Chapter 76 Callie and Teddy

Teddy’s POV

Moving day! I’m ready to be out of Merri’s house and into my own. I love Merri and Ross, don’t get me wrong, but there are too many people in that house. She keeps having babies, geesh.  Merri has always treated me like her own, so has Ross but I feel like now I can start my own life. Callie is great, she is my best friend. Sure, we fight sometimes, I mean who doesn’t? Right?  Merri and Ross are probably the exception, they never fight.  They seem like every day is a gift to one another and bend over backwards for the other.  Sometimes, I just need to be alone.  It’s not a big deal.

Callie and I have messed around some especially when we were younger, but we have waited until we are adults to go all the way.

I guess tonight is the night.  Callie seems nervous about it and acts like she is ready to get it over with.  We have grown up together so I’m sure it’s normal to feel a little weird about it.  I love her though, she is my best friend. We can talk about anything.

We have  decided to not make a big deal about the whole marriage ceremony, I mean, it’s not legal. It’s just words that you say in front of each other or even others like Merri and Ross did.  We are just going to move in together and if we ever have kids maybe do the ceremony, just so we can say “sure, we’re married kids.”. I kind of worry that there isn’t a whole lot of romance, in the beginning when we first started messing around we were just getting used to all the hormones and everything excited me.  Merri and Ross seem to not be able to keep their hands off each other. Even if they are just sitting around talking with the kids, they are holding hands or touching each other.  It’s not like for me, not even for Callie, I don’t think. Anyway, it’s moving day and I’m excited.  The hut we have is away from all the others some. I did not want to be right on top of each other. So, we built ours closer to the new Island Bookstore and Grocery store. I’ll be working there more now anyway, so it will be easier to be close.   We get everything moved in fairly quickly.  We don’t have a lot of extra’s so moving is easy.

Callie loves to paint, so she has a room just for painting, at least for now. I know the men added the second bedroom so we will have room for when we have kids. I’m not ready for that and I don’t think Callie is either, we haven’t really discussed it. So, she sets up her easel in the spare room and has a chair and bookcase.  She is painting when I walk in after finishing everything up and saying goodbye to Merri and the kids.  It was harder than I thought to drag myself away. Callie smiles shyly as I enter the room and puts her paintbrush down,” You hungry?”, she asks.  “Sure, are you fixing something?”, I respond. “Well, I can make waffles or would you rather something else?  I’ve been messing around with a new recipe for a big salad.”, she teases.  Callie isn’t the best cook, that’s ok.  “Waffles sounds good.”, I tell her. She hurries to the kitchen and begins cooking, it doesn’t take long and soon it’s ready.

We eat in silence and keep looking around the room. I’m not sure why we feel so uncomfortable, we can talk about anything.  I clear the plates and wash them up, Callie sighs, “I think I’ll go take a hot bath to help me relax. I feel all tense for some reason.”  I wash up in the sink and change my clothes. I walk into the bedroom and notice the flowers that Callie has arranged. Those must be some that I’ve given her in the past, that’s sweet that she’s saved them.  I sit down on the bed, just then Callie comes in. She has a pretty nightgown on and I wonder if that’s what she usually wears or if it’s something new she made.  I stand up and walk closer to her, she smells nice.  I take her hands and kiss her gently.  “Are you sure you’re ready?”, I ask.  She nods her head and lies on the bed.  I lay on the other side of her and take her in my arms.

The next morning, is a little awkward. Last night was ok, I’m sure. It wasn’t mind-blowing, but it was the first time. I’m sure it will get better.  Callie wanders into the kitchen and starts cooking breakfast, I take a shower and sit down to breakfast.  It takes a while, but soon we are back in the swing of things, talking and laughing like normal.  Callie heads to her room to paint and I go out for a run.

We fall into a routine, we sleep together at night and then finally the strangeness lifts and we are friends again. I think to myself that we are too young to be in a rut, but it kinda feels that way.  Several months later, Callie tells me she is pregnant, the dread I thought I would feel isn’t there.

I’m actually happy. I give her a hug and she kisses me gently. I feel a longing for her and we stumble into the bedroom. That night was the best we’ve had, maybe it just took a while for the nerves to go away.  Sometimes, though I still wonder if something is missing.

Callie is getting big, so we aren’t together much anymore. She complains that she’s tired and not feeling well.  I sleep on the couch sometimes. One day, Iwalk down to the park and sit staring at the Wishing well.  No one has made any wishes since Isaac wished for and got Misty. It has worked out so good for them,  they are like Merri and Ross, never taking their eyes or their hands off of each other. i walk over to the well and try to look deep into the water.  It seems to sparkle and shimmer. I take a deep breath and dig in my pockets for a coin.  I kiss it just like Isaac said he did, close my eyes and make my wish, “I want someone to love me passionately and to love someone the same way.”, I toss it in the well and wait.  Nothing happens, of course I couldn’t get that lucky. I start to walk away and I see something moving in the well.


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