Chapter 68 Island Time

Several weeks have passed and we have fallen into a simple routine on the island.  I work in the garden, tending and weeding. It’s actually has a great variety of food.

We won’t starve, but we need another way to get protein.  Ross makes a couple of fishing poles with things he has found around the island.

I’m so thankful that he survived, I don’t know what I would have done without another adult here. It’s scary to be the sole person responsible for 2 other lives.  I have to face the fact that it might be awhile before we are rescued. Ross takes Teddy to the beach and they try the new fishing poles out.  It didn’t take long to catch enough fish for dinner.  This will really add to our diet. We cook the fish over the fire and it tastes heavenly.

Ariel has taken to exploring the island.  I get nervous about her going out on her own, but she is almost 18 and I’m not her mom so I can’t really forbid it.  I just tell her to not go to far and to be very careful.  Everyday she is bringing home items that we can use. So, it is helpful.

Teddy follows Ross around  everywhere, he’s like a little shadow. Teddy has grieved hard for his parents. He wakes up almost every morning asking for his mother. Ariel is grieving too, just privately. I’ve found her just sitting in the tall grass, crying. I’ve tried to be supportive without overstepping any boundaries. Ariel says it’s possible that they are still alive and on another part of the island somewhere. I think that is why she explores so much, I think she is looking for her family.

I’ve caught Ross watching me recently.  He tries not to be noticeable about it, but I’ve seen it.  We’ve become friends since being here. We sit up and talk until late at night. It’s not like there is much else to do here.  The first several weeks, I barely had time to notice Ross. I think we were all in shock and trying to figure out if we would be able to even survive. Now we have food, water, and shelter, we are kinda getting back into a normal life. Ross really is a handsome man and not that much older than I am.  I’ve noticed he will go out of his way to help me, collecting water and helping in the garden if he gets his chores caught up.

One afternoon, we are all just lying around the cabin. It’s so hot that we hate to even move.  Ross jumps up, “Let’s go swimming!  Here we are on this beautiful island burning up when we are surrounded by beautiful cool water.”, he takes off running.  Ariel and I quickly change into our bathing suits, the suitcase we found contained a bunch of clothes. We think it must have been from the young newlywed, because it didn’t belong to either of us.  We split the clothes between the two of us, so we each have a decent bathing suit. Then we take off running to the beach. It’s the first time that we’ve really just relaxed and tried to have fun.  The boys are already splashing and swimming when we get there.  Teddy runs to Ariel and starts to splash her. They squeal and laugh just like kids should.

I swim out to the deeper water where Ross is and we talk and laugh as we watch the kids. Suddenly, out of no where he jumps toward me and tries to dunk me.  I come up sputtering and laughing and then here we are acting like the kids.  I lunge at him and try to dunk him back and he just puts his arms around my waist to hold me back.

Then as quickly as the laughing began, it stopped. Ross looks at me and runs his hands down my back, he pulls me closer and moans.  I slip out of his arms and quickly swim over to where the kids are playing. What just happened, I think to myself.  I  walk up to the beach and wait for Ross to get out. I take a deep breath and close my eyes.  When I look up, Ross is standing there.  “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that. It upset you, it won’t happen again.”, he says quietly.  “No, it’s OK.  I was just surprised, not upset.”, I say shyly.

I put my hand on his chest and he pulls me closer and wraps his arms around me.  I can feel his heart beating as fast as mine is.

Ross looks at me, “There isn’t much privacy here, but I’d like to kiss you.” I slowly lean in to him and touch my lips to his.  We kiss for several minutes and I feel like I’m about to explode. “We really need to do something about the privacy around here.”, I say.  He grins, “I’ll take care of it as soon as I can.”

We watch the kids playing until the sun starts to set, then we walk back to the cabin and grill some vegetables and eat till we are stuffed.  Ariel and Teddy are worn out so they head on to bed. Ross pulls me into his arms and we kiss again.

Finally, we pull away from each other and walk into the cabin.  “I’m not going to be able to sleep now!”, he exclaims. I giggle and push him toward the other bottom bunk, “Go to sleep! You need to build us a separate cabin as soon as possible.”, I tease. I hear him moaning while he tosses and turns on the small bunk bed.  I smile as I fall asleep, who would have thought this would happen.

The next morning, I wake up to the sound of a chopping sound.  I walk outside and follow the noise. I see Ross gathering logs and vines to put together another small cabin.  He has a determined look on his face and I can’t help laughing.  He finally notices me standing there and breaks out in a huge grin, “I told you I would take care of it! Your castle is waiting in this pile of wood!”  I giggle as I make my way back to the cabin and check on the kids. They are still sleeping somehow, so I set about working in the garden. I’m so surprised by the variety of food in the garden. Someone worked a long time on it, thank goodness.  I also search around the garden, because I’ve found several seeds that I can plant to expand the garden even further.

By the time I finish in the garden for the day, Teddy has woken up and is helping Ross with the wood for the new cabin. It’s funny listening to Ross explain to an 8-year-old why we need an extra cabin when the small one can hold all 4 of us. Before long, Ross has the floor and walls up.  He gets to work on the roof next.  As he works, Teddy is right there with him. Helping him hold logs and finding the supplies he needs. It’s really sweet how attached Teddy is to Ross. Ariel is out searching the island again, she is usually out until almost dark every night.

By the end of the day, the new cabin is up and the roof is on.  Ross won’t let me in yet though, he’s working on a special surprise for the inside. I’m curious as to what it would be, but I agree to give him another day before we move in. We sit by the fire and watch the stars, I lean over and whisper “I can’t wait until tomorrow.”


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