Chapter 66 Merri Land’s Crash

Merri’s POV

Finally, everyone in my family is safe and happy.  Moe has disappeared, with the help of my father, so he won’t be causing any more trouble.  I invite Mom over and tell her that I’ve decided to leave Lucky Palms.  There is too much history here and too many bad things have happened. Everyone knows our family and everything we have been through.  I feel like I need to get away and start over.  Mom understands but, says she will miss me.   She hugs me tight and drives me to the airport.

I bought a plane ticket to Monte Vista, it looks like a nice place to start over and begin my life.

Plus it’s halfway around the world, so no one will know me there,  I have to change planes halfway there, due to a lay over.  I look at the small plane hesitantly, I don’t like to fly anyway and this small plane makes me nervous.  It holds only about 20 people, including the 2 pilots and luggage.

I look around and see an older couple, a family with 2 small children and a teenager, a group of what looks like business men, and a couple on their honeymoon.  I take the only remaining seat near the door of the plane.  The teen is sitting next to me and she looks as nervous as I am. I give her a small smile and she smiles back.  We make some small talk as the plane begins to take off.

The flight is several hours long, so I grab a bottle of water out of my bag and take a sip and open a book I brought along to pass the time. The teenager slips her iPod out and places the ear buds in her ears and closes her eyes. I can hear some of the music, she has it turned up so loud.

About halfway through the flight, I notice we are hitting more turbulence  With a plane this small, you notice every single bump and drop, but this seems like more than normal. I glance out the window and see the large black cloud to the left of our plane.  I can see the pilots serious expression and worry that something might be wrong.  The girl next to me also opens her eyes and puts her iPod back in her pack.  One of the pilots leans back toward us and says that a storm has sprung up quickly and they didn’t  have time to move around it. They tell us to all make sure our seat belts are buckled and quickly explain the procedure for a water landing. The girl grabs my hand and we hold on tight.

Her mother keeps glancing back at her with a strained smile telling her it will be fine.  They have made this trip several times with no problems.  The old couple hold hands and are whispering to each other quietly. Even the business men look nervous and have tightened their seat belts.  The baby begins to cry and the mother quickly tries to quiet him down.

The pilot turns around in his seat and tells us that one of the engines has failed and it looks like we might need to make an emergency landing.    He explains what will happen if we don’t make it the island up ahead and we hit the water, he points to several life rafts explaining they will inflate once we pull the cord.  I grab my backpack and put it on, hopefully I’ll be able to hang on to it.  The girl next to me does the same thing and we grabs hands once again.  Everyone is scared and the kids are both crying, I look at the Mother and tell her I’ll hang on to her teenage daughter, she has enough to worry about with a baby and small child.   I pray that She can hang on to it them.

I can feel when it all starts to go wrong, instead of the hard  landing we were warned about, the plane slams into the sea and begins filling with water, everyone is screaming and being thrown around. A man has made it to the door and finally pushed it open, he is trying to push people through the opening as fast as he can but the plane is filling up quickly. I reach for the girl’s hand and pull her with me as I crawl/swim to the doorway.

I swim as hard as I can away from the plane.  It’s sinking fast and I can’t tell how many people have made it out.   I search for the girl and see her floating a little bit away from me. I swim towards her, her head is bleeding but she is alert and starts looking around wildly for her family. I watch as the plane sinks to the bottom of the sea. I frantically look around for any others I might see.  I yell and scream trying to get someone’s attention.  The plane is gone.  I see nothing else in the water as it’s getting dark. I can see the land not far from us, so I yell at the girl to swim toward the land. She just cries and doesn’t move. I shout at her again and shake her arm. “Let’s go or we are going to drown!”, I yell at her. Finally, after what seems like hours, we make it to the shore. I crawl up on to the beach and black out due to exhaustion.

(**disclaimer** I know the plane is crap, but I don’t like to use CC. It’s the best I could come up with. Forgive me!! I did use pose player to come up with some of the different scenes. ***)


5 thoughts on “Chapter 66 Merri Land’s Crash

  1. nice a plan crash. and it looked fine we understand the limitations of this game. so its her and the teen. that should be interesting. wonder where they are.

    • Thanks! I worked and worked to try to make it look better, but it was the best I could do.I love pose player though, it’s a lot of fun trying new poses! It’s my new download addiction!

    • Thanks! I’m glad you liked it, I worked on that silly plane forever! 🙂 Things won’t turn out too bad for Merri, poor thing! She finds some happiness even though she is stuck on the island.

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