Chapter 61 Captive

I walk back down the stairs and see Merrilee sitting on the side of the bed.  She sees me walk in and runs to the bars, “Let me out of here.  I can’t believe you have the nerve to come back to town and continue this torture! This is crazy! Let us all out of here!”, she yells. She continues to yell and scream, but I just ignore her.  I force some memories of the last time I had her locked up and what happened to her there.  I hear her gasp and then yell, “Stop doing that! I know you are forcing me to remember these things. Get out of my head!”. I just laugh at her. I open the door to Summer’s cell and she backs up against the wall.  I smile and take Matthew from her arms.  “Please Moe, leave him here with me. Don’t take him away from me.  Please.”, she cries.  I kiss her gently on the lips, “Ah, Summer.  You don’t know what it does to me when  you beg me that way.  I won’t hurt my own son. “, I say. I take Matthew and lock the cell door.  Summer throws herself at it and cries. She tries to grab my arm.  Matthew still doesn’t cry when I pick him up.  I take him in the front room away from his mother and all the crying.  It’s a strange feeling I have when I hold this child. I never felt this with my other son, he always cried and carried on, it annoyed me. This child isn’t afraid of me and seems comfortable around me.  I spend several hours just talking and playing with him. I finally take him back to Summer, who has collapsed on the floor near the cell door.  I open the door and let Matthew walk back in.  She grabs him and hugs him tight. She seems to be checking him over for any injuries.  “Don’t be stupid,  I didn’t hurt him.  Unlike everyone else, he loves me!”, I say. I can hear Merrilee still running her mouth. “Moe, you know what’s going to happen to you when Rob finds you?  I sure wouldn’t want to be in your shoes right now.  He is gathering up everyone he knows right now and they are hunting for you.  Don’t think you can get away with this!”, she continues to yell. I walk to her cell and open it up, she tries to act like she isn’t afraid.  I grab her and we fight, but of course I win. I’m a vampire, no one can beat me.  I throw her to the ground and tell her to keep her mouth shut.  She just lays on the floor and doesn’t move.  Maybe that will keep her quiet. I hear Summer crying in the other cell, “Please, Moe. Stop hurting her.  Please!  Just let us go home.”, she cries.  I’ve about had enough with these whining women.  Neither one of them will shut up.  I’ve got to come up with something to shut them up. I leave the tomb and contact the source that I got the Vampirism Elixir from.  He hooks me up with several different elixirs that will induce sleep and illness.  I head back to the graveyard and hurry into the tomb.  Merrilee is laying on the bed facing the wall. I slip the elixir in a drink and place the drink and some food on the table in the cell.  She should go for it, she hasn’t had anything to eat or drink since I brought her here.  I lock the cell and walk away.  Sure enough, just a few minutes later, I hear her getting up and grabbing the food. She eats it quickly and gulps down the drink. Within a few minutes, I hear her cry, “What did you do? Did you poison me…..”, she falls to the ground.  I unlock the cell and check her pulse, she’s alive.  I leave her on the floor and leave the cell.

“Moe, what did  you do to her? Is Merrilee alright?”, Summer asks.  “She’s fine, don’t worry about her. Just thought she needed some rest.”, I laugh.  “Here, drink this Summer.”, I say to her.  “No, I have to be awake for the kids, please don’t do this.”, she begs.  “Either drink it or I throw it at you and risk affecting the children.”, I say calmly.  “You wouldn’t dare!”, she starts to argue. I quickly throw the elixir on the ground in front of her, smoke quickly rises through the air.

Summer tries to hold her breathe and move the children out of the way, but it quickly dissipates and takes effect.  She lays the baby back in the crib and picks up Matthew.  She can’t make it to the bed though, “Moe, your own son…how could you be….”, she tries to say but quickly collapses on the floor, still holding Matthew.  He crawls away crying, he isn’t hurt though just scared. The elixir just puts them in a deep sleep, he promised it wouldn’t leave any lasting effects. Just make the person sleep for at least 12 hours.   Finally, some silence.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 61 Captive

  1. I have just finished getting caught up in reading your story. I love it. The houses/rooms/sets you build and design are gorgeous, and the characters have personality and are easy to love. Well, except Moe, but I do love to hate him.

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