Chapter 72 Young love

(** disclaimer: I’ve used  a mod to allow teen woohoo and pregnancy. I’ve never used it before, but felt like it was appropriate for this story. If you are offended by this, you may not want to read any further. Thanks.**)

I get up extra early and take a long shower. I’m so excited to see what surprise Chris has for me.  I put my bikini on under my clothes and grab a banana as I start to head out to meet Chris.  Merri hears me getting ready and comes out, “Ariel, I know you are excited about being with Chris, but you have to remember that you are both still teens and you need to be careful about what you do.  You understand what I’m talking about, don’t you? I know that I’m not your mom, but I care for you. I know how it feels to get swept away with emotions, obviously…”, she grins.  I hug her and say, “Thanks, Merri. I am almost 18, almost an adult. I understand what you are saying and I appreciate you worrying about me. I really like Chris… like, a lot…”.  She smiles and says, “Just don’t do anything that you aren’t ready for, some things can’t be undone.  I love you.”

That’s the first time Merri, has said anything like that. I mean, I know she cares about me and Teddy, but didn’t realize she might love us like that. It’s a nice feeling.  I rush on to the clearing to meet Chris. He is already there and hiding something behind his back.  I walk over to him shyly and he pulls out the beautiful flowers and hands them to me. “Ahh, Thank you!  So, where are we going?”, I ask as I hug him. He grabs me hand and leads me down another path toward another clearing.  Unbelievably, there is a rock waterfall lagoon, making almost a hot tub.  “My dad built this for relaxing. There is a sauna in that hut over there and a wishing well over there. The hot springs feeds into this pool, making it just like a hot tub.”, he says.  We both strip down to our suits and get in the hot spring.  It feels wonderful.

Chris puts his arm around me and kisses me gently.  It quickly heats up in the spring, Chris pulls me onto his lap and I can tell how excited he is.  We make out in the spring for hours, we finally get out and Chris leads me into the sauna where there is a table set up. He urges me to lay on the table and then massages my shoulders.

We later try out the sauna. We both start to get hungry, so he pulls out a picnic basket and spreads out a blanket and tons of food.  We eat till we are both stuffed, then lay back and take a nap on the blanket. We talk all day and Chris absent-mindedly rubs my arms and legs.  I’m not sure how much more I can take, he makes me feel so good. I just want to be with him completely.  I stand up with a sneaky grin on my face, I look around to make sure no one is looking, of course they aren’t, we are basically the only people on the island, then I take off my bikini and jump into the hot springs.  Chris has a stunned look on his face and quickly does the same thing.

I sit on his lap and kiss him feverishly.  “I want you.”, I say quietly. “Ariel, we can’t…. we both aren’t 18 yet. We can’t…”, he says with a moan.  “I don’t care, Chris. I, I think I love you. What does it matter how old we are.. Look around, there is no one here to enforce all these unwritten rules.”, I say. He pulls me closer and kisses my neck,  “What the hell… I love you too.”, he says.

It was everything I thought it would be and more. Chris pulls me over to the blanket and he makes love to me again.  We decide that when his dad gets back we are going to move in together.  He is sure his dad will help him build a hut for us. We will both be 18 in a few months, so what’s the big deal. We talk and laugh and kiss the rest of the afternoon. Finally, we stand up and Chris kisses me once more before we head back to my cabin.

Merri looks at me and I can tell she knows what we have been up to. She has a worried look on her face, so I smile back at her.  Chris and Ross talk more about the new hut. Tomorrow, Chris is going to take him to his hut and show him how it all works.  They also discuss building our new hut close to theirs to take advantage of the plumbing system that is already set up.

In the morning, we all head over to Chris’s hut.  Ross talks to Isaac, Chris’s father about building the huts.  They soon to get to work gathering the materials and making plans.  Here is the site of the new huts.  Chris has convinced his father to build him a hut also, he will be turning 18 soon and will be moving out on his own. He doesn’t yet mention the fact that we want to move in together.

It takes several months, but finally the huts are about finished.  Chris and I are closer than ever. We spend every minute together when Chris isn’t working on the new huts.  We meet every evening at our park and we can’t help but seal our love.  I lean in to Chris and whisper in his ear the things I want him to do to me.  I feel brazen and bold, but I guess love makes you like that.

The following week, Merri and Ross’s hut is finished.  They begin packing and getting ready to move. It’s a pretty huge undertaking.

It’s not a large hut, but considerably bigger than what we have been used to.  It has 2 bedrooms and an indoor bathroom.  A large sitting room with full kitchen make up the main room. Everyone is so excited to be moving in, it couldn’t be better timing because that same week. I start feeling sick. I have my suspicions of what is going on, but I pray that I’m wrong.

Every morning, it’s the same routine. As soon as I wake up, the nausea hits me. I run to the outhouse and barely make it.  I’m not going to be able to hide this for very long.

When Chris comes over in the evening, I pull him to the side.  “Chris, um…, there is something we need to talk about.”, I start off.  He immediately looks concerned.  “Ariel, what’s wrong? Is everything OK?”, he asks.  “Well, I’ve not been feeling well lately. I’ve been vomiting in the mornings and feeling really tired.”, I lead into it slowly. “Oh, I hope you aren’t coming down with a cold or the flu.”, he says.  Ugh… I’m going to have to say it, he isn’t taking my not so subtle hints. “Chris… I think I’m pregnant. I don’t know what I’m going to do. Merri is going to kill me.”, I cry.

“Oh, wow… Um, well..”, he starts.  “It’s OK, Chris. I can handle this. I know we are both still teens, but I can do this. You don’t have to worry about anything.”, I say softly.  “No, that’s not going to happen. I’m in this with you. You aren’t alone.  I’ll be 18 very soon, and I’ll take care of you and the baby.  My hut is almost finished, I’ll get moved in and then you can move in too.”, he says confidently.  I feel so much better now that Chris isn’t freaking out.  I knew I could count on him. “Now we just have to tell Merri and Ross.”, I say.

Later that evening, I pull Merri to the side and break the news.  She is shocked, but confesses that she suspected what has been going on.  She feels my stomach and says she suspects I’m several months along already.

“Chris and I are going to be married, don’t worry! He wants me to move in with him in his hut. It’s almost finished.”, I explain.  “Well, that’s a big step Ariel. I’m not sure you are ready for that.   Why don’t you wait till the baby is born and then we can discuss it again.  It’s not easy to have a baby out here. I had a hard time, I can only imagine how it will be for you.”, she says.  “No, Merri. I’m going to move in with Chris. He turns 18 later this week and when he moves into his hut. I’m going with him.”, I say.

Before the big move, Merri and Ross decide to have a wedding ceremony at the park.  Of course, there is no minister to perform the ceremony, but they exchange vows in front of all of us and it’s official as it can be.  I look at Chris and think that soon, we will have our wedding ceremony too.  It started pouring the rain, but everyone still had a great time.

After the ceremony, Chris and I get a chance to talk. He can’t believe how big I’ve gotten just in the last few weeks. I’m sure it won’t be much longer before the baby gets here. I must have conceived the first time we were together.  He puts his hands on my belly and grins wildly when he feels the baby moving.

Chris spreads out a blanket and pulls out a picnic basket, we have a late dinner and talk about our baby. Little Maggie decides to come sit with us. She is a sweet little girl.  She always seems to be my shadow.

Merri and Ross take this time alone to celebrate their marriage in the sauna room.  I wonder if another baby will be on the way soon?


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