Chapter 73 A Grown up Life

Finally, it’s moving day. Merri, Ross, Teddy, and Maggie move into their hut while, Chris and I move into ours. It took a lot of convincing, but rules are not the same here as back home.  We’ve all had to grow up fast and we need to make the best of the situation.  Chris celebrated his birthday last night, so now he is a young adult and I’m surprised by how much bigger he looks.  He takes me in his arms and kisses me gently as I walk toward out new home.

No sooner had we gotten everything settled in, I feel the contractions start. “Chris!! Chris!! The baby is coming!”, I yell at him. Oh my Sim, I don’t think I can do this! I start to cry as the next contraction hits me.  It seems to be going very fast.

I try to breathe as I wait for Chris to come in.  I concentrate on inhaling and exhaling like Merri taught me. I wish my Mother were here I think to myself.

Finally, Chris comes in shocked at the fact that the baby is coming. He had been putting things away and didn’t hear me yell. He kept his cool and didn’t panic like most new dads.

With one final push and a strong contraction, our little daughter Christina was born. We are both just amazed at how quick the delivery was, I was really afraid that I would have a hard time. I mean, it was bad but didn’t last as long as I expected.  Christina is perfect, we both sit and look at her for hours before putting her in her crib.

I take a shower to clean up and then try to get some sleep.  unfortunately, I’m too keyed up to sleep. I call for Chris and he comes running, “What’s wrong sweetheart?”, he asks nervously.  “Nothing, I’m just to excited to sleep.  Come lay down and talk to me for a while.”, I say. He quickly climbs into our bed and pulls me into his arms. He holds me as we talk for hours until I’m finally able to fall asleep.

I wake up the next morning, eager to check on Christina. She is a great baby and slept all night already.  I walk into the kitchen and realize Chris and his father have installed a makeshift stove.  We haven’t had that luxury in so long, so I quickly pull out the ingredients for pancakes and whip some up. They will taste heavenly.

The living and kitchen area is small in our hut, but so much nicer than what I’ve been staying in. I can’t believe this is ours!

Chris comes in from the bathroom and we enjoy our first meal together in our new home. Christina’s room is a nice size.  We will have room to put in a bunk bed for when she gets bigger and if we have any more children.

After I finish taking care of Christina and putting her back to bed, I walk into the living room and see Chris down on one knee.  I look at him confused, thinking he had fallen or something, until he starts speaking.

“Ariel, I know we have started off backwards, people would think that you are too young to have a family, to have a  husband, but I love you so much and I’m glad things are happening the way they are. I love you and I love Christina and I want us to be a family forever.”, he says sweetly.

He pulls a ring out of his pocket and I jump up and down with excitement. I can’t believe this is happening! I mean, I knew we would get married, but I wasn’t sure if he would do things the traditional way. I’m so happy.

Chris places the ring on my finger and then stands up. I am so happy, I jump into his arms and kiss him softly.

He carries me to our bed and lays me down tenderly.  “I love you Ariel.  I’ll always take care of you and our family.”, he says.

I lean over and kiss him, I can feel the passion between us and hope that it will always be this way.  I raise my body over his and show him how much I love him.

Afterward we lay together, just staring into each others eyes.  We talk about our future here and what we want to do with our lives.

We fall into a busy routine. I start my own little garden behind our hut. It will take a long time to grow it into the big garden we had at the other cabin, but we have plenty of time.

Christina has her birthday and becomes a lively toddler. She looks just like me, if I do say so myself. She is gorgeous.

The men have built an amazing park for the children.  I can’t believe they could build something so amazing. It has everything a kid could want to play on. Swings, tree house, sandbox, slide, toys to ride on. We take Christina to the park to let her play almost every day. It’s right next to our hut, so very close by.

After we let Christina play, I bring up the subject again about having another baby.  Chris is adamant we wait until I’m an adult. He’s too worried about something happening to me.

I agree that he’s right, I just love being a mother. Christina is such a  great baby, I want to fill our house with children. I work with Christina everyday and soon she is able to walk all by herself.

Life passes by quickly with a  baby, and soon it’s my birthday.  Chris plans a big surprise party and invites both families over.  I’m so ready to be a real adult, I’m excited. Chris’s little sister has turned into a teen, Teddy is still a child, but his birthday is coming soon too. Merri can’t tear herself away from Christina. She has had another baby, a little boy named Jay.  I think she is already in there matchmaking, she is rocking both babies and singing to them. I walk to the cake and get ready to blow out my candles. I try to think of a wish, but honestly I have everything I could ever want.

Everyone is clapping and cheering as I get ready to blow out the candles. I take one last look around before making my wish. I wish for a long happy life with Chris with lots of babies.  I spin around and here I am!

Not too bad, I’ve seen worse birthday transformations. Chris seems pleased with what he sees as he pulls me into a  slow dance.

Finally, everyone leaves and it’s just the 2 of us again. Well, 3 but Christina is asleep.  We decide not to wait any longer and have a private wedding ceremony right here on my birthday. I place my ring on Chris’s finger and we recite our vows.  We both promise to love each other and take care of each other forever. Short and sweet, but very true.

We have our first adult kiss as a married couple. I’m so happy!

Chris pulls me into our bedroom and we both jump into bed. Finally, we can be together without Chris feeling guilty because I’m still so young.  We are now both consenting adults.


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