Chapter 78 Confession

I help Callie to the front yard to get some fresh air. She still has not regained her strength from the baby, Cassie is a weak little thing too.  I bring her a book and Callie starts to read. I almost pass out when I look up and see Isaac dragging Dreama by the arm toward our hut.

Callie looks up and looks confused.  Isaac shoves Dreama to the ground in front of me, “Tell me who this is, Ted!”, he yells.  “Daddy, why are you being so mean?  Who is this lady?”, Callie asks.  “You should ask your boyfriend, Callie! He knows exactly who she is, don’t you Ted.”, Isaac yells.  I walk over and help Dreama to her feet, she is unhurt, but looks scared.

“Callie, I wanted to tell you, but I didn’t know how and then the baby and you’ve been so sick. I didn’t know what to do!”, I exclaim. Callie tries to stand, but is too weak.  She begins to piece everything together.  “This is where you’ve been all those times you were gone for hours? You’ve been with her?  Where did she come from?”, she cries.  I just look at my feet, unable to answer her.  “The Well!  You went to the Well and wished for someone?  How could you? Am I not good enough for you?”, Callie cries.

“It’s not like that Callie, you… you are too good for me.  I don’t deserve you at all.  I just, it’s just, well… I’m sorry. I didn’t know how to tell you.  You are my best friend, we grew up together, it just seemed like we had no option to choose.  We had to choose each other or be alone.  You must know what I mean.” I try to explain.

Callie looks horrified,she finally pushes herself up and gets to her feet,  “Just get out. Take your whore and leave me alone.  I don’t want to see you again. You won’t ever see Cassandra again either!  Daddy, help me into the house please.” Callie is shaking with fury as Isaac helps her up the stairs.

Isaac takes her arm and helps her into the house.  I turn and look at Dreama, unsure of what to do.  “Let’s go home.”, she says softly.  We walk toward the old cabin. I guess I’m back here now.  Dreama pulls me into the bedroom and kisses me gently and leads me to the bed. She always knows how to make me feel better.

The next day, Ariel comes over to check on me.  “Teddy! What were you thinking?  I’m not judging  you, but we all decided not to use the Well until everyone decided what to do about it.  Callie is a mess, I don’t condone what you’ve done, but you are my brother and I love you. Somehow, we will all move on from this.  It may take a while though. So, you want to introduce me to this mystery woman?”, she says.  I lead her over to Dreama and introduce the two of them.  Ariel and Dreama talk for a while and then Ariel says she must head home, “Walk with me for a minute, Teddy.”, she says.  I walk towards her and we start down the path. “There is something off with Dreama, do you notice anything different about her?”, Ariel asks. “She is different, but she loves me. Dreama wants me to be happy, and she makes me happy.”, I tell her. Ariel hugs me before walking the rest of the way home alone. I turn around and walk back to camp, Dreama is waiting on me, as usual.

Time passes quickly, Dreama and I are happy being together. I’ve tried to talk to Callie, but she refuses to speak to me.  She also refuses to let me see our daughter  Ariel keeps me updated on how they are doing though. Callie is still very weak and can’t exert herself much. The pregnancy and delivery really affected her. It’s really all she can do to take care of the baby and herself.   The baby is small and weak too, it’s been touch and go as to whether or not she will make it. I’ve been a wreck thinking about losing the baby, but since Callie refuses to let me around her, there’s not much I can do.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 78 Confession

  1. I hope Callie is able to look after Cassie well, if they are both weak they need extra help. it was a bad thing Teddy did but he should be allowed to see his daughter.

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