Chapter 74 Magic Well

Isaac’s POV

“I’m alone.   I’m lonely.”,  There I’ve said it out loud. Of course, there is no one around to hear it.  I’ve been on this island for 6 years and I have no one.  My wife did not survive the boat sinking.  My children are grown and doing their own thing.  Callie is a teen and out doing Sim knows what with that boy, Teddy. Probably the same thing that Chris was out doing when he was her age.  It’s turned out well for him, but he was too young for everything that happened.  I build things to keep myself busy. I’ve helped the newcomers build their huts.  We built a park for the kids, they all seem to keep having kids so they need something to keep them occupied.  Ross, Chris and I are now building some community buildings. The first on the agenda is a bookstore.  It’s more like a library at this point with everyone donating their books to the building. Since we have no way to get new books, unless someone takes up writing.  The next building will be a community store of sort, where we can trade the things we make or grow. Merri has an impressive garden and Ross has a workbench where he makes furniture and statues and the like.  We have all pretty much given up on getting off this island so we decide to build it up as best we can for future generations.  We are off to pretty good start now on populating the island.  Merri and Ross now have 3 children, Chris and Ariel have 2.  I can see Teddy and Callie getting married in a few years and having children.  I think we have enough unrelated people to get a good start. I just wish I had someone.  I wander around the island and head down to Relaxation park, I really need to come up with a new name, but that one has kinda stuck. I built all this here on this site because of the natural things that were already here. The hot springs and this Well were here when we got here.  The well is good for drinking water and fishing. It never seems to get stagnant, it’s almost magical.  I stand in front of the well and watch as the water ripples and shimmer in the sunlight.  It reminds me of an old wishing well we used to have back home.  People would throw coins in and make a wish.  “What the hell!”, I say. I pull a coin out of my pocket and kiss it for good luck.

I close my eyes and make my wish, “I want someone to love and one that loves me.”, I say out loud.  I toss the coin in and watch it disappear into the depths of the well. Nothing happens for a moment, “Of course, what did I think would happen.”, I say to myself.

Just then a frog jumps out of the water and into my hands.  I look it in the eyes and think, well since I’m going all fairytale and wishes now, I lean down and kiss it right on its slimy mouth.  It hops down and white smoke begins to roll around the frog.

I blink my eyes, thinking I must be dreaming or just loosing my mind, a figure begins to appear.  It’s a woman. “No way!”, I exclaim.  She is beautiful.  Just when I think I’ve completely lost my mind, she leans in and whispers, “My darling, you’ve found me!”, and kisses me gently.

I’ve been alone so long, maybe I have gone crazy but at this point I don’t even care. I pull her into my arms and kiss her hungrily.  She is more than willing to comply and kisses me back just as eagerly.  Finally, I pull away. “Who are you?”, I ask. “I’m Misty and I… I  don’t really know anything more than that.  I don’t remember how I got here or where I was before standing in front of you.”, she says beginning to cry.   I hug her gently and say, “It’s ok. We will figure it out. You can stay with me until you figure out what you want and get your memory back.”, I explain to her about how I wished for someone and she showed up. I leave out the detail that she was a frog at first. I don’t want to scare her anymore than she already is. “I don’t remember anything.  I just know that I love you and I’m here for you.”, she says softly.

I take her hand and lead her home.  Callie isn’t home yet, so I show her around. I apologize for the hut being so small.  “I can get a bunk bed and put in my daughter’s room and you can sleep with her if you want.”, I tell her. “I can’t sleep in there with you? I don’t want to be that far away from you.”, she says quietly. “Yes, that’s fine. I would love that, but I didn’t know if you would feel OK with that.”, I say “Oh yes, that’s why I’m here.”, she says. Ok, I know now that I must be dreaming or something.  I’m sure once Callie gets back, she won’t see her and I’ll go back to being lonely.

Misty jumps right in and starts cleaning up the house. She finally finishes and pull a book off the bookshelf and says she going to learn to cook.  After she reads for a while, she lays the book down and we sit and talk for hours.  It’s so nice to have someone to talk to. As we talk, she holds my hand and rubs my arm.  It’s very relaxing, but also distracting. She leans back on the couch and yawns, I stand up and take her hand, “You’re sleepy, let’s go to bed.”.  ” I thought your daughter would be home. You wanted me to meet her.”, she says.  “She’ll be in late probably, it’s a small island so she can’t go to far. You can meet her in the morning.”, I say.  I give her one of my wife’s nightgowns. I saved all of her clothing, thinking Callie would want them one day.  She quickly changes and climbs into bed.  I take a deep breath and lay down, she snuggled down under the covers and presses close to me.

It’s going to be a long night, I think to myself. I try to go to sleep but it has been a long time since I’ve lain in bed with a woman. I can’t resist the temptation to put my arm around her and caress her back and hip. She almost purrs and snuggled closer, I can feel her backside pressed up against me.  She falls asleep quickly and I stay awake and just look at her. If she is going to disappear in the morning when Callie gets home, I want to remember every moment of this night. No matter how innocent it turns out to be.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 74 Magic Well

  1. You know I think this must be the sweetest idea how to get an unrelated spouse on an island I ever read about. Awwwwwwwwwww! 😀

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