Chapter 75 Isaac and Misty

I wake up in the morning and smell breakfast cooking.  I realize Misty isn’t laying here with me.  I jump up and run into the other room. Misty is cooking and Callie is sitting at the table with an amazed look on her face.  She looks at me and raises her eyebrows, “Well, Dad…. what did you do yesterday?”  I clear my throat and tell her the story, she looks at me like she doesn’t believe me. “So, you can see her too? I thought I was going crazy.”, I say with a laugh. “Um, yea. I see her and we’ve been talking all morning.”, she says with a smile.

Misty finishes the pancakes and brings us both a plate, they are a little burnt, but I’m not complaining,  before grabbing one for herself and sitting down.  We all eat in quiet.  “I guess we need to introduce Misty to everyone.  Have fun explaining this!”, Callie says with a laugh. Misty looks nervous and says, “What will people think about me?”.  “They will think you are a miracle. It’s impossible that you are here,  its magic or something!  They will love you.”, I say.

Callie finishes eating and runs to Teddy’s house to gather everyone together.  We meet at Relaxation Park, everyone is already there hanging around in the hot springs or relaxing on the grass.  When Misty and I walk in, everyone stops talking and gathers around.  I explain what happened and they just can’t believe it. Everyone starts talking at once and then it’s brought up that if the well is magical then maybe we could wish to go home, or that we could wish to be rescued.

“Hold on everyone, who is going to volunteer to make that wish.  Does anyone want to wish to go home and leave the rest of your family here? How can we know it will work and you won’t be transferred somewhere else, maybe somewhere worse. I think we need to be careful with this Well, we can try to use it but we need to be careful. I never thought it would work, I was just messing around. Luckily, it turned out good, but what happens if we aren’t so lucky next time.” We all agree to not use the fountain until we discuss it further. The adults will meet after thinking on it for a while.

Misty and I spend the rest of the afternoon, lounging in the hot spring.  We talk about what she wants to do since she is here.  She says she would like to have  children someday. She felt really drawn to the other’s children.  I explain to her that we don’t have medical facilities and that childbirth is not easy here. “Is there a school? With all these babies, pretty soon we are going to need to have a place to teach them all.”, she says.  I had not really thought about that, but she is right. “I’ll discuss it with the others and that might be the next thing we build.  Maybe you can be the teacher.”, I say.

Several weeks pass and the men and I begin work on a school, it’s just a small building next to the park for now. As our community grows we can build on to it.  It has a small classroom and an area for the toddlers in case a parent needs a break.  Misty  is going to be taking over the school and teaching the children.

Misty and I have been growing closer, she says that she loves me and that the reason she is here is to take care of me.  I don’t want to feel like I’m rushing her or forcing her into anything, so I’ve been giving her time  to get to know me and decide if she wants to be with me. Not that there is much of a choice here on the island, but I guess she could choose to live alone.  She is always so sweet, always ready to help anyone who needs it.

One morning, I see Misty sitting in the main room.  When I walk in, she stands up, “Isaac, I know you’ve been giving me time to adjust.  I appreciate that so much, but I’ve made up my mind.  I love you and I want to be with you.”.  I want to be with you.”, she says again slowly, putting emphasize on the word be.  She walks over to me and puts her arms around my waist, she stands on tiptoes and reaches up to kiss me.

We haven’t kissed since that first moment we met, I sweep her into my arms and carry her to the bedroom. We spend all day in bed, just being together and talking.

It’s hard on Misty because she has no memory before seeing me at the park. I wonder truly where she came from? I’m just thankful that I took a chance and made that crazy wish. I never dreamed it would come true. I tell her all about my life before the ship wreck, before being on this island.  She isn’t at all jealous when I tell her about my wife, she understands and is sympathetic. She loves hearing stories of Chris and Callie when they were young and how we dealt with being stranded on the island alone.

It isn’t long before Misty starts feeling sick. I didn’t think it would take long for her to get pregnant, it’s strange for me to be excited for another child since I have 2 that are already grown.  It’s like I get a second chance at love and at life.  She doesn’t suspect anything is wrong, but I recognize all the symptoms.

When I tell her my suspicions, she is really excited. I put my hand on her belly and sure enough, I can feel the small swell of the baby that wasn’t there a few weeks ago.  She puts her hands there and has a look of amazement on her face.

She hugs me tight and says that she is the happiest person in the world.  I tell her that’s impossible because the happiest person alive is me.
Time flies, we are busy making arrangements for the new baby.  Callie is ready to move out with her boyfriend, Teddy.  They will both soon be adults, so all the men start a new hut for the 2 of them.  The new baby will take over Callie’s room, the timing should be close. We may have to cram the crib in our room for a little while if the new hut isn’t finished in time.  As Misty’s belly grows, so does my love for her. I have a feeling that she may be having twins. Her symptoms have stuck with her the entire pregnancy, she is tired and has grown so big.  She never complains at all, she is the most positive person that I’ve ever met.

The day comes when Callie and Teddy have their birthdays and move out on their own. They seem happy enough, but I also wonder how much they really want to be together and how much it is that they have no other choice.  They were best friends growing up, they had no one else their age to play with.  It’s only natural that they don’t want to be alone, but I worry that they weren’t given an option of picking their mate. We have a big party and help them move, they still seem so young, but they are eager to begin their own lives.   After we move Callie’s things out, we get the room ready for the baby. We have gotten really good at building cribs. I’ve moved one crib into the room, but have an extra in case my hunch is right that Misty is carrying twins.

Almost 9 months to the day, Misty starts having labor pains.  I talk her through each contraction and several hours later we meet our children, Anna and Elizabeth.


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