Chapter 71 Neighbors

Ariel’s POV

OMG! I hate this island. I want to go home.  I want to be with my friends, I want my cell phone and my computer! I want a pizza for Sim’s sake.  I never wanted to go on this stupid vacation anyway.  Every summer, we travel to Monte Vista and do the same stupid things.  Who cares about that place? I almost had my parents convinced to let me stay home with my Nana, but they changed their minds at the last-minute. Although, if I wasn’t here who would take care of Teddy?  He would be so scared here without me. I keep searching my parents, I can’t accept the fact that they might be …well, are probably dead.   My poor baby sister Lila, never had a chance.  I try to keep the tears from coming, I can’t think of this now.  I walk away from the camp we have set up.  Teddy is working with all of his animals, he has always loved animals.

I walk down to the beach and try fishing for a while, but it quickly gets boring. I don’t know how Teddy and Ross can fish for hours on end. I set out to explore the opposite end of the island, I’ve not been this way before so I’m eager to see what I can find. I’ve found a lot of supplies and things we can use, but I’m really searching for a way out of here or more people.  This seems like a pretty big island, I can’t believe we are the only people on it.  We’ve seen cats and dogs, so it makes me think that there are people here or at least they used to be here.

Up ahead, I see something move.  I’m cautious because you never know what kinds of animal it might be. I hide behind a tree and try to see it again. No way, it can’t be…. It’s a boy.. he looks like he is my age. I must be delusional, I close my eyes and shake my head.  I slowly open my eyes again and he’s still there. I walk slowly towards him. He pulls a book out of his pack and starts to read.

I continue toward him, I raise my hand and softly say, “Hello?”.  He looks up slightly startled.  He looks just as surprised to see me. He walks over to me and looks me in the eye, “Who are you?”, he asks.  “I’m Ariel, our plane went down in the ocean just off the shore of this island. We’ve been here for months and I’ve never seen anyone before.”, I explain.  “Our plane?  Where have you been staying? Are there more people here? I’m Chris, by the way”, he says. .

“Yes, my little brother, Teddy.  Also a lady and man who was also on the plane.  They actually just had a baby, so there are 5 of us.”, I say. “Wow, I can’t believe this!”, he says with a smile.  “How did you get here? Where do you live?”, I ask with curiosity. “My dad, little sister and I live in a hut down this path.  We have been here for years and have seen no one.  We were on our boat, it began taking on water and it sank. My mother didn’t survive.  We have been living here for about 5 years.”, he says.  “Both my parents and my little sister died, I guess. They didn’t make it to the shore with us.  I have hope that maybe they are still out there somewhere.”, I say sadly.  “I know the feeling, I did the same thing for a long time.  I looked everywhere hoping that she would turn up.”,Chris says.  “We are staying in a little cabin over on other side of the island.  We found it when we first got here and it’s really saved us.”, I tell him.  “Oh, yea! That was our first cabin. Dad built that when we first got here, it’s pretty rough and small. I’m sure you found the garden?  I worked on that for a long time.  I didn’t want to leave, but dad insisted. There is a bigger spring on this side of the island with fresh water.  We built a better cabin with the bathroom on the inside, he’s even rigged up the plumbing so we have running water. We can show you all how to do it!”, he says.

We sit and talk for hours, it’s starting to get dark, ” I really need to head back. Merri will be worried about me.”, I tell Chris.  “I hate to let you go, I’m afraid that I’ve imagined this whole day.   I’ll walk back with you if you want. You shouldn’t walk around at night by yourself.”, he says. As we are walking back to my cabin, he shyly takes my hand and we continue talking and holding hands the whole way back.  When we get close, I call out for Merri, “Merri, Ross!  Come look!”, I say excitedly.  They both come running. They can’t believe their eyes when they see Chris. We all sit around the fire pit and talk until really late.  Merri finally gets tired and goes on to bed,  Ross and Chris continue to talk by the fire. Chris is telling Ross all about his hut and the plumbing.  They make plans to meet Chris’s dad tomorrow and discuss plans to build us a new hut.

Chris and I spend the next several days hanging out together.  His dad is out hunting with his little sister, so we haven’t had a chance to meet them yet. Chris says they will probably be gone for a week, they travel to the farthest part of the island and it’s about a day’s walk.  I can feel the attraction between us, it’s like sparks fly when we hold hands. Chris finally works up his courage and says, “You are beautiful, Ariel.  I really like you.”, he leans in and we kiss.  I can barely breathe, but I pull him even closer when he starts to break the kiss.

I hear him breathing faster and I run my hands up his back.  He moans slightly and presses his body against mine.  We finally pull apart and look at each other with amazement on our faces.  We smile at each other and then I take off running.  I laugh as I pull my clothes off and reveal my bikini underneath.  He swears under his breath and chases after me, shedding  his shirt.  I laugh as I run into the ocean and splash water on him.  We swim and play and kiss for hours until the sun starts to go down.

He walks me back home and I kiss him softly and he says, ” I need to get back.”   “Will you come back here tomorrow?”,I ask.  “No, I have a better idea, meet me at the clearing where we met and I’ll show you.”, he says with a grin.  I kiss him again and he takes off.  I look back to see him shaking his head and heading home.


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