Chapter 62 Werewolf versus Vampire

John’s POV

I can’t believe what Rob is telling me. I barely know him, so I was surprised when he called.  I’ve been laying low for a while now, I couldn’t face Summer. I ran out on her when she needed me and left her pregnant and alone.  I just couldn’t explain to her why I was so afraid.  I’m a werewolf and I know she would be repulsed by that fact. My own mother left me as soon as she knew I was able to take care of myself.  She never could come to terms with the fact that I took after my father.  I knew as soon as I told Summer she would leave me too, so I guess that was my way of trying to protect myself. But, none of that matters now.  Rob told me that Moe has come back and has kidnapped Summer, Matthew, and my daughter. Wow, I have a daughter.  That’s hard to believe. I told Rob I could be there within a few hours, I’ve run all way back to Lucky Palms.  No matter what Summer thinks of me, I have to save her and the babies.  I don’t know if she will have me back and accept me as I am or send me packing, but I have to help her.

“Rob!”, I start yelling as soon as I see the house.  Rob runs outside and stops and stars, he looks like he’s about to take back off running when he sees me. I forget that he doesn’t know I’m a werewolf.  “Hey, it’s me John. I guess I should explain some things.”, I start to explain.

Rob breaks out in a huge smile, “You have got to be kidding me! This is perfect!”, he laughs out loud.  I’m not sure what he’s so happy about, Summer is missing.  “What’s going on Rob, are you OK “, I ask.  “Yes, I’m better now that you are here! Moe has also taken Merrilee, along with Summer and the kids. What I didn’t tell you is that he is Vampire. He’s taken some kind of potion or something and turned himself.  But, the reason I’m laughing now is , what’s the only thing that can take down a Vampire?”, he says smiling.  “A werewolf”, I reply with a smile.  For the first time in my life, I am so glad that I have this curse. It doesn’t feel like a curse right now, more like a blessing. “Well, let’s go!  I’m in the mood to kick some Vampire ass!”, I say.  Rob calls Carsen, Robyn’s fiance and Chad, Lauren’s husband and they meet up with us.  He tells them the news about me being here and being a wolf. The police have been notified, but they won’t be much help against a Vampire. The best solution is for us to take this on alone.  Chad shows up with something in his hand. “Look what I finally found guys!”, he says waving the jar in the air.  We look at each other confused and he says, “It’s a cure for Vampirism. All we have to do is throw this at him and he’s instantly cured! We just need to  subdue him long enough to get a good aim at him.”  I chime in, “I can handle the subdue part, You throw the cure and Rob and Carsen, you search for the girls.”

I sniff the air and can smell that he has been here. I take off running, “Follow me! I have his scent trail.”, I say.  They follow me in Rob’s car, since I can run twice as fast as either of them.  I follow the scent trail and somehow, I’m not surprised that it leads to the graveyard.  His smell is all over this place, so it’s harder to narrow down where to go. We all spread out and look around. Rob finds the doorway to the crypt first. We slowly make our way down the steps, I lead the way.

I see Moe, he is actually asleep on some type of vampire bed.  I lunge for him and shout, “Chad, be ready!” Chad has the vial and ready to throw it. Moe wakes up and instantly the fight begins, he is tough, even for a Vampire he seems very strong.

Rob and Carsen are  running around the tomb searching for the girls.  We can hear them yelling down a long hallway.  At least we know they are alive. The fight continues for a long time, but finally I feel him losing strength. I use that to my advantage and tackle him again. I have a firm grip on him from behind, I yell, “Throw it!” to Chad.

Chad comes a little closer and throws the vial at his feet, smoke billows around us and I feel the fight going out of Moe.  He collapses to the ground.

I keep a firm grip on Moe, just in case he is faking, but I can see the changes almost immediately.  He looks human again.  “Chad, go help Rob! See if you can free the girls. I’ve got Moe.”, I say.  I see Chad run down the hallway and hear several thuds and clanging sounds.  I see Rob carrying Matthew out of the cell, Merrilee follows behind him.  Summer comes along too, carrying a small infant.  They all look worn out and filthy, but alive.  Summer looks at me with surprise, but doesn’t say anything. Chad and Carsen help everyone to the car and takes them all to the hospital for a checkup.  Rob and I look at each other, “What do we do with him now?”, I ask.  “Is he alive?”, asks Rob. “Yes, he is, barely though.  He hasn’t struggled since Chad threw the vial at him. He’s completely human now.”, I reply.  Rob says, “I’m not trusting the police this time. They have failed us in every city. I think we take care of him ourselves.” “What do you have in mind, Rob?”, I ask. “He likes locking people up so much, I think he needs a taste of his own medicine.  I think we should lock him up and keep him as a pet. This seems like a good enough place, there are several more cells down that hallway, plus a chain to keep him restrained”, Rob laughs.

We walk down the long dark hallway and search for the best place to keep him, we find a room hidden behind a bookcase that will work perfectly. That way even if someone accidentally finds this place, they would never notice the bookcase unless they were really searching it.  We almost missed it ourselves.  I lay Moe on the cot and chain his ankle to the wall.

Even if he could get the bookcase open, he can’t go anyway chained to the wall.  He barely looks like he is breathing, but really that is of little concern after everything that he has done.  We leave some vegetables and food and water for him and then we close the bookcase door.  It would be fun to watch him as he comes too, but we need to get to the hospital.

I stop Rob before we walk up the stairs, ” I need to transform back to human. Hold on a sec.”, I say.

I make the transition and Rob looks impressed, “Maybe you can bite me and make me a werewolf, that’s pretty cool.”, he says. “I wouldn’t do that to you, it’s not as cool as it seems Rob. Thanks for understanding though.”, I say.

He clasps me on the back and says, “The next time you try to run away from Summer though, I’ll kick your ass!”, he says with a smile.  I understand the meaning behind his words, even though he knows he can’t beat me, I know what he is saying. “If she will have me back, I’ll never leave her again. I can promise you that.”, I say.  “I just didn’t think she would understand about me.  Not many people are accepting of this life.”, I tell him.  “Yea, I get that, but you should have given her the chance and not just run off.  Summer’s a sweet girl and she loves you.  She would have understood.”, he says. We head to the hospital to check on everyone.


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