Chapter 77 The Affair

I look in the water, my stomach is in knots. What have I done?

A frog jumps out, just like Isaac said. I hold it up and look at it. Well, here goes… I place my lips to the frog’s mouth and it quickly jumps down.  Black smoke starts forming and rolls around the frog, it suddenly takes a different shape and a figure begins to emerge.

A woman is standing if front of me, she looks different from anyone I’ve ever seen before. Her skin has a slight greenish tint to it, her hair even looks green.

She looks confused at first then smiles seductively.  She grabs me around the waist and pulls me close, she presses her body against mine and kisses me hungrily.  Desire courses through my body and I respond, unwilling to think about anything else but this woman in front of me. She is all over me, kissing me and rubbing my body provocatively.  She looks around and pulls me to the hot springs, we climb in and she sits on my lap and kisses me.

It all happens so quick, I can barely think.  I don’t even know her name and we have been intimate.  Afterward, she pulls me to the sauna room and pulls me to the massage table, she gives me the most amazing massage and then we make our way to the sauna. It gets pretty steamy in there too.

Finally, I’m exhausted and spent, “Who are you?”, I ask. “The answer to your wish, Master”, she purrs.  She starts to kiss me again and once again, I’m lost to her.

We fall asleep on the floor of the sauna room and when I wake up, it’s dark. I panic and sit up.

Oh my sim, what am I going to do? I can’t take her home with me, what about Callie?  The girl starts to wake up, “What’s your name?”, I ask her.  “What would you like to call me? I have no name, yet. You must name me.”, she says. I think I must surely be dreaming, but I just woke up and she’s still here.  “Dreama, I’ll call you Dreama.”, I tell her.  We stand up and she hugs me close, she clings to my arm.  “I can’t take you home with me just yet, I have a place you can stay until I can make better arrangements though. Come with me.”, I explain. I lead her to the old camp we stayed in until we met Callie’s family.  Dreama will have to stay there. I take her there and tell her “Do not  leave, don’t wander off the property and try to stay in the cabin as much as you can.  I’ll be back in the morning to take care of you.” I show her the garden and gather her some fruit so she won’t be hungry during the night.  She kisses me again, “Don’t be gone long, lover.”

I run home as fast as I can. My mind is overcome with guilt.  I try to think of an explanation for being gone all day.  Callie is painting, “I was beginning to get worried about you.”, she says sweetly. She is absent mindedly rubbing her belly.  “Sorry, Sweetheart. I was out for a walk and got distracted.  I fished for a while and just lost track of time. How are you feeling?”, I ask.  “Oh, the baby is restless tonight. I’m exhausted.”, she complains.

“Why don’t you head on to bed?  I’ll be in shortly. Get some rest, Sweetheart.”, I say. I head toward the shower, I need to wash any trace of Dreama off of me. I head to bed and lay down, I can’t relax. I replay the day in my head over and over.  The guilt is overwhelming, but so is my desire for Dreama.  How am I going to explain this to everyone? I can’t hide her forever.  Callie tosses and turns in her sleep, she moans uncomfortably.  I run my hands through my hair and try to lay as still as possible,  I really don’t want to wake her up. In the morning, I get up and make Callie a big breakfast. She is surprised when she walks in the main room.  I pull out some flowers and hand them to her and bring her a plate of waffles.  She looks surprised, but pleased as she sits down. “What are your plans for today?”, I ask. “Oh, probably not much. I may try to paint some today and get the babies room ready. Dad is bringing the crib over later today, so he will help me set it up.”, she says. “OK, that sounds fun. I’ll be at the store today for a while, then probably fish  more this afternoon.”, I tell her. I kiss her on the cheek and head out. It’s all I can do to keep from running.  Running back to Dreama, I need to see if she’s still there. Maybe I dreamed the whole thing. As I approach the cabin, I see nothing unusual. I walk toward the bedroom I can hear someone singing.  I wasn’t dreaming, I think. My hands feel sweaty and my heartbeat quickens.  I open the door and there is Dreama, laying on the bed waiting for me. She smiles and opens her arms to me, I practically run to the bed and leap onto her.

I press myself up against her and kiss her until I can’t breathe.  We spend all day in bed, she has finally started talking. She doesn’t  remember anything before opening her eyes yesterday, just like Isaac’s, Misty. I explain to her that I have other responsibilities right now and I can’t be with her all the time.  She nods her head, “I understand. I’m here for you when you need me. I’ll stay here until you can make arrangements for me.”, she says simply.

Weeks pass and I am about run ragged, trying to split my time between Callie and Dreama.  I can’t stay away from Dreama though, every morning,  I tell myself that I’ll stay home with Callie all day, but it’s like I’m drawn to Dreama. I can’t leave her alone. It’s like she has a spell on me.

I’ve decided that once Callie has the baby, I’m going to tell her what I’ve done. She will hate me, but I can’t live like this anymore. I hate lying to Callie.

Just as I’m rushing home one evening, I see Isaac standing outside, I run over. “What’s wrong?”  “Callie’s in labor, where have you been? She needs you.”, he responds.  I run into the house, Callie is having a hard time, she is crying and trying not to scream.  “Where were you?”, she yells at me.  I ignore her question and rush to her side.  Misty is there trying to help Callie.  “She’s been at this for hours, the baby is not progressing right.”, Misty explains.

Callie continues to try to push, she finally cries out one last time and the baby emerges. It’s a girl, but she doesn’t seem to be breathing on her own.  I grab the baby and rub her chest and back, finally she lets out a weak cry. I feed her a bottle and she weakly tries to drink.

Callie collapses on the bed, I hold the baby with tears streaming down my face. I hold her close to me and rock back and forth. I would never have forgiven myself if anything would have happened to this baby. “I want to name her Cassandra.”, Callie says softly before drifting off to sleep.

It’s a couple of days before I can get away to see Dreama, she is waiting as usual for me. I tell her about the baby and that I’ve had to take care of her.  Of course, she understands completely and just takes me in her arms.  I cry as I tell her how guilty I feel for lying to Callie. She says, “I can go away at any point. Anytime that I don’t love me or want me around, I can go back to where I came from. I hear to make you happy, Teddy.”  I don’t think I can let her go though. ” I love you, Dreama, I can’t let you go.”, I say to her. She jumps into my arms and wraps her arms around my neck.  “I’ve always loved you Teddy.”, she says. I need her, she then tells me that I need to tell Callie the truth and let her make her own decision about what to do. I can’t think about that now, I lay Dreama on the bed and slowly peel her clothes off.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 77 The Affair

  1. I hope Teddy tells Callie soon, it’s not fair on her. She’s bound to find out sooner or later what’s going on as they live on an island.

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