Chapter 69 Romance

I walk into the new cabin and I’m amazed at what I see.  There is a full-sized bed and a nightstand next to it. There is a lamp on the table with a bouquet of flowers and some candles.  There is also a handmade bookcase with actual books in it.  I giggle as I walk into the small room. “Where did you find books?”, I ask.  “Ariel found another suitcase washed up on the beach several days ago, she brought it to me when she couldn’t find you.  There were several useful items in the suitcase.”, he explains. I see another surprise laid out on the bed, a long  pink nightgown.

I slowly turn around and smile at Ross. “I’ll give you some time to change and relax, I’ll be back soon. I’m going to check on Teddy and get him tucked in.”, he says with a smile. I look around the room and take in all the details, I can’t believe Ross built all this in only a couple of days. I slip off my clothes and put the nightgown, it feels heavenly, it must be made of silk. I crawl into the bed and lean back against the pillow… where did he find pillows, I wonder to myself.  I turn the lamp down and light the candles.

Ross walks in and smiles shyly.  He wanders over to bed and lays back next to me.  He puts his arm around me and pulls me close.  I snuggle down next to him and look over at him.

He places a soft kiss to my lips. He runs his hands down my back and pulls me closer.  I lean over him and deepen the kiss.  I swear I have never felt like this before, I’m can’t believe that I feel so strongly about Ross.  Before the crash, we didn’t even know each other. Now, I feel like I’ve known him forever.  Ross pulls the covers over us and well,  Wow.. That’s all I’ll say.

The next morning I wake up, feeling better than I have since we got here. The bed is really comfortable and I slept so good.  Ross is already up, probably working on his next project. I head to the garden to start weeding it and see Ross chopping more wood and Teddy is stacking it.  He gives me a quick smile and a wave. Ariel must already be out exploring.

The time goes quickly on the island.  We keep busy with chores and finding food.  Ross has made several items that make island life simpler   He’s made a washtub to help with the laundry and a clothes line to dry the clothes.  It’s much easier than dragging everything down to the spring.  We still have to carry buckets of water, but that’s not so bad.

It’s hard to concentrate on chores when I can’t keep my mind off Ross.  The days go by so slow but the nights go quick.  It’s like we can’t get enough of each other. Ross will whisper to me in passing while I’m making dinner and I can hardly finish what I’m doing. I’ve never felt this way before.

We finish with dinner and rush through cleaning the dishes. Ross leads me to our cabin and puts his arms around my waist.  I lean back into him and he kisses my neck.

One morning, he surprises me with flowers after breakfast. Actually, I have several bunches of flowers around. It seems like every time I turn around he gives me a beautiful bouquet.

He’s so sweet!  I rush through breakfast, not feeling so great.  I have to stop in the middle of cleaning the dishes when a strong feeling comes over me. I rush to the bathroom and lose everything I just ate.  Ugh, I feel terrible.  I wash my face and walk outside to get some fresh air.

Ross is sitting on a bench in front of the main cabin, he pulls me onto his lap.  “What’s wrong, Babe?”, he asks.  “Oh, I’m just not feeling good this morning.”, I explain. He kisses me gently and says, “You just take it easy then.  I’ll work in the garden today.” He kisses me gently.

“That’s sweet, Ross, but I think I’m ok.  I’m feeling much better now.  I’m going to change clothes and get to work.”, I say with a smile.  Ross gets dressed too and heads to his beehive. He’s been trying to collect some bees and harvest the honey.  So far, he’s only gotten stung, but he insists it will be  worth it when we have sweet honey to add to our meals.

Teddy has become quite the animal collector.  Ross has built him several cages for the things he brings home.  He has a bird, turtle, and a lizard. There is also a stray cat that has decided to stay with us.

Everyone is settling in to island life.  We’ve almost given up on getting off the island. Ariel is still exploring the island, looking for anything or anyone.  We’ve been here for several months now with no sign of a boat or plane going by. I hate to think about never getting home, but for now we are doing good. We have food, shelter, and each other.


One thought on “Chapter 69 Romance

  1. Seems like they’re getting on well together.
    Ariel seems to be struggling the most, poor kid. I hope they are found soon especially if Merri’s pregnant!
    What a lovely thing Ross did for her with the bed and flowers:)

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