Chapter 64 Robyn’s Recovery

Robyn’s POV

Just as I’m being released from the hospital, Mom and Summer have been admitted. I’m so thankful that the guys have rescued them.  I’m still sore and bruised, but nothing that won’t heal.  I had to get blood transfusions to get my levels back up to normal.  Moe did a number on me when he jumped me and beat me. He drained almost all the blood from my body. I’ve finally recovered enough to go home, my fiance Carsen comes in to pick me up.  He sits next to the bed, while the nurse finishes my discharge paperwork.

Before Carsen arrived, the doctors told me that I was pregnant. The baby has survived the attack, but they warn me that a vampire bite is or can be poisonous to unborn babies.  Thankfully the baby has made it this far, but they aren’t sure what effects the bite will have on it. I tell Carsen about the baby and he is so excited.

I then explain to him the problems that the baby could have.  Carsen is such a great man and he tells me that the baby will be fine and whatever happens, we will be together and will handle it. He hugs me tight and I have hope that the baby will be fine.

The nurse finally comes back in and tells us that we are able to leave.  Carsen grabs my things and we head home. The doctor has put me on limited bedrest for the remainder of the pregnancy.  Carsen tucks me in to bed when we get home and promises to do everything to take care of me.

The next morning, Carsen helps me to the couch while he makes breakfast.  He brings me a plate and we eat together on the couch. He cleans the kitchen up and everything.

After we eat, we snuggle on the couch and talk about how excited we are to meet our baby. The remainder of the pregnancy goes by quickly with no problems at all.  I keep waiting for something bad to happen, but nothing does. I’m so relieved. I have hope that maybe nothing is wrong with the baby. I have expected to feel something, anything to let me know if something is wrong, but I feel great.

The day before my due date, I wake suddenly with terrible stomach pains. I reach over to wake Carsen to let him know that I think the baby is coming.  I climb out of bed and start to get ready when a big contraction hits me. I grab my stomach and almost double over.  Carsen freaks out and starts jumping up and down. “What do I do?”, he exclaims.  “Just calm down… I’m fine.  Just help me to the car and we will go to the hospital.”, I explain.  I try to remain calm, but inside I’m really worried about the baby.  There is no way I’m taking any chances of having the baby at home.  I need to be in the hospital in case something is wrong.

As nervous as we were about the baby, he came out looking perfect.  The delivery was quick and easy. The doctors checked him over and have sent blood to the lab to be analyzed for any abnormality. The lab results will take a while to get back though. So, again we wait to find out if our sweet Samuel is healthy.

Samuel is a very content baby. He seems very alert for a newborn. He enjoys the baby swing very much.  He sits up, looks around and waves his hands like a much older child.

Of course, being new parents we are totally in love with him.  We do all the things new parents do, like taking long walks to the park.  People even notice how smart he is. He doesn’t fall asleep in the stroller like most newborns, he sits up and looks around. He even points to things he finds interesting, such as birds or animals.

The hospital called back with the results of Samuel’s tests. He is positive for the Vampire antibody. Carsen and I are devastated. The doctor says he won’t be a full vampire until he is a young adult, but he may show symptoms or signs before then.  He says that some children will prefer plasma juice or plasma fruit to normal food.  Some children also learn very quickly when compared to normal children.  He also says that there are cures for vampirism, but none safe for use in children.  As soon as I hang up the phone, I get online and try to research as much as I can to find out about Vampires.

Carsen and I have become very close to Summer and John.  They are in a similar situation as we are, with their baby being supernatural.  They found out Maxie has the Werewolf trait, so we are all dealing with similar problems.  We spend a lot of time together. It’s nice to have such great friends and families.

We get all the babies to sleep and slip into Summer’s hot tub.  We each a glass a wine and relax for once. It seems like we have all been through so much drama, it’s hard to just have a normal life and relax. It’s nice when it all comes together.

The night before Samuel’s birthday, I lay him in the crib and just watch him sleep. I worry that he will have a hard time as he grows up, having to deal with the effects of being a vampire. I know it won’t be easy. He’s such a  sweet baby and I hope he knows how much we love him.

The next morning, I bake a cake and we gather around it as I help Samuel blow his candles out.

He’s grows into a gorgeous toddler! He’s a handsome little guy, he has my red hair and beautiful green eyes like his grandma! He quickly learns to talk, it’s amazing how fast he learns to repeat the words I ask him to say.

After Samuel becomes a toddler, he shows his first sign of being a vampire.  I watched him playing with his toy and he would look around sneakily and then pretend to bite its neck. I’m so freaked out, I have to leave the room.  Carsen finds me crying in the bathroom, “What’s wrong, babe?”, he asks.  I explain to him what Samuel was doing, “It just makes it seem so real. Most of the time I can forget that he will become a vampire, but we can’t hide from this!”, I cry.

He also seems to learn very quickly.  The doctor told us that is also one of the traits of vampires.  We bought him a little musical toy and before the end of the afternoon he was playing full songs. He picked it up very quickly.

Other than learning skills very quickly, Samuel seems just like every other normal baby.  Before long, it’s time for another birthday. Samuel grows to a child.

He’s a handsome little boy, that prefers to drink plasma juice to eating cake, and wearing formal clothes to basketball shorts.

He loves to do research on the computer. He is always trying to learn as much as he can.  Samuel understands his condition and is completely fine with it.  We explained everything to him, what happened when I was pregnant with him and how he got to be this way.  He thinks this all happened for a reason and he isn’t interested in being “normal”  We tell him that whatever he wants to do or be is fine with us. We love him no matter what.


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