Chapter 70 Baby

As more time passes on the island and I continue to have morning sickness, I guess that I’m pregnant. Yea, I’m freaking out.  How can I have a baby here on this island?  “Ross, we have to talk.”, I start off one evening. “What’s up?”, he asks casually. “Well, you know that I’ve been feeling sick in the mornings, and tired a lot through the day. I have a suspicion of what’s wrong.”, I say slowly.  He sits up with concern, “What? Are you sick. I know you’ve not been feeling well, but I thought it was just like a virus or something.  Is it serious?”  I smile nervously, “Well, yes. It is serious and I’m not sure we are ready for this.  I mean, there’s no hospital or anything. We don’t have anything a baby will need.” “Baby?  What baby?”, he asks confused.  I pat my stomach and say, “This baby, your baby… Well, Our baby.”  It takes a while for it to sink in, but finally he smiles and reaches out to touch my stomach.  Which is already sticking out. I’m surprised he didn’t notice I was gaining weight.

We tell Teddy and Ariel and they are both excited.  I’m really nervous about it, but what’s done is done and will we have to deal with it.  I also tell them that since we have been here so long and see no prospect of leaving that school will start soon.  They both groan.  It won’t be school like they have known before, but especially Teddy needs some lessons.  He can read already, but will need some help with math and simlish lessons.  I put Ariel in charge of helping him. She enjoys the responsibility.

Ross is busy with preparing things for the baby. He has built a crib and toy box.  I think he can build just about anything.  Fall has come to the island, some of the trees are turning color.  Ariel helps me in the garden now, I’m getting so big with the baby it’s hard to squat and tug at weeds.  I usually take care of the watering and can manage harvesting the trees and she does the rest. She seems to really like it.

I still can’t believe I’m going to have a baby. I really wish I was back home and I could talk to my mom and sisters. They would know just what to say to make me feel better. I’m afraid of everything, of how it’s going to feel, of how I’ll be able to raise a baby, let alone raise a baby on a deserted island. I have a moment of panic before getting control of my nerves and trying to get on with.

Ross loves to rub my belly and talk to the baby, he seriously thinks it can hear him. Maybe he’s right, who knows. He enjoys it and it actually helps me relax.

One evening as Ross and i are getting ready for bed, he looks at me seriously and then smiles.  he gets down on one knee and pulls this box out of his pocket.  “Merri, I never expected any of this to happen. The plane crash, being trapped on this island…, but honestly now, I wouldn’t change a thing. It brought me to you and I love you. I love our baby and I love our life together here. I hope someday we can get back to the real world, so you can see your family, but it won’t change how i feel about you. I love you, will you marry me?”, he pleads.  

I am in so much shock. I just cover my mouth to keep from yelling and then nod my head.  He stands up and takes me in his arms.  I have never felt so loved as I do right now. Ross kisses me gently. He leads me to our bed and massage my shoulders until I fall asleep.

The next morning, I wake up  very early feeling like something is wrong.  My back is aching and I feel sick.  I get up and walk around to try to take some of the pressure off my back.  A strong pain hits me and I grab my stomach and try not to scream.  My moan wakes Ross up and of course, like every father to be, he panics.

He is automatically aware of what is happening.  He finally calms down and helps talk me through each contraction. He tries to distract me from the pain talking about anything and everything he can. I almost lose it when he talks about our first kiss.  “Ross, Please, just shut up!  It’s not helping!”, I yell at him.  He quickly stops talking and just rubs my back.

Finally after several hours of labor, little Maggie is born.  I hold her up to the light and remark how beautiful she is.

Ross is so excited that she is here and that it went well. He has been so worried that something bad would happen.  He shouts so loud, I’m sure the kids are awake by now.

I’m exhausted, so I put her in the crib that Ross built for her and lay back down.  Wow, I’m not sure I want to do that again. At least not without drugs or the hospital, we will have to be more careful.


One thought on “Chapter 70 Baby

  1. Aww baby Maggie, what a cute name:)
    Ross is very handy;) it’s a good job he is! I hope the two of them will be happy and hopefully if they do get rescued they’ll still feel the same way about each other.

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