm, “Stop yelling right now. You are going to scare my son. What’s his name anyway?”, I say quietly to her.  “His name is Matthew and he is MY son. Bring him to me!”, she yells.  “Lay the baby down now or you are going to drop it.”, I say. “What are you talking about?  No. There’s no crib or anything in here.”, she says. I grab the baby from her and lay it on the bed. Summer tries to hit me, but of course I’m too strong.  I slap her and quickly bite her neck again.

If she won’t be quiet, I’ll make her so weak she can’t yell anymore.  I feel her grow limp and let her fall to the ground.  I walk back out of the cell and close the door.  I see my son, Matthew walking around.  I walk to him and pick him up, I find a toy in the bag and hand it to him.  He laughs and says, “Tank you”. My son can talk. He is so smart.

Maybe I’ve finally got a son that doesn’t hate me. After playing with Matthew for a little while, I notice he’s getting sleepy.  I lay him on the couch and cover him with a blanket. I walk back to the cell and check on Summer, she is sitting in a chair holding the baby.  “She’s hungry.  I need a bottle and some milk.  There should be some in the diaper bag, but it’s out there. Will you bring it to me please?”, she asks.  I  get the bag and toss it in to her. “Let me know what else you need.  I’ll get it for you.”, I say.  ” A crib, some blankets, and I’d like some food too.”, she says smartly.  Demanding little thing.  I pick Matthew up and carry him to the cell and lay him on the bed, “I’ll be back shortly.”, I say.

I run out and get food, and all the things Summer says she needs.  I grab everything I think she may need, even a few things for my son.  Some toys and things to help keep him occupied.  I get lots of food, even though I don’t eat, Summer may be having some company pretty soon.

I take all the things in and set them up. That should make things a little easier for Summer.  She puts the baby in the crib and sets up a small area for Matthew to play.  “Moe, will you please just let us out of here. I promise I won’t tell anyone what’s happened tonight. No one has to know, but the sitter will be at the house soon. Once she gets there and finds us gone, she will know something is wrong. She will call the police. Please, just let us go.”, she begs.

I open the cell and pull her out.  I close the cell door back, I hear it lock and force memories on her.  I make her remember all the good times we had and all the times we were together. I pull her close and try to kiss her, she struggles against me.

I keep kissing her and making her remember, eventually she gives in and kisses me back. I pick her up and throw her on the bed, she looks scared, but I don’t care.  She tries to get up and I push her back down.

Each time I kiss her, I force more memories into her head.  I can see the confusion on her face, she isn’t sure where the memories are coming from, but it is working.  Finally she gives in completely.

I fall asleep afterward, I should worry that she will run away, but I know she won’t leave her children. They are locked securely in the cell and without them she won’t go anywhere.  I wake up after several hours and find Summer gone from my bed.  I walk quickly into the other room and find her standing by the cell door talking to Matthew.  It looks like he has been crying and she is trying to console him through the bars.

I pull her arm up and open the door.  She stumbles into the cell and quickly picks him up. I lock the cell door and walk away. I have things to get ready.  “Moe, wait! Matthew and I need some food…. Please!”, she says quickly before I run up the stairs.  I stop and walk back to the refrigerator and pull out some fruit and vegetables.  “You can make a salad with this.  I’ll be back soon.”, I say smoothly.  I hand her the food through the bars and then caress her face.  She recoils at my touch and doesn’t say anything else.

I run to Merrilee’s house.  Several people are there, they must have found Lauren and probably all scared and wondering what to do! I laugh to myself, I wonder if they realize Summer is missing yet? I scope out the house for the rest of the day and just wait for my opportunity.  Finally, it comes. I see Merrilee walking outside, she is crying and looks as if she just wants some space from all the people in the house. I run noiselessly closer to her. I read her mind, they know about Summer missing. The police are searching for her and the children. Lauren is recovering ok, she lost a lot of blood, (obviously, haha) but they expect her to make a full recovery.  I force some memories to Merrilee, she doesn’t have very fond memories of me except in the beginning when we first met. I hear her gasp and know that she is remembering.

She looks around and walks further out into the yard. I’m sure she thinks she is safe considering all the people in the house and still being in her own yard, but she doesn’t know what she is dealing with.  I quickly run behind her and grab her from behind.  I sink my teeth into her neck and feel her struggle, just like all the others.  She becomes weak and I pick her up and take off running. No one heard a thing.

She starts to come around as I get closer to the graveyard. I run down the stairs and lay her in a cell next to Summer’s.  I hear Summer start crying, “Oh god! Merrilee, are you ok? Merrilee, can you hear me? Moe, what have you done?” Summer holds onto Matthew and cries. I lock the cell door and leave the tomb.

I run back to Merrilee’s house. I can’t miss all the action.  I see police cars and people running around the house yelling and calling for Merrilee.  Rob looks like he is about to lose his mind.  I laugh to myself and stand back to watch the show.

Rob is talking to a police officer, I’m not close enough to hear but I can guess. Rob pulls his phone out and dials.  I move a little closer so I can hear.  He’s talking to someone named John. As I listen, it becomes apparent that John is the man Summer is involved with.  He says he is on the way and will be here soon. I better leave, I don’t want to mess with him just yet.


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